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Case studies - Seeds industry

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Storage, discharge of raw materials, conveying, dosing and dissolution.

Examples of products treated: corn seeds, urea fertilizers, seeds, dried grass seeds...

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One handle big bag filling with fertilizer

Processed products: Fertilizers and seeds - Seeds - Production and trade of cereals for livestock feed.

Automatic packaging line for big bags FlowMatic® 04: metering - conditioning - conveying

Processed powder: urea - Fertilizers - Urea - Company based in Vietnam, leader in the production of fertilizing products.

Super sack filling with corn seeds

Processed products: corn seeds - Seeds packing line - Installation for conditioning corn seeds in big bags. The big bag filling station is supplied upstream via a slide gate valve and a flexible...

FlowMatic® 04 automatic big bag packaging line

Processed powder: treated maize seeds - Seed conditioning - This Multinational, an actor on the world seed market, wants a facility located in Brazil for the automatic packaging of corn seeds in big...

Bulk Bag Compactor for the Agro-Chemical Industry

Products processed: herbicides, fungicides, biosolutions - Compacting of bulk bags - Dust removal

To ensure the coating or lamination of seeds (improvement of protection and optimisation of growth), the sector's industrialists develop liquid coatings by incorporating bulk materials in powder form (Kaolin, chalk, clay, talc and active substances such as guazatine, mancozeb...).
Dosing hoppers provide the storage and controlled feed for incorporating the materials with pneumatic conveying lines to the mixing tanks. Containment in the discharging and conveying phases is essential when handling potentially sensitive bulk materials. Automation ensures the accuracy of dosages as well as the traceability of manufacturing batches.

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