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Paddle mixer - Continuous BRPC

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Continuous paddle mixer

Paddle mixer Continuous - Suitable for dry or wet materials

For the simultaneous mixing and conveying of two or more materials

Palamatic Process continuous paddle mixer with overlapping blades is ideal for homogenization and mixing of dry or wet materials. 
These machines, of simple and robust design, are fitted with double parallel rotors and ensure the mixing  of two or more materials but also their conveying during the mixing process. These paddle mixers are ideal to carry out neutralization of sludge with lime, moistening of dust, extinction of quicklime etc...

The horizontal shaft continuous mixer consists of:

  • A mixing vessel equipped with a filling mouth
  • A discharge mouth
  • Two mixing rotors 
  • Two-end closure plates 
  • Detached end bearings with passage of the shaft by packing gland 
  • Gear units with power transmission
  • Complexity of mixtures
  • Rate
  • Hygiene
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Equipment advantages

  • Conveying and homogeneous mixing
  • Self-cleaning of the rotors through the secant assembly
  • Adjustable pallets with or without wear protection
  • Power adjusted to demand

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Skid for premix preparation - Mixing line with masked time - PALAMATIC PROCESS

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paddle industrial mixer

Sludge mixing application

Spice mixing and packing line.

continuous paddle mixing unit

Continuous paddle mixer

The double blade shaft mixers are provided with two reverse rotating rotors with secant blades.

stainless steel industrial mixer

Stainless steel manufacturing

The angle of inclination of the blades is adjustable to ensure perfect adaptability of the blades to the different characteristics of bulk materials and the requirements of the blending processes.

birotor paddle mixing process

Bi-rotor blade mixer

Double blade shaft mixers are suitable for dust mixing, sludge granulation and neutralization, as well as dust, ash and sludge humidification.


Technical specification

Rate: 4 to 34 m³/h.
Objectives: homogenization and mixing of dry or wet materials

  • Possibility to add up to 20% of liquid material
  • Robust mixing tank made of carbon steel or stainless steel 304 L/316 L
  • Trough shaped tank with bolted or welded flanges 
  • Gasket at the passage of the shaft supporting the rotor, external bearings
  • Driven by gear motor with hollow shaft or coupling

Most common applications:

  • Powder treatment
  • Sludge granulation 
  • Inerting of sewage sludge
  • Conditioning of dust, ash and sludge of industrial origin (metallurgy, fly ashes)


Models A B C I J K N O P Q R S T X Installed
in kW
BRPC200 3 180 522,5 528 225 390 445 2 349 2 003 56 2 228 96 311 476 390 1,5 2,2 4 à 6 400
BRPC300 4 414 742,5 755 325 595 655 3 439 3 004 70 3 329 100 433 703 540 3 4 7,5 à 12 700
BRPC400 5 181 922,5 905 425 745 815 4 083 3 504 80 3 929 134 533 853 675 5,5 7,5 15 à 24 870
BRPC500 5 934 1 147,50 1 130 525 950 1 027 4 679 4 004 90 4 529 120 653 1 078 870 7,5 15 25 à 34 1 050


Sludge inertization process: typical diagram of a sludge liming facility:

sludge traitement layout

Available options

  • Industrial mixer treatment surface - Bulk materials and powder handling
    Industrial mixer treatment surface - Bulk materials and powder handling

    Surface treatment

    Wear lining (Hardox), carbide charging of the tools, wear-resistant coating with easily replaceable plates, ceramic coating, Teflon® coating, stainless steel mesh.

Case studies
  • Sludge liming

    Processed powder: Lime - Sludge liming - Manufacturer of dairy products - The project consists of adding lime at the outlet of the filter press for the treatment of water from the manufacturing...
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