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Skid for preparing and packing baby food

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Case study reference :
Infant milk powder packaging

Processed bulk material: infant milk powder

Infant milk powder preparation


Industrial company specialized in baby food production.

The process consist of conditionning infant milk powder in diverse containing: box, sack and big bag.


Big bag discharging EasyFlow® EF0

6 big bags discharge station and one sack manual discharging - Sacktip® SH are weighed. Milk powder is metered and introduced into the mixer.
The manual sacks discharge station feed the mixer too through a  vibratory conveyor and a conveying system.

Double rotor mixer:

The vertical ribbon discontinuous mixer possesses a precision of  ±200gr per batch.
Due to the polishing of all welded parts the vertical ribbon discontinuous mixer can adapt to every hygienic process requirement.
The powder quantity leaving the mixer is controlled and optimised by a screener feeded by a flexible fitting.

sack discharging babyfood milk powder
babyfood milk powder screener palamatic process


The vibrating screener (GYRATOR) ensure the control and protection to your production line.
It’s  equipped of a metal detector with ejector.
The sieve ensure a clean product, without lump, without extraneous body and protect the milk production line of any mechanical damages.
It garanty a final product of high quality: the agglomerates are destroyed, the foreign bodies eliminated.
Due to his conception, the vibrating screener does not have tetention areas, the flange assembly allow an easy high quality mounting and dismantling.
In this application it work in gravitary mod but it can be mounted on a pneumatic conveying line.

End of conditioning line

This conditioning phase in boxes, sacks and big bags is realized in an atmosphere controlled by a vaccum system with nitrogen injection.
Capacity per batch: 1,500 liters (possibility to 10 à 100%)
Flow rate: 8 batchs/h.


Main advantages :

  • Easy clean
  • Low energy consumption
  • Water sewage treatment
  • Compact design


Big bag discharging - Stripping box - Easyflow EF0

Unlacing cabinet, Electric hoist loading, Forklift truck loading, Low profile/independent loading

Flexible fitting

Flexible system, Hygiene, Safety, No tools needed for disassembly

Magnetic detector

Ferrous separator for gravity application on industrial production lines.

sack manual discharging & screening - Sacktip® SH - 4 models

Ergonomic sack emptying, Sifting of your raw materials

Vertical ribbon mixer - Discontinuous

Birotor or Monorotor, Excellent mixing results, Helical movement of the central blade

Vibratory screener - 3 models

Hygiene, Safety of the process, Eliminate lumps, High rate, Easy cleaning
production line palamatic process

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