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Case studies - Battery

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The Palamatic Process knowledge in powder management is further represented in the handling of "toxic" products often used in the manufacture of batteries, cells, supercapacitors, etc. Containment and dust removal in bag-in-bag-out are the technologies implemented for the realization of these battery projects.


Disposal, dosing and pulping system

Treated powder: black mass - Black mass treatment process - Process to unload the black mass from bulk bags, precisely dose and repulp it with water, without clogging reactions or dust emissions from...

Turnkey line for the manufacture of battery paste

Processed powders: zinc powder and additives. The aim is to improve the manual loading of the powders and to implement a complete automated system for accurate dosing of the ingredients into the...

Automation of a bulk bag unloading system

Processed powder: Quartz - Quartz production process - A customized solution to automate the unloading of big bags for a world leader in the production of high-purity quartz.

Handling super sacks of toxic material for a battery manufacturer

Processed powder: lithium nickel potassium oxide - Unloading, filling of big bags and transfer of material - The objective of this installation is to protect the operators with equipment designed to...

Sack filling system for the manufacture of batteries

Treated powder: Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide - Turnkey solution for sieving, dosing and filling 22 kg bags of toxic powder. Improvement of ergonomics and operator safety.

Discharging station of bulk bags of cadmium in very high containment

Processed powder: cadmium oxide - Supply for battery manufacturing - The objective of this installation is to protect operators by avoiding the constraint of hazmat suits, which is poorly accepted by...

The world of battery technology and production is a rapidly evolving industry. For more than 20 years Palamatic Process has been providing this industry with material handling equipment for cadmium and silicon, used in the manufacture of batteries. Our experience also lends itself in the knowledgeable design and implementation of screw feeders and dosing equipment for extruders. Furthermore, Palamatic Process is involved in the creation of premixes with the adjustment of product characteristics such as humidity, temperature and granulometry.

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