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Container discharging:

To handle your powders and bulk products stored in containers: container discharging, container filling, storage...

IbcFlow®01 IBC Container discharging

Containment, Optimization of the flow
Container unloader IBCFlow01 Palamatic Process

Steel-Stainless steel IBC container

Dust-tight handling, Flexibility, Storage
  • Hygiene
  • Automation
Industrial container steel stainless Palamatic Process

Polyethylene - Plastic container

Storage, Powders, Bulk materials storage, Food industry
  • Hygiene
Industrial plastic container

IBC tumbler blender

Variable mixing speeds, Uniform blending, Secure container locking
  • Complexity of mixtures
  • Rate
  • Hygiene
Industrial mixing container Palamatic Process Inc

IBC Container washing machine ECD

The washing cycles are programmable according to the bulk materials...
  • Automation
IBC container washing machine Palamatic Process

IBCFILL®01 IBC Container filling system

Manual filling, Automatic filling, Safety, Hygienic
  • Containment
  • Automation
Storage container loading IBCFill01

The container unloading equipment from the IbcFlow® range can be used to discharge your Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) manually or automatically.

The transfer is carried out in an efficient and hygienic manner to avoid any contamination of your powders and bulk materials.

Several options can be installed on your IBC discharge station: vibrating system, dust extraction function, automatic opening, handling by forklift truck or pallet truck, handling cross for hoist lifting, continuous or controlled dosing system.

Containment is possible thanks to the presence of a socket joint or an inflatable joint. A connecting tube allows the bulk material to be conveyed without it coming into contact with the atmosphere.


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