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Sorbitol Palamatic

1. Main characteristics of sorbitol

Sorbitol, or glucitol, is a natural organic compound with a sweet taste but low in calories (half as much as sucrose). It is made up of six carbon atoms and six alcohol groups. In its natural state, it is a molecule mainly derived from plants and fruits (rowan, apple, pear, etc.).
Its appearance takes the form of a crystalline, white, odorless powder. It is extremely soluble in water but sparingly in ethanol.
Its density is 1.489 g / ml at 20 ° C and its density is 1.5 gcm-³.

2. Main applications of sorbitol

Sorbitol is mainly used as a sweetener in the food industry. Low in calories compared to sugar or glucose, it acts as an anti-crystallizer and emollient. Sorbitol does not increase blood sugar, which is of interest to manufacturers of products for diabetics. In addition, it has a significant water retention capacity, which gives a soft consistency to many food products. It is also known for its fresh taste on the palate, which has led to its use in the production of chewing gum.

Sorbitol is also used in the fields of cosmetics for its moisturizing and thickening properties (toothpaste, oral care), and in the pharmaceutical industry for its laxative effect.

When mixed with potassium nitrate, sorbitol also allows the formation of solid propellant.



Domaines applications sorbitol

3. Industrial handling of sorbitol

Sorbitol powder has a mild hygroscopic property. It should be handled away from all sources of ignition and oxidizing materials.

It has the advantage of being a better excipient than xylitol and mannitol, especially in compression since it crystallizes in the form of needle-like structures.

4. Applications of sorbitol with Palamatic Process equipment

To respond to the problem of discharging big bags, Palamatic Process has several equipment solutions.

Big bag unloading stations such as the EasyFlow®, with a sealed connection tube and an operator protection light curtain, can be used by manufacturers processing sorbitol powder.

To discharge various types of sacks, a manual bag dump station such as the Sacktip® model can be installed. In order to contain dust emissions, a dust filtration unit and an empty sack compactor can be integrated into this type of installation.

For granular transfer operations with sorbitol, tilting bucket elevators allow operators quick and easy cleaning as well as immediate product inspection.

It is advisable to store sorbitol in airtight containers such as stainless steel IBCs.

A Pal'Touch® control cabinet meeting ATEX 22 standards generally complements sorbitol installations.


5. Palamatic Process customer applications with sorbitol

Palamatic Process has already commissioned facilities for our customers handling sorbitol powder.

For example, a chewing gum production line with A-arm mixers, grinder and a dosing unit was designed for handling fine-grained sorbitol.

A sorbitol big bag emptying line has also emerged for the manufacture of pharmaceutical commodities. 

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