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Complete production line for handling and preparation of premixes

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Complete production line for management and preparation of premixes

Processed powders: wheat bran and lime with a bulk density of 0.4 to 1 kg/m³

Wheat bran and lime premix line


Estonian engineering company specialized in the design of industrial operations for the agri-food industries and more particularly those involved in animal nutrition.

The end-user customer, based in Russia, wants to produce premixes, at a throughput of 2,000 tons per month, for a first production campaign dedicated to animal protein and a second dedicated to herbal raw materials. The raw materials are delivered in big bags or sacks. Also, the customer expects a very flexible installation to ensure their integration into its industrial production line.

Big bag emptying station with stripping box
Palamatic Process supplies an EasyFlow® EF01 big bag discharging station that allows the big bag to be positioned using an electric hoist and a handling cross on the drop-down platform with a tight skirt. In order to facilitate the flow of the bulk material, the deposit tray is installed on silent-blocks and a 0.1 kW vibrating motor ensures vibration. The operator opens the stripping box and undoes the big bag knot to allow the discharge. Four pneumatic cylinders apply pressure to the lower and lateral parts of the big bag to facilitate the flow of the bulk material, which is strongly solidified.
A EC35 lump breaker is positioned at the exit of the big bag emptying station to break up any clods that may have formed in the big bag. It is provided with eight blades mounted asymmetrically on a very high-strength shaft. This shaft is driven by a geared motor with a very high torque, which reduces very hard clods to a size acceptable for pneumatic conveying.

Big bag and bag discharge station 
In parallel with the EasyFlow® EF01, Palamatic Process recommends the installation of a station that allows the unpacking of both bags and big bags. This two-in-one emptying station is the Duopal® DP11 model. This solution provides a very high flexibility to the customer who can balance his recipe if necessary, by adding a bag or a big bag when the EasyFlow® EF11 big bag emptying station is in operation. 
The big bags are placed using an electric hoist. Once the big bag is positioned on the dispensing tray, the operator undoes the knot of the spout via the stripping box, which can be fitted with gloves (no direct contact with the bulk material being handled). The self-supporting structure is adjustable in height to adjust to the different heights of the big bags. The telescopic connection tube allows a completely sealed connection between the big bag and the discharge station.
To optimize the flow of the bulk materials (even the hard ones) from the big bags, four massage cylinders are installed on the lateral and lower parts of the big bag and massage the flexible container for an optimal and total emptying

The operator manually places the bag on the dispensing tablet and positions it on the screen above the powder discharge hopper. Once the cutting operation is completed, the operator shakes the bag and once empty, evacuates it through the compactor. The bag compactor compresses the bags through its helical screw and discharges them into a polyethylene sheath. The access door to the station is equipped with gas springs that allow the station to be held securely in both the open and closed position and facilitate its opening. 
An EC35 knife lump breaker is located at the outlet of the bag dump station to de-agglomerate the bulk material clods.

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Dust removal system

The two bulk bag unloading stations are connected to a dust collection unit, with a flow rate of 1,500 m³/hour, installed outside the factory. This dust extraction system maintains a healthy working atmosphere, without pollution and without product loss.

Feeding of storage hoppers

Once the bulk materials are transferred through a tubular screw, they are conveyed to four storage hoppers that contain the premixes before industrial mixing and packing operations are carried out.

Bulk bag filling

The customer operates two packaging lines for the premix in bags. However, anticipating future production requirements, they wanted to add a bulk bag filling station. Palamatic Process therefore presented the FlowMatic® 02 bulk bag filling station. This station is simple and robust and is designed to fill between 10 and 20 bulk bags per hour. The operator places the bulk bag on the packing station by connecting the filling spout to the inflatable seal and clamping ring. These features provide dust containment and high filling rates. A pneumatic cylinder, positioned on the upper part of the structure, raises the bulk bag for tension and optimal filling.
Once these operations have been carried out the filling of the bulk bag can begin. Once finished, the seal deflates and the bulk bag is ready to be removed.
The U-shaped forks of this bulk bag filling station are adjustable in width to allow optimal filling of all types of bulk bags.

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