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Blow-through rotary airlock valve RVSC

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drop through rotary valve palamatic process
ATEX certification Palamatic Process

Blow-through rotary airlock valve - Dosing of powder for feeding pneumatic convey systems

15 models: flow rate from 5 to 38 litres/rev.
Cast iron, 304, 316L stainless construction

These rotary airlock valves are designed for extraction applications under devices (supported or not), gravity flow or feeding in pneumatic conveying (depression or pressure).

The rotary airlock valves are designed for feeding and controlled discharge of powdered or granular in silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, bag filters, cyclones in powder handling processes.



Equipment advantages

- Compact, heavy duty construction

- ATEX, zone 22 version available

- Rotor surface treatment chrome-plating, nickel-plating, hardened blades

- Frame: cast iron or AISI 304/316 stainless steel

- Fixed speed of the rotor : 10, 20, 30 rev./min.

- Variable speed of the rotor : 4 - 22 rev./min.

- Frame surface treatment chrome-plating, nickel-plating, Teflon

- Motors: direct through a reducer, through a coaxial varidrive with chain transmission or no motor (bare shaft)


View our equipment in photos

volumetric screw feeder bulk handling

Volumetric screw feeder bulk materials handling

Adjustment of rotor blades according to the properties of each bulk material.

volumetric screw feeder bulk handling

Blow trough rotary airlock valve under hopper

The rotary valves with lateral flow control provide powder dosing for feeding the pneumatic conveying system.

 volumetric screw feeder bulk pneumatic conveying

Blow trough rotary valve

Blow trough rotary valves are designed for cell extraction, gravity flow or pneumatic conveying applications.

volumetric screw feeder bulk powder handling

Rotary airlock valve Palamatic Process

Palamatic Process rotary valves have been designed for use in the food and feed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

volumetric screw feeder milk powder

Rotary airlock valve

Body in cast iron or stainless steel AISI 304L/316L.

rotary valve salt

Rotary airlock valve salt

The blow through rotary valves are specially designed for pneumatic conveying applications. They can be mounted in line on the conveying pipe.

rotary valve pneumatic conveying

Rotary airlock valve Palamatic Process

The advantage of the rotary locks with lateral passage is that they can handle sticky powdery products.

rotary valve pneumatic conveying powder handling

Rotary airlock valve range

The passage of the conveying air through the airlock ensures that the rotor is cleaned by removing the adhered particles from the walls.

pneumatic conveying rotary valve

Blow trough rotary airlock valve

Dense phase pneumatic conveying with integrated stainless steel hopper and dosing system.

drop through rotary valve sugar

Sugar dosing

Sugar metering for big bag packing.


Technical specification

Two compartments are filled with product through the spout at the top. After less than a half turn, the rotor discharges the product by gravity into the current generated by the compressed air that passes through the lower part of the rotary airlock valve.
The material is thus transferred. It is connected by flanges to the pneumatic piping at the two ends. The in-line connection of the rotary valve on the pneumatic piping ensures the speed setting of the bulk material. A degassing line may be connected to the valve body to balance the volumes and ensure optimum filling.

  • Rotor: integral with rounded blades, with flaps (Viton®, Vulkolan and Teflon®)
  • Fixed speed of the rotor : 10, 20, 30 rev./min.
  • Variable speed of the rotor : 4 - 22 rev./min.
Capacity / liters/revolution 5 9 14 20 38 78
Flange section 166x122 135x238 148x276 196x337 240x470 284x569


Speed of the rotary valve rev./min. Flow according to the associated load factor
Very fluid Not very fluid Not fluid
10 90% 85% 80%
20 80% 75% 70%
30 70% 65% 60%

Available options

  • Rotary airlock ATEX - Bulk material and powder handling
    Rotary airlock ATEX - Bulk material and powder handling


    Atex zone 22 version available

  • Rotary airlock - Bulk material and powder handling
    Rotary airlock - Bulk material and powder handling

    stainless steel construction

    Cast iron or 304 / 316L stainless steel construction, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, or teflon surface

  • Rotary airlock - Bulk material and powder handling
    Rotary airlock - Bulk material and powder handling

    Rotary airlock easyclean

    Hygienic rotary airlock

Case studies
  • Bulk truck loading

    Processed powder: polypropylene - Bulk truck loading - This powder handling line is designed to feed granules into trucks at a high rate of 25 t/h. The production requirement is to create neither...
  • Loading silos with sugar

    Processed materials: crystal sugar - Loading silos with sugar - A container tipper is used to feed the high pressure pneumatic conveying network to feed 2 silos of 50 tons.
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Drop-through rotary airlock valve

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production line palamatic process

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