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Process lines - Baby food

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Food and animal feed

Palamatic process lines for the baby food industry

The manufacture of baby food must rely on the precise and consistent dose of raw ingredients to guarantee food safety and quality of the batched productions. Palamatic Process offers complete turnkey installations for professionals involved in the manufacturing process of bulk food powders for infant nutrition.

The production of baby food relies on a range of specialized equipment designed to handle the unique processes involved. Infant formual, for example, employs hygienic industrial equipment like screens and atomization towers to facilitate material handling throughout the manufacturing process. These various pieces of equipment, along with precise controls and quality monitoring systems, ensure the efficient and consistent production of essential infant nutrition products.

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Throughout the manufacturing process, batch controls are performed. The manufacturing process is almost completely in a closed circuit, which strongly limits any risk of contamination.

Here are the different stages of the infant formula transformation process:
- reception of the cow's milk at the factory
- sanitary and traceability controls are carried out 
- skimming: the fat is removed from the milk
- pasteurization
- addition of ingredients: proteins, lactose, milk derivatives, fats, fibres, whey, lactose, minerals...
- evaporation to remove water and start the process of transformation into milk powder.
- drying to obtain milk powder and then dry addition of new ingredients such as iron, vitamins, probiotics...
- packaging of milk powder in cans

The baby food industry is not only about milk powder. It also concerns fruit or vegetable purees with or without small pieces and ready-to-drink milk for infants.

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