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Rotary airlock valve

Palamatic Process designs 4 types of rotary airlock valves:

Rotary airlock valve - Pellets and flakes

Dosing of wood chips, Flow rate from 1.32 to 35.1 m³/h.
blow through rotary valve pellets

Dust control rotary airlock valve

Dust collection, Airlock function, Regulation and dosing of bulk...
Rotary airlock - Bulk material and powder handling

Rotary airlock valve ECD

Quick disassembly, Easy clean rotary lock
  • Hygiene
Easyclean rotary airlock valve

Drop-through rotary airlock valve

Rate from 2.2 to 19.5 liters/rev., Extraction and dosing under hopper...
drop through rotary valve bulk handling

Blow-through rotary airlock valve RVSC

Bulk materials, Controlled feeding, Capacity 5 to 38 liters/revolution
drop through rotary valve palamatic process

The rotary airlock valve allows the dosing and pneumatic transport of bulk materials by optimizing the air/product mixture. The rotary airlock valve operation can be either integral or lateral.

The dust control rotary airlock valve is suitable for filtering applications. The universal flanges of the inlet and outlet of the main body of the valve are drilled to PN10 and are therefore compatible for connections with round flanges as well as square flanges.

The rotary airlock valve for pellets and flakes allows a controlled unloading of pellets or wood chips under silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems... The rotor blades allow the chips, pellets or flakes to be split.

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