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Vibrating conveyor

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Vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor for bulk materials conveying and dosing

The vibrating conveyor is the ideal solution to ensure hygienic applications and gentle handling of the materials.

Applications: conveying and dosing 
Manufacturing: mild steel, stainless steel
Elevation: 8 degrees max.
Flow rate up to 20 m

By controlling the vibration amplitude, the conveying is performed with gentle handling.
The complete absence of mechanical parts in contact with the material allows hygienic applications and simple cleaning phases.

Operating mode : 

The vibrating conveyors are installed in bulk material handling processes to ensure the metering or the constant feeding of a machine. All versions use the same principle: a trough fitted with a vibrator for the transport and that is suspended at four points, insulating the conveying device from the structure.


  • Rate
  • Ease of implementation
  • Hygiene


vibrating conveyor hatch Palamatic Process

Extremity hatch

For inspection and cleaning 


vibrating conveyor palamatic process


Installation on springs to ensure optimum insulation with high amplitude


vibrating conveyor vibrating motor

Vibrating motor

Set on the tube with reinforcing barrelfor power transmission

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Equipment advantages

- For use in conveying or metering

- Ideal for high particle size materials 

- Respect of delicate materials

- Not much mechanics, low maintenance and easy cleaning 


View our equipment in videos

Vibrating conveyor

View our equipment in photos

vibrating conveyor big bag production line

Vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor on automatic sack filling system.

palamatic process vibrating conveyor bulk materials

Vibrating motors

Mechanical conveying for bulk materials.

vibrating conveyor bulk handling

Vibrating conveyor Palamatic Process

Extremity hatch for inspection and cleaning.

vibrating conveyor bulk handling

Vibrating conveyor with vibrating motors

Vibrating motor installed on the tube with reinforced support to ensure the transmission of forces. 

vibrating conveyor bulk handling


The spring-loaded installation ensures optimal insulation with a high amplitude.

vibrating conveyor bulk handling

Vibrating conveyor with vibrating motors

For conveying and dosing bulk materials.

palamatic process vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor Palamatic Process

Vibrating mechanical conveying on industrial production line.

vibrating conveyor big bag filling

Vibratory conveyor for big bag filling

Skid for screening and packing chromium powder.

vibrating conveyor bulk conveying

Extremity hatch

It can be used for inspection and cleaning.

vibrating conveying

Vibrating conveying

Ideal for conveying and dosing high-grade bulk materials

vibrating conveyor palamatic process

Vibrating conveyor for the conveying of your powders

No mechanical parts in contact with the bulk solid material to facilitate cleaning.

vibrating conveyor big bag

Vibratory conveyor for big bag filling

Skid for screening and packing chromium powder.

vibrating conveying bulk handling

Vibrating conveyor Palamatic Process

Vibrating conveyor under storage hopper.

vibrating conveyor palamatic process bulk

Vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor for conveying and packing flakes in the petrochemical sector.

mechanical conveying mixing line

Hopper feeding from a mixer

The vibrating conveyor conveys the milk powder from the mixer to the dosing hopper.


Technical specification

Manufacturing Mild steel, stainless steel
Elevation 8 degrees max
Capacity Up to20 m³/h.

Dimensions :

layout vibrating conveyor powder handling
Tube Ø in mm  Length A max inlet Ø in mm   B max outlet Ø in mm Max degree
Min.  Max  Upwards Downwards
88.9 300 2,000 150 150 8 15
114.3 300  3,000 200  200 8 15
139.7 500 3,000 250 250 8 15
168.3 500 4,000 250 250 8 15
219.10 500   5,000 250 300 8 15
273 500 6,000 300 350 8 15
323.9 750 6,500 375 400 8 15


2 types of vibrating motors : 

  1. Magnetic vibrating motor
  • Stroke from 0 to 4 mm
  • Strength 1 to 1,6 ton

     2. Electric vibrating motors mounted in pairs

  • Stroke from 0 to 20 mm
  • Strenght from 1 to 5 tons
Case studies
  • Cementation of nuclear waste

    Processed powders: Cement + filler, lime and calcium nitrate - Cementation of nuclear waste - This process is intended for the cementation of fines and resins
  • Loading drums and big bags

    Processed powder: chromium powder - Drum and big bag loading - The objective is to screen and package in big bags or drums chromium powder with an integrated dosing system.
  • Vertical transfer of tablet gum

    Processed powders: malto dextrin, sorbitol, powdered sugar, crystal sugar... - Vertical transfer of dragees - Installation of tilting bucket elevators allowing high throughput handling of fragile...
  • Capsule production line

    Processed Powder: pharmaceutical capsules - Capsule production line - At the exit of the capsule manufacturing lines (after forming, filling and drying), the client needed to count the number of...
  • Production of dried fruits and seeds

    Processed powder: dried fruits and seeds - Mixing and packaging - Our customer wanted to implement a new production line in its plant to support its growth.
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production line palamatic process

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