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FlowMatic®09 bulk bag filling system

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    Bulk bag conditioner - FlowMatic 09


    ATEX certification Palamatic Process

    The FlowMatic® 09 bulk bag filler enables high-speed net weighing and loading for single handle FIBC’s. This model represents the complete system solution for automatic net weighing packaging operations for single loop bulk bags, FIBC, super sacks, jumbo bags, big bags (dosing/packaging/conveying) requirements.
    The FlowMatic® 09 super sack filler is equipped with all the necessary packaging options to minimize human operator intervention. The handling of your single handle bulk bags is automated: weighed pre-dosing bulk bag filling hopper, inflatable containment seal, bulk bag rotating head grip, height-adjustable deck via pneumatic cylinder, bulk bag pre-forming fan, optional commercial weighing, vibrating densification table, pallet unstacker, and FIBC belt conveyor.


    The FlowMatic 09 complete FIBC filling system is intended for continuous use at high speed operation by integrating the right features of automated tasks in sequence.

    Big bag filling system Flowmatic 09 dimensions - Bulk powder handling
    • Automation
    • Rate
    • Overall dimensions
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    Equipment advantages

    - Hydraulic tension hook
    - Commercial weighing with net weight
    - Pre-dosing hopper
    - Conveyor and automation

    View our equipment in videos

    FlowMatic® 08 big bag filling system

    Gamme de stations de remplissage big bag - FlowMatic

    Bulk bag filling range

    View our equipment in photos

    big bag filling flowmatic 08 mobile station

    Big bag 1 loop

    FlowMatic®08 big bag filling station for big bags with one handle including a feed hopper equipped with a butterfly valve that allows or not to close it.

    big bag packing bulk solid material flowmatic08

    Bulk bag filling system

    The big bag conditioner is provided with a simple hanging system specially designed for big bags for one. An inflatable seal completes the filling head.

    bulk bag conditioner packaging palamatic process

    Sugar packaging

    The sugar is packed in big bags for storage.

    big bag conditioner bulk processing palamatic process

    Pallet unstacker

    The pallet unstacker is used to automate the big bag filling line.

    big bag conditioner bulk processing

    Pallet unstacker

    The stacked pallets are stored in the warehouse and then feed one by one the big bag packing station via a motorized conveyor.

    bulk bag filling raw material applications

    Bulk bag filling head

    Mobile station for packing cement in big bags.

    bulk bag filling flexible silo production line

    Big bag filling with platform

    The access platform facilitates the operator's access to the big bag filling spout.

    big bag production line

    Big bag filling line

    Industrial production line with filling station for big bags of sugar.

    bulk handling big bag filling bulk materials

    Conveyor on bulk bag filling station

    Once conditioned, the big bag is placed on the pallet and removed by a motorized roller conveyor, thus optimizing the flow rate of the big bag conditioning line.

    automatic bulk bag filling complete line

    Automatic bulk bag filling

    The big bag is suspended on the forks during the filling phase.

    bulk bag conditioner plant wide

    Load cells on bulk bag filling station

    Spice preparation line for the food industry.

    automatic process line big bag filling

    Automatic process line

    Industrial production line for conditioning big bags with white sugar and crystal sugar.

    process hopper

    Big bag filling hopper

    Complete process line for the preparation and management of premixes.

    powder handling big bag filling flowmatic palamatic process

    Big bag filling system with conveyor

    Belt conveyor on big bag filling line.

    Technical specification

    Rate 40 to 60 bulk bags/h.
    Capacity 2 tons/bulk bag
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel
    Installed power 7.8 kW
    Compressed air consumption 2.1 Nm³/h.
    Dust removal rate 600 m³/h.

    Finishing touches: RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
    Average power consumption: 1.4 kW
    Operating pressure: 6 bar
    Input 4-20 mA: 1
    Digital input: 14
    Digital output: 9
    Accuracy of the weighing chain: +/- 500 grams
    Maximum big bag dimensions length * Width * Height: 1,300 * 1,300 * 2,400 mm


    Equipment integrated into the Flowmatic® 08 model:

    - Platform

    - Conveyor belt

    - Hook for fastening the handle

    - Pre-inflation fan

    - Hydraulic tension cylinder

    - Load cells

    - Shaping cylinder

    - Filling head

    - Pre-dosing hopper

    - Dosing screw

    - Supply hopper

    Available options

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Bag convering
      Bulk bag conditioner - Bag convering


      At the output of the big bag bagging station, an automatic wrapper ensures the final containment of the big bag on its pallet.
      The big bag is supplied by a motorized conveyor.

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Unstacker
      Bulk bag conditioner - Unstacker

      Pallet unstacker

      In order to automate the big bag filling station, we propose the implementation of an automatic pallet unstacker.
      The stacked pallets are stored in the workshop, then supply one by one the packaging station via a motorized conveyor.

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Grouding clamp
      Bulk bag conditioner - Grouding clamp

      Grounding clamp

      Mass braids equip the entire station. A quick connection point allows the grounding the big bags thus achieving an equipotential bonding of the assembly.

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Welding system
      Bulk bag conditioner - Welding system

      Internal bag welding machine

      Once the big bag is filled, it is evacuated to the cuff closing station. A thermo-welding system allows to carry out a tight closure of the big bag, by the action of heated jaws on the inner bag. Welding technologies can be adapted according to the characteristics of the big bag (internal aluminum bag).

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Vibratory table
      Bulk bag conditioner - Vibratory table

      Vibrating table

      In order to deaerate the product, a vibrating table activated by two electric motors optimizes the filling.

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Pre-inflation fan
      Bulk bag conditioner - Pre-inflation fan


      The pre-inflation of the big bag ensures the shaping of the bag thus allowing a packaging without retention pocket.
      A protective filter can be implanted to ensure the inflation of the big bag with healthy air.

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