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Big bag discharging - Suction tube - Easyflow® Flex

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bulk product palamatic process

Big bag and bag unpacking station - Suction tube - Multi-product vacuum emptying

Flow rate: 50 kg to 2 tons/hour

Manufacturing: steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel

For partial discharging, multi-products & integrated weighing

System of automatic big bags and drums unloading through a retractable suction tube that vacuums the bulk material. This station, from the EasyFlow® range, offers you the possibility of partially or totally emptying your big bag to make multi-product recipes. Integrated weighing makes it possible to precisely control and manage the amount of product to be vacuumed

The EasyFlow® Flex big bag unloading station has been designed by Palamatic Process to purge the desired quantity of materials precisely (via a weighing system) by vacuum. The possibility of evacuating a semi-unloaded big bag is the main objective of this machine. With EasyFlow® Flex, a single station is sufficient for multi-product discharging. It is the combination of a VFlow® conveying system and a big bag station. This station allows automatic unloading operations without operator intervention. Big bags are positioned using a simple pallet truck or forklift..

Operating principle:

  • The big bag is positioned on the station using a pallet truck. The operator connects the mouth of the big bag
  • The telescopic tube, connected to the pneumatic conveyor by suction, plunges into the big bag
  • A big bag massage device, coupled with a ventilation system, allows a refocusing of the product for a total emptying of the big bag
  • The big bag lifting system has a dual purpose:
    • 1) ensure weighing without interference;
    • 2) optimize the flow of the product
  • Reclosing of the empty or semi-empty big bag
  • Rate
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Equipment advantages

- Fan for big bag shaping

- Weight cells for management of bulk materials vacuum

- Adaptable to any big bag (dimensions)

- Connection to the vacuum conveying system VFlow®


View our equipment in videos

EasyFlow® Flex - Big bag discharging

View our equipment in photos

easyflow flex big bag unloader flour

Flour discharging

Big bag discharger EasyFlow® Flex with a suction tube.

easyflow flex big bag unloader

Bulk bag discharching with telescopic suction pipe

For partial discharge, multi-product & built-in weighing.

easyflow flex big bag unloader flour

Big bag discharching with telescopic suction pipe

Discharging of bakery flour.

fibc unloader easyflow flex

Placing of the big bag

Big bag shaping fan to help vacuum the bulk material at the bottom of the big bag.

flour easyflow flex big bag unloader

Food powder discharging

Lowering of the telescopic tube.

easyflow flex fibc unloader

Big bag discharging suction pipe

Multi-product big bag discharge by vacuuming.


Technical specification

Flow rate 50 kg to 4 t./h
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
Installed power 1 to 8 kW

Dosage accuracy: 500 grams (may vary depending on the density of the product)

Equipment integrated into the EasyFlow® Flex model:

- Telescopic suction tube: the suction tube plunges into the centre of the big bag. Its descent is controlled continuously or controlled by the level sensor fixed at the end of the tube and which detects the "product lack".
- Inflatable seal: the chute of the big bag is connected to an inflatable seal to seal the assembly.
- Blowing fan: the big bag blowing fan ensures a constant shaping of the big bag in order to facilitate the complete emptying of the big bag (no folds)- Control cabinet: the cabinet allows to control the quantity of suctioned product


Available options

  • operator protection big bag discharging palamatic process
    operator protection big bag discharging palamatic process

    Mesh enclosure

    Operator protection zoneThis prohibits the access of operators to the work area during the big bag unloading phase. The operator can make a request via the control box and thus authorize the opening of the door, preventing any movement of the big bag emptying station.

  • hygienic big bag discharger
    hygienic big bag discharger

    Hygienic system

    The guarantee of a "clean" productTo avoid cross-contamination and to allow several products to be emptied on the same system, the suction pipe and the connection head can be dismantled. Several set are provided.

  • big bag puncher material flow
    big bag puncher material flow

    Big bag massage system

    Product flow aid in the centre of the big bag. Pneumatic cylinders prevent the accumulation of powder.

  • mobile big bag discharging station
    mobile big bag discharging station

    Mobile station

    Moving the whole station.

  • big bag disharging height control
    big bag disharging height control

    Management of the height of the big bag

    Motorized support systemThe big bag is tensioned as it is unloaded in order to recenter the powder in the middle of the big bag and thus limit product residues in it.

Case studies
  • Raw material dosing

    Processed powders: milk powder, salt, sugar and additives - Raw material dosing - This project concerns the deconditioning of raw materials in big bags for the feeding of 2 Viennese pastry production...
  • Contained feeding of pharmaceutical ingredients

    Processed material: titanium dioxide - Contained feeding of pharmaceutical ingredients - Big bag discharge by vacuum pipe for the contained feeding of pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Manufacture of glass wool

    Material handled: sodium nitrate beads - Manufacture of glass wool - The client, a world leader in insulation solutions, required installation of a pneumatic conveying system for the transfer of...
  • Tank feeding

    Processed powders: Cobalt Carbonate, Cobalt Hydroxide & Cobalt Oxalate - Tank feeding - The purpose of the installation is to feed a preparation tank with the product packaged in big bags.
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