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Case studies - Chocolate and confectionery

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The chocolate and confectionery industries are regulated by strict hygiene rules. Our offer consists of respecting the ingredients for a high quality end product. 

Examples of processed products: sugar, crystal sugar, icing sugar, cocoa powder, instant chocolate, roasted/caramelised peanuts...

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Unloading and transferring dry ingredients

Process materials: granulated Sugar, whey, skim milk powder, and various other minor additives - Process for the production of chocolate - Objectives: unloading, transfer, storage and dosing of...

Vertical packaging machine for confectionery process

Processed products: sweets, candies, berlingots - Transfer and packaging of candies- Objective: feeding of the mulit-head weighing station upstream of the vertical packaging machine.

Skid for the production of icing sugar

Processed product: crystal sugar/icing sugar - Preparation of food mixtures - This icing sugar production unit is composed of a big bag loader, a dosing screw, a pin mill, a buffer hopper and a bag...

Cocoa packing line with integrated sieving

Powder processed: chocolate powder - Instant chocolate powder - This company in the agri-food sector produces chocolates, sweets, condiments, seasonings, sugars...

Bulk bag packing system for chocolate candies

Processed products: chocolate beads - Storage in big bag - This customer is a world-renowned manufacturer and produces very fragile chocolate beads that are intended for packing (B to C).

Continuous feeding of peanuts into a milling line

Processed bulk solids: roasted/caramelized peanuts - Manufacture of coated peanuts - This factory develops and markets chocolate based products.

Milling and bag packaging system for icing sugar production

Processed powder: Crystal sugar - Line for biscuit factory - Food manufacturer that specializes in biscuits, chocolate and cocoa. The customer's process requirements involved the milling of granulated...
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