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Paddle mixer - Discontinuous BRP

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Industrial horizontal paddle mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling

Paddle mixer - Discontinuous - Speed and homogeneity of mixtures

Mixing and homogeneization of several materials (successive batches)

The BRP double shaft mixer with blades is a continuous mixer with two parallel tanks, each fitted with blades which promote a homogeneous mixing regardless of the particle size and density.
The intensive mixing action ensures, even with delicate or very brittle materials, an optimal process without the formation of fine particles. The mixer can be started fully loaded.

  • Complexity of mixtures
  • Rate
  • Hygiene

Equipment advantages

- Shorter discharge time due to double discharge mouth

- Short mixing time (5-30 sec.)

- Easy cleaning

- Maximum homogeneity of the mixture

- Gentle treatment of the material

- Quick discharging (double discharge mouth)

- Low residue (0-5 to 5% of the volume)


View our equipment in photos

stainless steel mixer

Birotor paddle mixer

Mixer on a process line for mixing and packing resinous materials.

paddle mixing unit

Birotor paddle industrial mixer

The double blade shaft mixers are fitted with two reverse rotating rotors with secant blades.

birotor paddle mixer

Raw ingredients mixing

Industrial mixer with pallets on an industrial production line.

discontinuous paddle mixing unit

Bulk materials industrial mixing

Industrial production line for cake recipes.


Technical specification

Capacity: 48 to 5,000 liters
Objectives: homogenization and mixing of materials with different characteristics

  • Coefficient of variation reached (CV): less than 3%
  • Mixing ratio: 1/100,000
  • High homogeneity (CV < 5%)
  • Bearing end with rotor sealing group in various versions with optional air or gas pressurization
  • Double bomb bay discharge
  • Robust mixing tank made of carbon steel or 304 L stainless steel



Models BRP-120 BRP-250 BRP-500 BRP-1000 BRP-2000
C 1,484 1,784 2,269 2,690 3,170
D 1,059 1,363 1,835 2,170 2,662
E 1,004 1,104 1,620 2,036 2,373
NOMINAL VOLUME IN LITERS 120 250 500 1,000 2,000
MAX. OPERATING CAPACITY IN LITERS   168 350 700 1,400 2,800

Available options

  • Steel tank - Bulk materials and powder handling
    Steel tank - Bulk materials and powder handling

    Tank and rotor shaft in 316L stainless steel

    The manufacturing materials in direct contact with the powders are defined to be in adequacy with their characteristics.

  • Double walled mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling
    Double walled mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling

    Heating / cooling double casing 

    To control the temperature of the mix inside the mixer.
    The double casing of the mixer allows heating of its contents through the circulation of the coolant fluid in the double casing or cooling by circulation of chilled water.

Case studies
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