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Paldrum®02 drum filling system

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paldrum 02 drum tipper


The gravimetric Paldrum® 02 semi-automatic drum filling station allows the material dosage to be adjusted according to the product and desired flow rate. The dust tight filling and vibration system are activated at the same time to optimize the packing of the material (densification).


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Operating sequence:
Semi-automatic gravity discharge filling station. The operator installs the drum or bucket on the roller conveyor. By means of an isolation device, the package is transferred to the weighing platform. A position sensor allows the management of accurate drums/bucket loading location. It is then blocked on the platform and weighed. 

The operator manually connects the drum/bucket to the filling mouth. The filling operation then commences while a dust tight connection maintains containment of the material. A vibration system is activated at the same time to optimize the settling of the product. The storage and removal of the drums/buckets are then operated automatically.

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Equipment advantages

- Dust free filling operation

- Filling rates adaptable to production demands

- Dosing system: 4 load cells implanted under the feet of the conveyor and controlled by the dosing mechansim for improved autonomy and weighing

- Accumulation and transfer conveyor create buffer stock and assist in the removal of the drums for storage


View our equipment in photos

drum filling vibratory table

Drum filling with vibratory table

Conditioning in drums of animal flour for the animal nutrition sector.

palamatic process drum filling system powder handling

Drum filling system

Drum packing line with adipic acid.

bulk handling drum filling system

Drum filling system - Cabinet control

Chromium powder drum filling line in sealed mode to ensure operator safety.

drum filling powder handling

Drum filling line

Drum filling machine on a process line treating seeds.

box and drum filling system powder handling

Box and drum filling system

Packing line for sodium bicarbonate in cardboxes with internal bag and in drums.

drum filling system bulk handling

Bulk handling materials - Drum filling system

Filling head on drums for contained filling.

drum filling rubber application

Drum filling with conveyor

Drum conditioner on a process line for mixing and packaging phytotherapeutic products.

drum filling plastic application

Drum filling - Plastic application

Industrial process for the contained filling of cardboard drums with chemicals.

atex drum conditioner chemistry application

Vibrating table

Roller conveyor on industrial drum filling station.


Technical specification

Rate 100 drums/h
Capacity 300 kg/drum
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
Installed power 3.5 kW
Compressed air consumption 0.9 Nm³/h
Dust removal rate 300 m³/h

Specifications : 

- Semi-automatic packaging station

- Storage, evacuation and automatic dosing of the product

- Manual docking and positioning of the drum.

Case studies
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