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Easyclean tubular screw ECD

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Tubular screw Easy Clean

Easyclean tubular screw conveyor - ECD

Easy clean Design Palamatic

Quick and efficient cleaning

The total removal of the screw flight from Easyclean screw conveyors allows rapid and efficient cleaning of the whole device. The reduced amount of residual material is due to the small gap (flight clearance) between the helicoil and the tube (less than 5 mm).
Easyclean screw conveyors are suitable for all conveying applications and/or extraction of powders or bulk materials where rapid and easy access to the inside part of the trough is essential for frequent cleaning. The screws are particularly used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.


Clean In Place (CIP): optimized design to meet special needs
For food or pharmaceutical processes, screws can be fitted with a water injection bar for cleaning by splash or spray.

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Equipment advantages

- Minimum residues inside
- Easy maintenance
- Available with ATEX approval, zone 20/22
- Minimum gap (flight clearance) between the tube and external screw flight 



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Easyclean design tubular screw

Hygienic tubular screw

Minimum space between the tube and the external coil (max:5mm).

hygienic tubular screw palamatic process

Hygienic tubular screw conveyor

Easy maintenance thanks to the rapid removal of the coil. 

easyclean screw conveyor

Fast disassembly design conveying screw

Minimum residue inside the screw.

mechanical conveying powder handling

Mechanical conveying screw

Installation of a hygienic conveying screw under a hopper for powder extraction

mechanical conveying screw bulk handling solutions

Easy clean screw Palamatic Process

Easyclean screw conveyors are suitable for all powder conveying and/or extraction applications.  

tubular conveying screw bulk handling

Minimum residue tubular screw

Minimum retention and design for rapid disassembly. 

mechanical conveying screw bulk handling solutions

Tubular screw conveying system

Storage and transport for dissolving sugar in a weighed cast iron tank.

dust tight tubular screw palamatic process

Mechanical conveyor for tank feeding

Feeding of a polymer plant from big bag discharging stations. The pneumatic conveyor feeds the buffer hoppers (1300 liters) located on the dispensers.

bulk handling screw conveyor

Easyclean screw conveyor for reactor feeding

Transfer of corn starch to feed a tank. 

processing screw conveyor

Mechanical conveying truck loading

Extraction of titanium dioxide for the industrial production of dyestuffs.

tubular conveying screw bulk handling

Extraction of the screw flight of the trough

Easy maintenance thanks to the quick removal of the coil from the trough. 

tubular conveying screw bulk handling

Hygienic desing for minimum retention of bulk materials

Rapid and efficient cleaning of the screw conveyor.

tubular easyclean screw conveyor

Minimum residue inside the tubular screw conveyor

Minimum space between the tube and the outer coil (5 mm maximum).

easyclean screw conveyor bulk materials

Conveying screw inspection

Minimal residue inside the conveyor.

internal view easyclean screw palamatic process

Easy cleaning of the tubular conveying screw

Cleaning in place, optimized design to meet specific needs.


Technical specification

Theoretical flow rate at 100% filling
for DN168168
 25 m³/h.
Inlet  Round with smooth edge Ø equal to the Ø of the tube
Outlet  Round with smooth edge Ø equal to the Ø of the tube
Engine  From 0,75 kW to 3,3 kW
(possibility to install a frequency inverter)



Available options

  • Mechanical conveying rotation controller
    Mechanical conveying rotation controller

    Rotation controller

    Rotation control of the conveying screw.
    This rotation controller is used for ATEX configurations.

Case studies
  • Cementation of nuclear waste

    Processed powders: Cement + filler, lime and calcium nitrate - Cementation of nuclear waste - This process is intended for the cementation of fines and resins
  • Dried tomato powder process

    Processed product: dried tomato powder - Industrial process for tomato products - The application requested by the customer is the filling of big bags and cartons at the outlet of the atomization...
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