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PalDrum®02 Drum filler - Vibrating feeder

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paldrum 02 drum tipper

PALDRUM® 02 DRUM FILLING STATION - Dosing by vibrating feeder

The PalDrum®02 conditioning station provides weight-based filling of your drums via a high-precision vibrating dispenser.
The load cells integrated into the packaging station control the vibrating feeder.

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The different possible configurations of the PalDrum®02 model:

  Ref. Possible equipments Functions Advantages
Choice 1 J Inflatable seal  Dust-tight connection of the bag / barrel Maximum confinement
P Connection plate Quick connect of the bag / barrel Speed ergonomic installation and multi-format drums
Choice 2 Net Net weighing Accurate dosing of the product to be packaged Accelerated rate (dosing in hidden time)
May require double check weighing
Gain Gross weighing Weighing of the entire container and contents Commercial weighing, traceability
Conveyor C Evacuation
Holding and evacuation of the barrel during packaging Ergonomics, increased cadence

Our PalDrum®02 packaging machine is configurable by modulating the possible basic equipment: choice 1 + choice 2.
Example of possible reference: PalDrum®02-J-C-Gross.

Description of choices:

Choice 1: 2 possible barrel connection systems:

  • Inflatable seal connection system: the connection of the bag to the drum, or directly to the drum, is ensured by a low-pressure inflatable seal which provides total material containment. The installation of the bag on the inflatable seal must be carried out manually by the operator. The inflatable seal solution is particularly suitable for drums with an internal liner.
  • Connection cover: the cover is connected to the mouth of the barrel via a pneumatic cylinder, which controls the docking cycle. The sealing of the connection is made by pressing the cover on the edge of the drum. This configuration provides automatic docking without operator intervention.

    Advantage: this controlled docking solution allows automatic adaptation to different barrel heights.

A catch tray option is available to ensure collection of fines when disconnecting the bag and lid.

Choice 2: 2 weighing principles:

  • Net weighing: the net weighing is carried out via an intermediate hopper installed in the structure of the packaging machine. In this configuration, the product to be packaged is weighed upstream before the drum filling phase. This net weighing configuration offers a throughput gain of up to 150 doses/hour.
  • Gross weighing: this configuration ensures continuous weighing of the drum during the filling phase. The chain of load cells is installed under the drum handling roller conveyor. Gross weighing on the filling station offers safe dispensing without the need for double check weighing. The PalDrum®02 drumming station can be IPFA approved when using automatic lid connection.

Drum handling:

The PalDrum®02 dosing station is designed to be installed on your packaging line with conveyors. Drum handling solutions using suction cups can be placed at the exit of the conveyor to ensure the palletizing of the drums.

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Equipment advantages

- Automatic dosing and filling of all your powders and bulk materials

- Respect for your fragile products by vibrating dispenser

- Containment by sealed connection on the head of the barrel

- Simple and ergonomic adjustment to your different quantities (setpoint weights, drum format)


View our equipment in photos

drum filling vibratory table

Drum filling with vibratory table

Conditioning in drums of animal flour for the animal nutrition sector.

palamatic process drum filling system powder handling

Drum filling system

Drum packing line with adipic acid.

bulk handling drum filling system

Drum filling system - Cabinet control

Chromium powder drum filling line in sealed mode to ensure operator safety.

drum filling powder handling

Drum filling line

Drum filling machine on a process line treating seeds.

box and drum filling system powder handling

Box and drum filling system

Packing line for sodium bicarbonate in cardboxes with internal bag and in drums.

drum filling system bulk handling

Bulk handling materials - Drum filling system

Filling head on drums for contained filling.

drum filling rubber application

Drum filling with conveyor

Drum conditioner on a process line for mixing and packaging phytotherapeutic products.

drum filling plastic application

Drum filling - Plastic application

Industrial process for the contained filling of cardboard drums with chemicals.

atex drum conditioner chemistry application

Vibrating table

Roller conveyor on industrial drum filling station.


Technical specification

Rate 100 drums/h
Capacity 300 kg/drum
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
Installed power 3.5 kW
Compressed air consumption 0.9 Nm³/h
Dust removal rate 300 m³/h

Specifications : 

- Semi-automatic packaging station

- Storage, evacuation and automatic dosing of the product

- Manual docking and positioning of the drum.


Available options

  • Powder sampler
    Powder sampler

    Sampler on filling head

    The sampler is installed on the drum filling station. It ensures an automatic sampling at each packaging. Traceability is thus guaranteed. The volumetric sampling in the product flow guarantees a representative sampling.

  • Drum filling - Bulk materials - Roller conveyor
    Drum filling - Bulk materials - Roller conveyor

    Gravity or motorized feeding and/or evacuation conveyor

    It can be installed on scales.

    The conveyor can be equipped with a raised frame to ensure the maintenance of the drums.

  • Tube lifter for barrels
    Tube lifter for barrels

    Effortless lifting and handling of the drum

    The drum and canister manipulator offers the operator maximum ergonomics. The problem of carrying loads is completely solved by the installation of this equipment.

  • Magnetic bars
    Magnetic bars

    Magnetic bars

    Capture of metal particles at the end of the line before packaging in drums to ensure a high quality finished product.
    The bars are positioned at the heart of the product flow to retain the metal particles.

  • Lid sealer
    Lid sealer

    Drum sealing and lid removal machine

    Manual tight closing of the drum.

    Lid removal can be done automatically.

  • Clippeuse industrielle pour fermeture de sacs
    Clippeuse industrielle pour fermeture de sacs

    Clip machine for the closing of the internal bag

    Closing of the bag: manual or automatic clip closing system, compatible with applications for the food industry.

  • Industrial sealer for bags
    Industrial sealer for bags

    Industrial sealer for plastic bags

    Bag sealer - output from 4 to 20 bags/min.

    If the sealer is manual, a load balancer can be installed. It is particularly suitable for plastic bags with a sealing length (width) from 650 to 1000 mm. It is available in several versions according to the chosen sealing technology: double impulse sealing, thermal sealing, hot air sealing.

  • Vibrating motor
    Vibrating motor

    Vibration system to compact the product

    Vibrating motor
    The vibration of the bag/drum at the end of the packaging process optimizes the filling volume. Other packing alternatives: air compression or mechanical pressure.

Case studies
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