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Case studies - Flour and bakery

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Conveying of flour and other baking ingredients, dosing and feeding (loss or gain-in-weight), mixer loading, as well as preparation and weighing of micro-ingredients.

Palamatic Process Inc. designs turnkey installations for the storage, dosing, pre-breaking, screening and conveying of ingredients for the flour & bakery industries.

Thanks to our extensive +30 years of experience in food powder processing, we guarantee your company a final product that meets expectations. 

Examples of products processed: salt, wheat flour, milk powder, sugar, food starch, rice flour, etc.

See all of our past projects and know we have sufficient experience to make your production goals a complete success!


Preparation station for additives, flavors and spices

Processed products: additives, flavors and spices - Introduction of ingredients on industrial bakery lines - Precision dosing of minor ingredients.

Milling and bag packaging system for icing sugar production

Processed powder: Crystal sugar - Line for biscuit factory - Food manufacturer that specializes in biscuits, chocolate and cocoa. The customer's process requirements involved the milling of granulated...

Mixing and packaging line for dried fruits

Processed powder: dried fruits and seeds - Mixing and packaging - Our customer wanted to implement a new production line in its plant to support its growth.

Deconditioning of milk powder from big bags for feeding 2 batching lines

Processed powders: milk powder, salt, sugar and additives - Raw material dosing - This project concerns the deconditioning of raw materials in big bags for the feeding of 2 Viennese pastry production...

Tank unloading using a booster

Processed powder: wheat flour - Tank unloading - Flour unloading from tanks to storage silos

Dry materials automated tipping, conveying and dosing

Processed powders: modified starch, sodium bicarbonate, fat powder, whipping base, gelatin, milled sugar - Cake mix - Company based in Saudi Arabia that manufactures and distributes dry food materials...

Starch unloading from trucks for automatic packing in bulk bags in ATEX zone

Processed powders: gluten and starch - Handling of food starch - company specialized in the conditioning of bulk products and raw materials.

Sifting and conveying ingredients in a mixer for the production of hamburger buns

Processed powders: salt, flour, milk powder, sugar, ascorbic acid - Loading of kneaders - Worldwide company specialized in industrial bakery.

Sieve granulator on final product (crumbler)

Processed product: meringue sheet - Industrial pastry making - Breaking of the meringue to obtain chips of defined diameters for sprinkling on pastries.

As solution specialists of complete production lines in bakery and flour manufacturing, our equipment is designed to the strict requirements of the agricultural and food & beverage industries. Storage, sack and bulk bag discharging and filling, pneumatic conveying, control screening and weighing and dosing are all processes that are used in the industrial production of the bakery industry. We also offer complete Pal'Touch® control cabinets for easy control and automation of your production line process

Examples of products manufactured in the BVP (Bakery-Viennoiserie-Pastry) sector: production of sandwich bread, industrial bread, buns, etc.

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