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1. Main characteristics of sulfur

Similar to deposits in nature, sulfur (S) is a non-metal chemical element. It is found in various minerals such as sulphide and sulphate. It is used in the preparation of sulfuric acid and as a fertilizer.
Sulfur can combine with many other elements except noble gases. When combined with hydrogen or oxygen, it gives off a rotten egg smell.

It is not soluble in water or in polar solvents, however it can be in the form of carbon disulfide. It is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.
ulfur takes on the appearance of a bright yellow powder and has a density is 2.07 gcm³.

2. Main applications of sulfur

Sulfur is widely used by the agricultural, chemical and energy industries. It plays a role in the refining of petroleum and the production of fertilizers, rubber, paper, water and smoke treatment. It can also be used as an antioxidant to stabilize wine, as a laxative or as an antibiotic by the pharmaceutical industry. Further uses can be found in sectors such as animal feed, detergents, and even paints.

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3. Industrial handling of sulfur

Sulfur is not corrosive, but it is a flammable element which can release toxic substances (sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide). A cloud of powdered sulfur powder in a confined atmosphere can lead to an explosion.
t is an irritant if it comes into contact with skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Therefore, it is essential to protect the operators of your sulfur process line.
t is advisable to avoid and prevent dust accumulation on surfaces in your production facility. Sulfur should be stored in cool, ventilated rooms away from sources of ignition or heat.

Sulfur is subject to ATEX directives. Palamatic Process has ATEX certifications relating to the handling of sulfur powder and can assist you in analyzing your risks.

4. Sulfur applications with Palamatic Process equipment

It is essential to set up a dust collection system to avoid any emission of potential sulfur dust to protect your operators. Palamatic Process has a range of centralized or built-in industrial dust collectors which should preferably be installed outside buildings.

When handling sulfur powder, setting up a sieving system on your line is recommended whether it is a vibrating sieve or a centrifugal sifter. This type of equipment eliminates the presence of foreign bodies liable in creating a flammable source.

In order to limit the suspension of sulfur dust in the air, sulfur may be treated by wet process. For this, a grinding process can be implemented. The Palamatic Process UM® spindle crusher can be equipped with various easily interchangeable options to suit your specific needs.

Sulfur storage can be done in different types of containers such as stainless steel drums or silos.

Palamatic can assist you in handling sulfur. Contact our experts to analyze your project and the specifics of your sulfur powder.

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