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Conical screw mixer CV

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Conical mixer

Delicate mixing and blending, simultaneous storage of materials

The CV conical screw mixer is a conical mixer with high mixing efficiency. It allows the delicate mixing of powders, while ensuring the highest level of accuracy without deterioration. CV mixer is based on a three-dimensional action produced by an axis suspended from a rotating arm inside the conical tank combined with the rotation of the axis itself. This conical screw mixer is suitable for intermediate product storage, combined with temporary homogenization.


Operating mode:

operating mode conical screw mixer
  • Complexity of mixtures
  • Rate
  • Hygiene
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Equipment advantages

- Small dimensions

- Very gentle mixing, respect for the materials used 

- Minimum material residue

- Low energy consumption 

- Delicate action on the material

- Low powers

- Minimum heat production


View our equipment in photos

conical mixer

Conical screw mixer

The conical mixer is an inverted cone that is fitted with a large screw that rotates on itself inside.

industrial conical mixer

Industrial conical screw mixer

The screw creates a lifting movement of the bulk material, bringing it to the center of the mixer.

conical mixer palamatic process

Industrial conical mixer food industry

The mixing is gentle and guarantees precision in the blending without distortion of the bulk material.

industrial mixing pneumatic conveying

Animal flour mixer

The conical mixer ensures fast and intensive mixing with low energy consumption and high accuracy.

conical mixer under pneumatic conveying

Carbonate mixing

The blending is done gently and without overheating the mixed powder.


Technical specification

Capacity: 50 to 5,000 l.
Objective: sticky liquid mixture or wet, pasty or powdery materials

  • Mixing vessel made of steel, stainless steel 304L/316L
  • Surface finish: satin finishing, polishing, blasting
  • Manual cylinder or pneumatic actuator for knife gate valve
  • Adjustable knife gate valve
  • Adjustable flow
  • Minimum residual material in case of complete emptying
  • Possibility of a mobile mixer
Models CV 50 CV 100 CV 200 CV 300 CV 600 CV 1 000 CV 1 500 CV 2 000 CV 3000 CV 5 000
B 1,222 1,372 2,200 2,400 2,714 3,054 3,410  3,650 4,110 4,805
D 730 822 1,130 1,300 1,492 1,560 1,753 1,936 2,180 2,950
Weight in kg 250 300 550 600 650 700 800 900 1,000 5,000
Net volume 50 100 200 300 600 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000 5,000
Power kW 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 6 11.0 + 0.75

Available options

  • Inspection door on mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling
    Inspection door on mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling

    Access hatch on mixer

    The inspection hatch allows to control and validate the good quality of the materials mixture. In addition, the hatch provides easy access to all internal parts of the mixer to ensure complete cleaning. 

  • Industrial mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling
    Industrial mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling

    Manual valve on industrial mixer

Case studies
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