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Loading incorporating ingredients

Incorporation capacity up to 15,000 kg / hr
Header Duo-IMix®

The Duo-IMix® provides the loading of ingredients for all your powder incorporators on the market.

The Palamatic Process Duopal® station allows an operator to load powders and granules packaged in bulk bags or sacks, quickly and safely. The ergonomic handling and the guarantee of a successful filling operation for the incorporator are essential design elements for this powdering skid.

  • Operator ergonomics
  • Incorporator force-feeding guarantee
  • Hygienic design
  • High loading rate


  Duo-IMix® Gravi Duo-IMix® Trans
Loading rate Kg / h 15,000 15,000
Power consumption up to 1.5 Kw 5.5 Kw to 15 Kw
Bag feeding x x
Bulk bag feeding x x
Magnetic protection Bars Bars and / or ejector
Loading of ingredients

Powder / liquid incorporator unloading station

  • How does it work? 

Powder incorporators ensure rapid mixing of powder ingredients into a liquid solution by forcing the incorporation. The principle lies in creating a vacuum suction at the level of the disperser which pulls the powders to be dissolved. Depending on the design of the selected disperser; emulsions, shears or melts are created. Mixtures made using powder incorporators can reach high viscosities as well as high temperatures.

Aware of the advantages of this type of in-line mixer, Palamatic Process has developed a flexible station allowing the supply of bulk bags and minor ingredient sacks. The unloading of super sacks and minor bags are carried out on the same station to minimize the footprint in the production area. Bulk bag loading allows the introduction of your major ingredients and additional minor ingredients are introduced by the integrated bag dump. In some cases, the weighing of ingredients is carried out by the bags in addition to the ton introduced via the bulk bag vacuum.

Optional weighing is a feature included on the Duo-IMix® dump Station. The integrated load cells allow the control of your materials to be introduced, autonomously and automatically.

The bulk bag handling on the unloading station is carried out by electrical hoist, which offers autonomy to the production operator in comparison to the forklift method.

  • Where to position my emptying station: wet area or dry area?

In the majority of dispersion mixing applications, the powder incorporator is located in the “wet zone”.

The choice lies in the installation of the emptying / cracking station for powders in wet or dry areas. Palamatic Process offers two alternatives: the Duo-IMix® Gravi installed in a wet area and the Duo-IMix® Trans installed in a dry area.

The Duo-IMix® Trans station, located in the dry zone, supplies the powder / liquid incorporator via a vacuum pneumatic transfer. The pneumatic conveyor allows the transfer of your ingredients over long distances, the routing of piping around existing installations, or even the supply of several mixers from the same powder emptying station.

Duo-Imix TP schema

Guaranteed hygiene

Duo-IMix® powder unloading station meets the hygienic constraints required in the food industry. The 100% stainless steel fabrication and surface finishes facilitate line cleaning. In addition, a magnetic detection and / or ejection system completes the installation. In order to guarantee ingredients free from all foreign bodies, Palamatic Process includes magnetic detection as standard.

Like the incorporators, the Duo-IMix® Gravi station is perfectly compatible with clean in place (CIP) functionality using a set of spray nozzles.

No aeration of your mixtures

The continuous supply of the induction unit guarantees a mixture with minimal aeration. The unloading station connected to a level probe provides this functionality by pre-filling the buffer hopper.

For food, chemical or pharmaceutical applications , the unloading stations for supplying incorporators meet and adapt to all your process requirements.

    Case studies

    Discover the facilities of our customers using the Duo-IMix® line for loading their ingredients into powder incorporators.


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