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Container loading unit from bags

Loading capacity from 1 t/hr to 3 t/hr
Container loading unit from bags

The CIBFlow® transfer unit is particularly used in the pharmaceutical or food industry. The products are repackaged in containers from bags or sacks and then sieved. The powders reconditioned in this way are free from any foreign matter.

  • Dedicated container packing solution
  • Hygienic equipment
  • Integrated sieving
  • Transfer air filtration

The CIBFlow® Bagger Kit provides the operator with an ergonomic workstation for opening and dumping all powder bags.


  CIBFlow® 02 CIBFlow® 03 CIBFlow® 04
Loading rate 1 T/h 2 T/h 3 T/h
Power consumption 5,5 Kw 7,5 Kw 10,5 Kw
Air consumption 2 3 4,5
Transfer piping diameter 51 63 76
Max piping length 20m / 10m elevation 30m / 10m elevation 40m / 10m elevation


Hygiene and dust

The empty bag cabin is connected to the dust collection network to capture the dust emissions created when the bags are opened.

The vibrating screen of the GSC range ensures the screening of powders. The screener is installed directly on the pneumatic transfer line which facilitates the transfer of products that have a tendency to clog.

The pneumatic vacuum transfer provides the conveying of the sieved powder for the loading of the container. The cyclone support structure allows easy placement of the container and includes a docking head. The container docking head offers optimum containment without interfering with weight scales for the material.



  • Bag Compactor: The bag compactor reduces the volume of waste and provides a clean environment of the production area. This empty bag compactor is directly connected to the bag dump which eliminates the need to handle bags outside the cabin. As a result, dust pollution of the surrounding environment is significantly reduced.
  • Integrated dust collector: When the dust collection network cannot integrate with the bagging area, an independent dust collector can be built into the bag dump station. The filter cartridges and ventilation provide a vacuum preventing any discharge of powders to the outside atmosphere. 
  • Magnetic detection: For additional product quality control, the CIBFlow® line can integrate magnetic detection with an ejector.
Customer Cases

Discover the facilities of our customers who use the CIBFlow® bag container loading line.


All the equipment integrated into the CIBFlow® process line is available below.

Vibratory screener - 3 models
Hygiene, Safety of the process, Eliminate lumps, High rate, Easy cleaning
Sack manual discharging - Sacktip® S - 4 models
Ergonomic sack discharging
production line palamatic process

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