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Rotary airlock valve - Pellets and flakes

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Rotary valve for pellets and flakes - Bulk materials and powder handling

Pellets and flakes rotary airlock valve - Dosing of wood chips


ATEX certification Palamatic Process

4 models
3 rotating speeds
Theoretical flow rates from 1.32 to 35.1 m³/h.

Dosing of wood chips and pellets/flakes

Rotary airlock valves for the controlled feeding and unloading of pellets/flakes or wood chips from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, pocket filters or cyclones.

The shape of the blades and cross blades of the HARDOX steel rotor allows the cutting of the chips.

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Equipment advantages

- Rotors fitted with blades

- Robust and compact design 

- Direct motorization


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screw feeder rotary valve starch pellets flakes

Rotor with blades

The blades are fitted with blades to ensure controlled unloading of pellets and chips.

volumetric screw feeder bulk pellets

Wooden chips dosing system

For controlled unloading of pellets from silos, hoppers...

screw feeder rotary valve dextrose alumina


Dosing of wood chips and pellets.


Technical specification

4 model:

  • 3 rotating speeds
  • Theoretical flow rates from 1.32 to 35.1 m³/h.

Flow rate schedule (given as an indication for 100% filling):

Models 150² 200² 250² 300²
Rotation speed rev./min. 10 20 30 10 20 30 10 20 30 10 20 30
Theoretical flow rates m³/h. 1.32 2.64 3.96 3.24 6.48 9.72 6.54 13.08 29.62 11.7 23.4 35.1


Case studies
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