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IbcFlow®01 IBC Container discharging

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Container dumping - Bulk material and powder handling

IBC Container emptying - IBCFLOW® 01 - Manual or automatic deconditioning

The IBC Container unloader ensures containment and optimization of the flow. The IBC container discharge station is designed to efficiently and hygienically discharge and convey your pulverulent materials to your industrial production line. 

Industrial container discharging - Bulk material and powder handling

From manual to fully automatic container discharing, the results are many: increased throughput and productivity, improved integration controls, reduced operating costs in terms of manpower and product losses, or complete unloading of containers without contamination of your bulk materials.


Automatic IBC container emptying 

A pneumatic actuator (cylinder) ensures the opening and closing of the industrial containers.

The opening and closing speed is easily managed thanks to the installation, in the pneumatic control cabinet, and a flow regulator

The cylinder is available with an option of electromagnetic sensors to ensure proper positioning of the valve axis and connection to the mixer.

Once in position, the action on the pneumatic cylinder ensures the opening of the valve by a mechanical cam system.

At the outlet of the butterfly valve, a seal attached to the structure ensures a tight connection.

A vibrating structure (optional) will allow you to ensure good flow of bulk materials and powders

Manual IBC container emptying 

The presence of a centring device allows to gain in productivity during the installation of the manual emptying station. A socket joint ensures a tight connection to the container to ensure optimal containment of the bulk material without contamination.

The container is loaded using a forklift or electric hoist. The operator then opens the drain valve manually.

Note: if the product does not generate dust, the unloading station is not necessary. The container is emptied in "open sky" (example of product: plastic granulate).

Our IBC container emptying stations are also available custom-made to best meet your needs.

  • Containment
  • Automation
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Equipment advantages

- Vibration: vibrating motor and springs

- Pneumatic clamping system

- Load cells to control the dosage

- Socket joint to seal the connection


View our equipment in videos

Container discharge monitoring

Container filling station

View our equipment in photos

industrial container unloader

Industrial container unloader

For a controlled discharge of your raw ingredients and bulk materials

industrial container unloader food grade

Steel - stainless steel container

Stainless steel container for the storage of all types of powders and bulk materials: sulphate, titanium dioxide, soya, starch, activated carbon, carbon black...

industrial container discharger

Inflatable seal

Product containment during emptying.

industrial container discharger

Container discharging

Containment and optimization of flow during container emptying.

industrial container unloader food application

Industrial container unloader food application

The container is automatically fed below the bulk material feeder. The bulk container is then automatically emptied above the industrial mixer.

industrial container unloader food grade

Container connection

Deconditioning of chromium powder in a vibrating screen.

Vidange conteneurcontainer unloader ibcflow palamatic process bulk handling

Container discharging

This station is designed to unload and convey your bulk materials to your production line in an efficient and hygienic way.

industrial container discharger

Contained emptying container

Stainless steel container discharging station. Containment is provided by a socket or inflatable seal.

container unloader ibcflow palamatic process containment

IBCFLOW container discharging

Deconditioning of the container of powdered paint into a big bag.

container unloader ibcflow palamatic process bulk handling atex

IBCFLOW Contained container emptying

The industrial container is loaded manually onto the emptying hopper using a forklift truck. The operator then opens the discharge valve to start the downflow of the bulk materials.

container discharging

Container discharging

palamatic process bulk handling container

Container discharging system

Pneumatic clamping system for connecting a pneumatic conveying system.

Vidange de conteneur avec transfert pneumatique

Container discharging with pneumatic conveying

bulk powder pneumatic conveyor palamatic process

stainless steel container discharging

Reconditioning of spices from storage containers.

container discharging bulk materials

Container discharging bulk materials

The connection of the stainless steel storage container to the docking base is provided via a flexible connection sleeve.

manual sack dumping methylate of sodium

Container discharging system

The industrial storage container is positioned on a vibrating weighed support, the metering is ensured with a butterfly valve.
This butterfly valve ensures the completion of loading (this valve is installed on the weighing station). 
At the end of the process, the operator closes the valve of the container to "release" the container and remove it. 
Sodium methoxide flows directly into the reactor below by gravity. 

industrial container unloader

Stainless steel container discharging station

Stainless steel IBC container for packing food powders.


Technical specification

Capacity 2 tons
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Containment Inflatable seal or socket joint, pressure plate


The IBC container discharge station is designed to efficiently and hygienically discharge and convey your bulk materials to your industrial production line.


Available options

  • Bulk material and powder handling
    Bulk material and powder handling


    Clamping of the workpiece is ensured by the friction on the contact pad.

  • Vibratory table - Bulk material and powder handling
    Vibratory table - Bulk material and powder handling

    Vibrating table

    The vibrating table facilitates the flow of the product. The installation of industrial vibrators on the table allows the container to vibrate to facilitate the descent of the product.

Case studies
  • Washing powder

    Processed powder: laundry powder - Washing powder - This company was looking for a storage solution for humidified laundry powder with an apparent density of 1.3.
  • Paint formulation

    Processed powder: paint powder (polyester resin + fillers + additives + pigments) - Paint formulation - A manual container emptying station feeds a big bag filling system. The container unloading...
  • Spice production

    Processed powder: paprika - Spice production - Industrial company specialized in the treatment of food additives. The purpose of the installation is to sieve the paprika powder for repacking into...
  • Premix manufacturing

    Processed powders: silica, wheat, carbonate - Premix manufacturing - The installation consists of a new mixing line for the production of natural additives for animal nutrition.
  • Loading drums and big bags

    Processed powder: chromium powder - Drum and big bag loading - The objective is to screen and package in big bags or drums chromium powder with an integrated dosing system.
  • Aromatic herbs conditioning

    Processed powder: dried grass seeds - Seeds conditioning - Installation of a double discharge station: big bag emptying and container emptying for mixer feeding as well as a double filling station:...
  • Reactors loading

    Processed bulk material: lithium fluoride - Reactor loading - High performance pneumatic vacuum conveying with dosing container for incorporation into pressurized reactors. Our customer, a Chinese...
  • Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage

    Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...
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IBCFILL®01 IBC Container filling system

Manual filling, Automatic filling, Safety, Hygienic

Steel-Stainless steel IBC container

Dust-tight handling, Flexibility, Storage

Polyethylene - Plastic container

Storage, Powders, Bulk materials storage, Food industry

IBC Container washing machine ECD

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Vertical ribbon mixer - Discontinuous ECD

Birotor or Monorotor, Excellent mixing results, Helical movement of...
production line palamatic process

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