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Case studies - Dairy

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The dairy industry, due to the nature and use of the products it produces, must abide by very strict regulations in terms of sanitation and hygiene for the safety of human consumption. The production of dairy and non-dairy powders and products can have multiple process stages. Palamatic Process is involved in the process of transforming liquid milk into powdered milk via an in-line spray drying process. At the outlet of the atomization tower, dairy powders can be packaged in boxes, sacks or bulk bags.



Semi-automatic bag dump station for dairy powders

Processed products: milk powder - Yoghurt and cheese production line - The function of the equipment is to add milk powder mechanically in tanks.

Vacuum Conveying and Bulk Packaging of Powdered Milk

Processed powders: skim milk powder / whole milk powder. Client in Africa.

Mixture of ingredients for infant formula preparations

Processed powder: infant milk powder - Milk powder mixing line - The mixing line is part of our Palamatic EasyClean range of equipment for quick dismantling and complete clean down.

Silo storage and pneumatic transfer system equipment for diary powder process

Processed powder: dairy product flakes, PSD 400 to 500 µm - Recycling of milk powder by micronization - The installation consists of the dosing, transfer, grinding and reconditioning of the milled...

Storage silo and pneumatic conveying system for sugar and dairy powders

Processed powders: milk powder and sugar - Preparation of instant dairy drinks - Agribusiness group in the Island of Reunion is a leading supplier of dairy products within their target markets: fresh...

Big bag packing in the hygienic zone (white zone) of baby food products

Processed powder: milk powder - Clean room for packing - A leading dairy and manufacturer of high value-added milk powder for the leaders in the infant market.

Starch unloading from trucks for automatic packing in bulk bags in ATEX zone

Processed powders: gluten and starch - Handling of food starch - company specialized in the conditioning of bulk products and raw materials.

Hygienic big bag filling station for infant milk powder

Processed powder: Powder milk - Packing in a white room environment - Hygienic packing station under an atomization tower for infant powdered milk

Hygienic feeding of a liquid mixer - Liquiverter type - with big bag and bag loss-in-weight

Processed bulk solids: milk powder - Infant milk powder line - This subsidiary company from one of the first milk group in the world, devellops a wide range of functionals and nutritionals milk...

These dairy powders are intended for manufacturers to be incorporated into recipes for human consumption and infant formula.

Some of these milk powders contain live cultures, flavors or other components that represent a risk of cross-contamination in the industrial production line. Palamatic Process offers solutions that provide a final product free of foreign contaminants, avoiding any potential risks to the end user. Palamatic Process can also automatically collect samples representative of the microbiological and physio-chemical quality of the dairy and non-dairy powders packed in each box, bag or bulk bag.

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