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Case studies - Paint and coating

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Storage, conveying, dosing of raw materials for the feeding of mashers/dispersers, accurate doses, batch repeatability of recipes and containment for the handling of powders and raw products.

Main powders handled: titanium dioxide (titanium, TiO2), calcium carbonate, (CaCo3), talc, silica, aerosil, barium sulfate, pigment, etc.


Unloading drums of toxic powder

Processed powder: sodium methylate - Contained discharge of chemical powder - The process consists in safely unloading drums containing sodium methylate in a Class 1 / Division 2 hazardous...

Unloading and conveying FIBCs of titanium dioxide for the ink and coatings industry

Treated powder: Titanium dioxide (TiO2) - Feeding of a solvent reactor in the inks and coatings sector - Emptying station for big bags and sacks with powder transfer system by a tubular screw.

Turnkey solution for bulk bag unloading and vacuum conveying of rheology additives for chemical manufacturing

Processed powder : Sodium hypophosphite - Manufacture and installation of a new turnkey process line for the production of coatings and sealants in an ATEX hazardous location.

Super sack unloading and mobile IBC docking for powder paint industry

Processed powders: Minerals and additives (such as titanium dioxide) for the manufacture of paints - Emptying of big bags into mobile IBCs with dosing and transfer of the product to a mixer downstream...

Bulk bag discharge station

Processed Materials:  calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, silica - Calcium carbonate loading into storage tank - For this project our client company is a specialist in the manufacture...

Pneumatic conveyor for mixer feeding

Processed bulk materials: pyrogenic silica, calcium carbonates, expanded graphite, aerosil, imersil - Disperser feeding - The facility consists of a bag dump station fitted with a dedusting device and...

Loading of resins and polymers in chemical reactors under pressure in a hazardous rated location

Processed powders: maleic anhydride, Epo Kukdo - Resin and gel coat manufacturing - The client is a world leader in the production of structural resins for the building, automotive, water sports and...

Raw material feed and lump breaking of resinous materials

Processed powder: resin - Resin formulation - This company in the petrochemical sector provides adhesive solutions.

IBC unloading of powder paints into bulk bags

Processed powder: paint powder (polyester resin + fillers + additives + pigments) - Paint formulation - A manual container emptying station feeds a big bag filling system. The container unloading...

Process for tanning additives: Feeding a chemical dispersion process from sacks and flexible or rigid containers.

Processed powders: chemical additives - Tanning product - The great diversity of the products and their varied packaging meant that this plant had long been looking for a system that would reduce the...

Discharge of bulk bags of zinc raw materials into etching tanks

Processed powders: zinc ash, zinc oxide, waelz oxide - Bulk pigment handling - The materials to be unloaded are powders whose particularity is to have very heterogeneous characteristics.

Discharge of bags for feeding a mixing tank

Processed powders: flake soda, lime powder, potash, magnesia - Shampoo production - This company in the cosmetics industry is involved in the implementation of industrial installations.

Painting and coating sector

The systems include the installation of hoppers for the storage of materials (carbonate, titanium, talc...) initially stored in bulk trucks. Weighing hoppers (dosing hoppers) installed on scales, ensure the weighing of batches of raw materials to be loaded into the mashers/dispersers. Loading is generally carried out by pneumatic conveying (or screw conveyors) with a throughput of up to 10 t/hr -15 t/hr, and an associated accuracy of -/+ 2kg. The automation of the loading process offers an optimal containment, unlike manual loading of the dispersers. Depending on the production tonnes, the manufacturing lines integrate several dispersers whose powder feeding is centralized on the silos and intermediate storage.

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