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IBC Container washing machine ECD

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IBC Container washing station Easy Clean Design Palamatic Process


Easy clean Design Palamatic

Time saved

Container washing stations IBC Containers® Easy Clean Design are designed for effective cleaning and drying of IBC containers of all sizes. The washing cycles are programmable according to the bulk materials previously stored. With a high-pressure washing, all interior and exterior surfaces of your storage IBC container are cleaned up for total hygiene.
This solution promises a minimum commitment of your operators and helps you to save considerable time in the cleaning process of your metallic storage containers.


  • Automation
step1 container loading

Introduction of the storage container into the washing compartment

step2 washing container

Cleaning stage of the inside of the container 

step3 washing container

Cleaning stage of the outside of the container 

step4 container discharge

Outlet of the clean container through the opposite door

The washing of the inside of the container (IBC) is performed through a series of high pressure jets that follow an automatic process to clean all surfaces of the IBC. The power of the water jets remove all residual material from the surfaces and prevents cross-contamination.

The external cleaning is done via static nozzles strategically set to clean all the container surfaces as well as the top and drain valve.

Our automatic container washing station cleans, rinses and dries one container every 15 minutes. Two storage zones are used to separate the clean side from the dirty side.

The industrial IBC container is introduced in the washing cabin through the contaminated area, or “dirty side”, and secured inside by positioning guides. The access door then automatically locks when it is closed. Once the storage IBC container cleaning process is finished, it is removed through the clean side. In order to avoid contamination of both access areas the access doors are inter-locked.

The PLC provides all data concerning the container washing process. The washing cycles are programmable and can be pre-defined according to the products formerly used.

A washing cycle runs as follows: pre-washing of the internal and external part of the container, washing with soap and water, rinsing with pure water, drying with forced hot air and cooling with filtered air.

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Equipment advantages

- No retention area
- Soundproof cabinet
- Doors with tight seals and push locks 
- Modular and automatic wash (configuration according to container size)
- Control panel with touchscreen


View our equipment in videos

Station de lavage de conteneurs

Storage container washing station.

View our equipment in photos

Container washing station

Container washing station

Time saving and minimum commitment for operators.

storage container washing unit

Storage container washing system

Container washing machine.

storage container washing station palamatic process

IBC washing station Palamatic Process

All equipment can be configured according to your requirements. The Palamatic Process design office is able to offer you very specific solutions.

hygienic storage container washing station

Hygienic container washing station

Washing of all types of industrial containers.

storage container washing station

Washing station for storage container

Easy design and use.

container cleaning station

Washing nozzles for storage container washing

The free rotating washing nozzle guarantees uniform cleaning of the entire interior of your container to ensure hygiene and safety for your process.
Its slow and constant rotation increases cleaning power and the low flow rate required reduces fluid consumption and the efficiency of its water blades reduces washing time.

cleaning station for containers

Storage container cleaning station

The container washing station is ideal for washing containers. Designed according to your container, it allows the cleaning of all types of containers (steel, stainless steel, plastic).
Its simple design makes it easy to set up and use for operators.


Technical specification

Standard features Options 
 Main washing nozzles located on the vertical axis, in the center
 of  the container
 Conveyor loading and unloading
 Strategically positioning of spray nozzles to reach all external   surfaces  Independent input and output doors (clean vs     dirty area)
 Horizontal opening of the door   Sliding automatic doors
 Secure door lock  Stainless steel manufacturing 
 Independent washing cycle of containers  Control of the temperature of washing and rinsing 
 Detergent injection  Control system of the drying air temperature
 Purified water rinsing  Draining and cooling system
 Temperature controlled air-drying system   Purge of the pipes with filtered air
 HEPA air-filtered system   Remote control panel
 Electrical control cabinet  
Case studies
Download the booklet
Download the sheet


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