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Belt conveyor

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belt conveyor

Belt conveyor - Continuous conveying of bulk materials at high flow rates

Continuous conveying of bulk materials at high flow rate.

Belt width: 300 to 1 200 mm.

Elevation: according to application

Industrial conveyor for handling bulk products. It is suitable for applications dealing with high flow rates. Modular system, the length and width of the belt are determined according to your implementation constraints and the material conveyed.

Various domains of application: harbour, quarry, concrete mixing plant, construction, water treatment station, recycling facility...


Main characteristics of the belt conveyor :

Data valid for heavy versions conveyors.

Width of belt in mm 300  400  500 650 800 1 000 1 200
Maximum power - 6 meters in kW 0.55 1.1 4 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Structure height in mm   260 260 300 300 300 300 300
Structure width in mm 420 520  740  890 1,040  1,240  1,440
Drum head Ø  (standard max.) in mm 160 160 320  320 320  320 320
Drum foot Ø in mm 135 135 220 220  220 220 220
Rollers Ø in mm 60 60 60 60 60 60 60


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  • Ease of implementation
  • Hygiene
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Equipment advantages

- Modular system to fit your loads and implementation constraints

- Rotation controller on request

- Belt joining system: welding of clip

- Belt tensioning system 


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Mechanical bulk solids conveying

View our equipment in photos

belt conveyor bulk handling

Belt conveyor

Food grade version: the belt is made of food grade rubber and comes with a food certificate.

bulk conveyor powder handling

Belt conveyor - Bulk maerials handling

Belt tensioning system.

belt conveyor mechanical

Mechanical conveying

The stainless steel structure can be designed in tubular form or in open profiles to reduce retention and meet hygienic requirements.

belt conveyor palamatic process

Manutention produits vrac

The belt conveyor is used to securely carry your bulk materials

food processing belt conveyor

Belt conveyor Palamatic Process

Herringbone belt conveyor.

mechanical conveyor bulk handling

Belt conveyor

Transfer of dried fruit for feeding a mixer. 

bulk conveyor powder handling

Bulk conveyor

Big bag packing line with a capacity of 40 big bags per hour.

bulk conveyor powder handling

Belt conveyor

Belt tensioning system. 

Convoyeur à bande

Mechanical conveying

Mechanical conveyor on industrial production line.

mechanical conveying belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

Continuous conveying of bulk materials at high flow rate.

mechanical conveying belt conveyor

Belt conveyor for truck loading

At the outlet of the bag dump station, the animal flour is carried in the belt conveyor to be directly loaded into a truck. 

belt conveying bulk material

Belt conveyor - dried fruits

Dosage, mixing and packing in big bags of dried fruit.


Technical specification

  • Conveyor with smooth belt or rafters
  • Width of belt from 300 to 1 200 mm.
  • Truss steel or stainless steel tubular structure       
  • Driven by drum motor
  • Three phase motor power  from 0.55 kW to 5.5 kW
  • Belt speed from 0.63 m./s. to 2.5 m./s.
  • Adjustable bearing for belt tension


2 versions :

Version for food: 

The belt is manufactured in food-grade rubber and comes with a food grade certificate.

The stainless steel structure can be designed in tubular shape or with open sections to reduce retention and meet the hygiene requirements.

belt conveyor food industry

Heavy duty version

Specially designed for high flow rate conveyings, the thick rubber band ensures the shifting of all types of products.

This conveyor enables various designs with the ability to integrate many options: cowling, dedusting, weighing operations, scrapers, strands...

bulk materials handling belt conveyor

Available options

Case studies
  • Drinking water filtration

    Powder processed: activated carbon and lime (with a respective bulk density of 0.5 ton/m³ and 0.6 ton/m³) - Drinking water filtration - The customer requires a pneumatic conveying system, at a rate of...
  • Seed conditioning

    Processed powder: treated maize seeds - Seed conditioning - This Multinational, an actor on the world seed market, wants a facility located in Brazil for the automatic packaging of corn seeds in big...
  • Preparation of dried fruit recipes

    Processed products: dried fruit - Preparation of dried fruit recipes - This installation involves the feeding of dried fruit to a mixer. The various dried fruits are stored in bags, boxes and big bags...
  • Packing of white sugar and crystal sugar in big bag

    Processed powders: white refined sugar, surfine caster sugar, crystal sugar - Packing in big bag of white sugar and crystal sugar - This big bag installation is designed to achieve a minimum flow rate...
  • Laundry powder packaging

    Processed powders: detergents and washing powders - Laundry powder packing - Packaging of powdered finished products in 20, 25 and 30 kg bags.
  • Bagging of fruits and pulses

    Processed products: dried fruits and vegetables - Bagging of dried fruits and vegetables - The installation concerns a mixing and packaging line for dried fruits and vegetables.
  • Production of dried fruits and seeds

    Processed powder: dried fruits and seeds - Mixing and packaging - Our customer wanted to implement a new production line in its plant to support its growth.
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