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Semi-automatic sack discharging - SAS®

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semi automatic bag dump station bulk powders

Semi-AUTOMATIC BAG DUMP - SAS® - Semi-Automatic opening with respect of fragile materials and small dimensions

Max rate: 2 bags/min.
Steel or stainless steel manufacturing


A semi-automatic bag dump solution ideal for food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. This machine minimizes the operator's gesture and guarantees a dust-free working environment.

ATEX certification Palamatic Process


To establish a connection between the manual bag lifter and the automatic bag lifter, Palamatic Process offers the SAS® bag emptying station which has a semi-automatic bag deconditioning system. It is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications where mixing processes are frequent. This machine limits the operator's action to a simple bag placement and guarantees a dust-free working environment.


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step sack discharging palamatic process


Operation procedure:

1. Open the door mounted on gas cylinders, place the bag on the removable table and close the door

2. Lower of the holding bar and open of the bag with the automatic cutting blade

3. Discharge of the bag using the shaking bars

4. Evacuate of the empty bag through the ejector bar to the bag compactor, which ensures that the waste is contained in a contained sheath

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Equipment advantages

- Pneumatically controlled cutting system

- Ideal solution for explosion-proof areas

- Dust free environment

- Available with the "Cleaning In Place" (CIP) option

- Stainless steel finish, mirror-polished interior (optional)


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Semi automatic sack discharging station SAS®

This bag opener allows automatic opening with respect of sensitive materials and has small dimensions.

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automatic sack dump station powder

Operating principle

The blade pivots from the back to the channel in the screen and cuts the bottom of the bag.

semi automatic bag dump station powders

Internal mobile parts

Internal moving parts of the machine for shaking and ejecting bags.

semi automatic bag dump station bulk materials

Semi-automatic sack discharging system

Semi-automatic SAS bag dumping unit, small dimensions.

semi automatic bag dump station bulk materials

Bag compactor

The bag compactor helps to maintain a healthy working atmosphere.

semi automatic bag dump station pneumatic conveying

Bag dump with compactor

Screw compactor for evacuating empty bags and reducing dust emissions.

semi automatic bag dump station bulk powders


Bag dump station with compactor for empty bags.

automatic sack opening bulk powders

Bag tracking

Traceability of the batches used for the safety of your process.


Technical specification

Rate 2 to 6 sacks/min.
Capacity 15 to 50 kg/sack
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Compressed air consumption 35 Nm³/h.
Dust removal rate 800 m³/h.

This machine is designed for the semi-automatic opening of all types of bags (except aerosils) by limiting the operator's gesture to a simple placement of the bag. The degree of containment of the machine working with the door closed, the installation of a bag compactor and the connection to the dust collection network limit the emission of fines into the atmosphere as much as possible (a dust collection unit is available as an option). It guarantees working in a dust-free environment and without the need for manual bag cutting.


Electric powers
Bag infeed conveyor (optional): 1.5W
Cutting head drive motor: 1.5kW
Compactor and internal conveyor: 2.2kW
Fan motor (optional): 1.5kW
Vibrating motor (optional): 0.25kW


The machine is supplied with a complete control cabinet to ensure the requested output.

Integrated equipment:  


semi automatic sack discharging sas size
semi automatic sack discharging sas size

Available options

  • Semi automatic sack discharging - Bulk handling
    Semi automatic sack discharging - Bulk handling

    Rotative cleaning nozzles/heads - Clean In Place (CIP)

    To ensure the material change without cross-contamination, the washing nozzles are located inside the unloading unit.
    Pressure of washing nozzles: 3 bars
    Technology: fixed or rotating 360°
    Centralized wirings and connection to the network with a clamp system.

  • Certification ATEX Palamatic Process
    Certification ATEX Palamatic Process

    ATEX certification

    ATEX ZONE : Palamatic Process is specialized in the development and production of machines and installations for the production of food, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

  • Semi automatic sack discharging - Bulk handling
    Semi automatic sack discharging - Bulk handling

    Steel and stainless steel manufacturing

    Manufacturing in steel or stainless steel for all parts in direct contact with the bulk materials handled.

  • Semi automatic sack discharging bag manipulator - Bulk handling
    Semi automatic sack discharging bag manipulator - Bulk handling

    Vacuum sack lifter

    Easy lifting and handling of the bag.
    The bag manipulator provides the operator with maximal working ergonomics. The problem of load handling is fully resolved with the use of this equipment. The manipulator is suitable for all types of bags (materials and weight).

Case studies
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