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Case studies - Beverages

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The beverage and instant food sectors are subject to strict hygiene rules. Our offer includes the respect of the ingredients for a high quality finished product.

Examples of processed products: crystal sugar, cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder and sugar, malt and barley powder, citric acid...


Production line for instant powdered drink mixes

Processed Materials: Granulated Sugar, Rebaudioside M, Cocoa Powder and various minor ingredients - Process for mixing dry ingredients - The new facility expansion project required the capabilities of...

Sugar depacking and conveying line

Processed materials: crystal sugar - Loading silos with sugar - A container tipper is used to feed the high pressure pneumatic conveying network to feed 2 silos of 50 tons.

Storage and conveying of sugar for dissolution in a weighed cast iron tank

Processed powders: beet crystal sugar and cane sugar - Liquor manufacturing - French company specialized in the manufacture of spirits and syrups. The syrups are intended for CHR professionals and...

Bag dump stations for unloading bags of granulated sugar to feed a melter

Processed powder: crystal sugar - Sugar dissolution for beverages - Company dedicated to the design of artisanal lemonade and syrup.

Feeding of sugar into a mixing tank

Processed powder: sugar - Ingredient loading - This installation concerns a French company manufacturing spirits.

Sacktip tray and lump breaker solution for artifical sweetners processing

Processed product: erythritol - Bag emptying and crushing line - Production line for sauces, soups, drinks.

Particle size reduction of energy powder

Processed powder: supplemental milk powder - Pneumatic conveying and grinding line - This company was looking to reduce the granulometry of its final product with a homogeneous particle size spectrum.

Premix processing line: weighing and filling of big bags

Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...

Cocoa packing line with integrated sieving

Powder processed: chocolate powder - Instant chocolate powder - This company in the agri-food sector produces chocolates, sweets, condiments, seasonings, sugars...

Storage silo and pneumatic conveying system for sugar and dairy powders

Processed powders: milk powder and sugar - Preparation of instant dairy drinks - Agribusiness group in the Island of Reunion is a leading supplier of dairy products within their target markets: fresh...

Screening and mechanical conveying of cereals

Processed powders: malt, barley and wheat powder - Brewery feeding line - The goal of the installation is to screen the cereals used in the beer production process.

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