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Case studies - Food and Animal Feed

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Palamatic Process has over 30 years of experience in providing industrial solutions for the processing of raw ingredients and bulk material handling in the food and beverage industry. Our team provides equipment and the integration of new machinery to our clients for quality performance of your production process.

Industrial sectors: dairy, baby food, pet food, animal nutrition, spices and flavorings, flour and bakery, chocolate and confectionary, sugar, beverages, egg products, snack foods, and more!

Discover our case studies

Storage and conveying of sugar for dissolution in a weighed cast iron tank

Processed powders: beet crystal sugar and cane sugar - Liquor manufacturing - French company specialized in the manufacture of spirits and syrups. The syrups are intended for CHR professionals and...

Automatic big bag filling line

Processed powder: white sugar - Sugar packing - The FlowMatic© 04 bulk bag filling station allows dust-tight packaging of all types of powders, limits dust emissions and automates the removal of the...

Sugar depacking and conveying line

Processed materials: crystal sugar - Loading silos with sugar - A container tipper is used to feed the high pressure pneumatic conveying network to feed 2 silos of 50 tons.

Sack tip station for handling bulk granuled sugar

Processed powder: granulated sugar - Bag opener for dust containment and operator ergonomics.

Production line for instant powdered drink mixes

Processed Materials: Granulated Sugar, Rebaudioside M, Cocoa Powder and various minor ingredients - Process for mixing dry ingredients - The new facility expansion project required the capabilities of...

Production and packaging of icing sugar

Processed powders: icing sugar from white granulated sugar and starch - Sugar milling unit - The installation consists of feeding the mill with granulated sugar and then packaging the resulting icing...

Automatic feeding and filling of bulk bags for the sugar industry

Processes powder: powdered sugar - Powdered sugar bagging - Our client is a company specializing in sugar manufacturing with a need to increase production capacity to meet the rising demand by global...

Chewing gum production line

Processed powders: malto dextrin, sorbitol, powdered sugar, crystal sugar... - Vertical transfer of tablets- Installation of tilting bucket elevators allowing high throughput handling of fragile...

Ice cream manufacturing process

Processed powders: whey, sugar, flavorings - Dry products dosing for dry mixing - Preparation line for the manufacture of ice cream with unitary dosage of different ingredients according to the recipe...

Feeding of a filling machine by pneumatic conveying in dense phase for brown sugar, cane sugar and white sugar

Processed powders: refined white sugar and brown sugar - Packing of white, organic and brown sugar - Leader in Africa and the Mediterranean Basin in the sugar industry and vegetable oil industry.

Unloading of raw material from shipping containers

Processed material: refined sugar - Refined sugar conveying - On-site installation of repackaging equipment for the transfer of sugar stored in shipping containers with an inner liner to a bulk bag...

Grinding unit for the production of icing sugar and incorporation of anti-foaming agents

Processed powder: starch and granulated sugar - Icing sugar line - French sugar cooperative company - Supply and commissioning of a set of machines for the production of icing sugar and starch to feed...

Bulk bag packing line with a capacity of 40 super sacks per hour

Processed powders: granulated white sugar, surfine caster sugar, crystal sugar - Packing in bulk bags of white sugar and crystal sugar - This bulk bag installation is designed to achieve a minimum...

Bag dump stations for unloading bags of granulated sugar to feed a melter

Processed powder: crystal sugar - Sugar dissolution for beverages - Company dedicated to the design of artisanal lemonade and syrup.

Optimization of an imitation crab production line

Processed powders: starch, salt, dehydrated egg white - Process line for ingredient dosing - Improved dosing accuracy and process efficiency in crab stick production.

Preparation station for additives, flavors and spices

Processed products: additives, flavors and spices - Introduction of ingredients on industrial bakery lines - Precision dosing of minor ingredients.

Hygienic big bag filling station for infant milk powder

Processed powder: Powder milk - Packing in a white room environment - Hygienic packing station under an atomization tower for infant powdered milk

Milling and bag packaging system for icing sugar production

Processed powder: Crystal sugar - Line for biscuit factory - Food manufacturer that specializes in biscuits, chocolate and cocoa. The customer's process requirements involved the milling of granulated...

Tank unloading using a booster

Processed powder: wheat flour - Tank unloading - Flour unloading from tanks to storage silos

Hygienic packaging in boxes and bulk bags

Processed product: dried tomato powder - Industrial process for tomato-based products - The application requested by the customer is for the filling of bulk bags and cartons at the outlet of the...

Automatic drum inversion system

Treated products: olives in brine - Packing of olives - The objective is the automatic emptying of the drums by inversion.

Conveying of pet food kibbles

Processed powders: pea flour, soy flour, wheat flour, oat flour, bran flour, additives... - Coating machine feeding - The purpose of the installation is to feed the coating machines at the exit of...

Feeding of sugar into a mixing tank

Processed powder: sugar - Ingredient loading - This installation concerns a French company manufacturing spirits.

Mixing line for fragile ingredients

Processed products: dried fruits and vegetables - Bagging of dried fruits and vegetables - The installation concerns a mixing and packaging line for dried fruits and vegetables.

Dosing, mixing and packing in bulk bags of dried fruit

Processed products: dried fruit - Preparation of dried fruit recipes - This installation involves the feeding of dried fruit to a mixer. The various dried fruits are stored in bags, boxes and big bags...

Insect mixing and sorting line

Processed products: bran, meal, droppings, live insects, dead insects - Insect breeding unit - This workshop is the heart of the insect breeding process.

Edible insect sorting line

Treated products: droppings, dead insects, live insects - Treatment unit in the entomoculture - This unit allows the treatment of non-compliant products from the main process.

Insect meal production workshop

Processed products: dried insects - Grinding and packaging of finished products - Workshop for processing and packaging products for the animal nutrition sector.

Sugar and salt bulk bag deconditioning

Processed powders: sugar and salt - Raw materials deconditioning line - The installation concerns a premix preparation line for the food industry.

Raw material automatic bag unloading System

Processed Powders: Soy Flour, Brewer Yeast, Corn Starch, Dried Whey... - Manufacturing line for petfood industry - Manufacturering of dry and liquid flavor enhancers for the pet food industry

Mixing and packaging line for dried fruits

Processed powder: dried fruits and seeds - Mixing and packaging - Our customer wanted to implement a new production line in its plant to support its growth.

Unloading and transferring dry ingredients

Process materials: granulated Sugar, whey, skim milk powder, and various other minor additives - Process for the production of chocolate - Objectives: unloading, transfer, storage and dosing of...

Sacktip tray and lump breaker solution for artifical sweetners processing

Processed product: erythritol - Bag emptying and crushing line - Production line for sauces, soups, drinks.

Mixing and transfer equipment for seeds and crackers

Processed powders: pumpkin seeds, linseed, sesame seeds, corn starch - New installation for the manufacture of biscuits and crackers - Emptying of big bags to feed a mixer

Food preparation line for blocks of frozen fruits

Processed products: Frozen fruits / IQF (apples, pineapples, dates, cranberries, etc.) - Hygienic granulation line for the animal nutrition industry.

Super sack filling stations for fish feed

Processed powders: meat meal and bone meal - Semi-automatic bulk bag filling stations - The installation consists in loading big bags under mixers without emitting dust.

Preparation station for premix ingredients

Processed ingredients: spices and additives - Spice and additive dosing workshop - Improvement of a spice premix preparation station with the implementation of the OPDosing® Carousel process line.

Starch unloading and packaging line

Processed powders: tapioca starch, potato starch, corn starch - Unloading of railcars - Line for powder repackaging

Bulk bag unloading station, batch powder dosing unit and material transfer to a mixing line

Processed powders: potato flakes, semolina, salt, breadcrumbs - New workshop for the production of fillings - Unloading, transfer, storage, dosing.

Semi-automatic bag dump station for dairy powders

Processed products: milk powder - Yoghurt and cheese production line - The function of the equipment is to add milk powder mechanically in tanks.

Filling of bulk bags via elevated belt conveyor

The dried fruit recipe preparation line allows you to: - load a paddle mixer with ingredients packaged in boxes - mix the different raw materials according to the recipe

Filling bulk bags with fish meal

Processed powder : fish meal - Big bags packaging - Output of 50 big bags/h

Feeding of kneading tank for aperitif cakes

Products processed: snack cakes (starch, rice flour, oats) - Weighing, conveying, dosing and transfer - Extraction from big bags and sacks to feed a kneading tank.

Pre-mixed ingredients for frozen french fries

Processed powders : Frying batter (flours, starches, spices, colourings...) - The installation concerns a pre-mixing line of ingredients for the food industry.

Vacuum Conveying and Bulk Packaging of Powdered Milk

Processed powders: skim milk powder / whole milk powder. Client in Africa.

Process for insect nutrition

Process products: wheat bran, wheat flour, disinsected wheat bran - Unloading bulk bags containing grains and cereals - This bulk bag emptying station aims to feed insects (larvae and adults) with dry...

Premix processing line: weighing and filling of big bags

Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...

Potato flakes milling line

Processed material: potato flakes - Conditioning in big bags and sachets - The objective is to reduce the potato flakes in powder in order to increase the density of the product

Packaging of animal flour in super sacks

Powders processed: feather flour, animal flour - Animal flour loading - Palamatic Process has set up a bulk bag packaging station with vibration and automatic releaseof the bulk bag.

Continuous transfer of snack food

Processed products: appetizers, snacks, chips and crackers - Continuous transfer of crackers - At the extrusion outlet, after the potato flour feed, the puffed crackers are directly collected to feed...

Vertical packaging machine for confectionery process

Processed products: sweets, candies, berlingots - Transfer and packaging of candies- Objective: feeding of the mulit-head weighing station upstream of the vertical packaging machine.

Mixture of ingredients for infant formula preparations

Processed powder: infant milk powder - Milk powder mixing line - The mixing line is part of our Palamatic EasyClean range of equipment for quick dismantling and complete clean down.

Mixing and packaging line in bulk bags and sacks

Processed products: spices - Preparation of spice mixtures - The objective is a spice blending line with easy to clean equipment and recipe flexibility.

IQF unpacking and crushing line

Processed bulk solids: blackcurrent, cherries, bananas, raspberries, peaches - Frozen fruit process - IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) big bag and cardboard box discharger.

Complete production line for the preparation of premixes

Processed powders: wheat bran and lime with a bulk density of 0.4 to 1 kg/m³ - Wheat bran and lime premix line - Estonian engineering company specialized in the design of industrial operations for the...

Lysine unloading, dosing and milling process for mixer feeding

Processed bulk material: Lysine - Grinding Line - Facility for one of the world's leading animal nutrition companies.

Repacking of spices from storage containers

Processed powder: paprika - Spice production - Industrial company specialized in the treatment of food additives. The purpose of the installation is to sieve the paprika powder for repacking into...

Feeding a dissolution tank for drying on an atomization tower

Processed powder: maltodextrin with a bulk density of 31 lbs/ft³ - Food flavors manufacturing - The customer required an industrial solution to unpack maltodextrin in 40 and 50 lbs. bags and transfer...

Powdered spice packaging with hygienic design feeding equipment

Processed powder: spice mixture with an apparent density of 500 kg/m³ - Spice dosing - The customer was looking to replace his manual dosing system, in the small-size packaging room, with a weight...

Sifting and conveying ingredients in a mixer for the production of hamburger buns

Processed powders: salt, flour, milk powder, sugar, ascorbic acid - Loading of kneaders - Worldwide company specialized in industrial bakery.

Combined sack and big bag emptying system for tank truck filling

Processed powder: amino acids - Truck loading with amino acids - This facility concerns a major player in the production and marketing of amino acids for animal feed.

Packaging of ingredients at the outlet of an atomization tower

Processed powders: apetence factors, natural food flavours - Natural food flavour - The company, which is specialized in the manufacture of flavours for domestic animal feed, was looking to install a...

Discharge and conveying of feed additives into storage silos

Processed powders: food additives - Animal feed - Specialist in additives for animal feed.

Mixing and packaging line

Processed powder: dried grass seeds - Seeds conditioning - Installation of a double discharge station: big bag emptying and container emptying for mixer feeding as well as a double filling station...


Processed Material: Infant milk powder preparation - Client specializing in baby food production - The process consists of conditioning infant milk powder in various containers: boxes, sacks and bulk...

Storage silo and pneumatic conveying system for sugar and dairy powders

Processed powders: milk powder and sugar - Preparation of instant dairy drinks - Agribusiness group in the Island of Reunion is a leading supplier of dairy products within their target markets: fresh...

Skid for the production of icing sugar

Processed product: crystal sugar/icing sugar - Preparation of food mixtures - This icing sugar production unit is composed of a big bag loader, a dosing screw, a pin mill, a buffer hopper and a bag...

Particle size reduction of energy powder

Processed powder: supplemental milk powder - Pneumatic conveying and grinding line - This company was looking to reduce the granulometry of its final product with a homogeneous particle size spectrum.

Skid for the controlled feeding of sugar and salt to a dissolution tank and atomization tower

Processed powders: salt and sugar - Powdered egg production - This customer is a specialist in egg processing for industrial customers. This manufacturing process requires an aqueous solution that...

Big bag discharger for premix preparation

Processed powder: bukwheat flour - Loading of chopper mixer - Agri-food company positioned number one in self-service fresh food catering. The company wanted a system for emptying big bags filled with...

Dosing of peanuts for continuous feeding of a grinding line

Processed bulk solids: roasted/caramelized peanuts - Manufacture of coated peanuts - This factory develops and markets chocolate based products.

Cocoa packing line with integrated sieving

Powder processed: chocolate powder - Instant chocolate powder - This company in the agri-food sector produces chocolates, sweets, condiments, seasonings, sugars...

Screening and mechanical conveying of cereals

Processed powders: malt, barley and wheat powder - Brewery feeding line - The goal of the installation is to screen the cereals used in the beer production process.

Dry materials automated tipping, conveying and dosing

Processed powders: modified starch, sodium bicarbonate, fat powder, whipping base, gelatin, milled sugar - Cake mix - Company based in Saudi Arabia that manufactures and distributes dry food materials...

Manufacture of fruit and vegetable powders for integration into ready meals and beverages recipes

Processed powders: sodium bicarbonate, strain (bacteria) - Natural food additives - This industrial production line consists of the installation of bag dump station Sacktip® SE 800.

Bagging station for packing spice mixtures

Processed powders: spice mixtures (curry...), tea and herbal tea blends, fine salt - Spice blending and bagging - Bagging station for packaging spice and powder blends in bags from 1 to 25kg.

Sieve granulator on final product (crumbler)

Processed product: meringue sheet - Industrial pastry making - Breaking of the meringue to obtain chips of defined diameters for sprinkling on pastries.

Mixing and packaging of phytotherapeutic products

Processed powders: silica, clay, calcium carbonate, lithothamnium - Animal nutrition food supplements - This customer is a producer of specific mixtures of botanical extracts. In order to ensure its...

Workshop for the preparation of powder mixtures

Processed bulk solids: veterinary powders - Loading of veterinary powders - Company specialized in animal nutrition and health: workshop for the preparation and mixing of bulk material

Vitamin mixture for enriching infant foods

Processed powders: micronutrient powders - Mixing process for baby food - The customer is a Swedish manufacturer for an international distributor.

Big bag packing in the hygienic zone (white zone) of baby food products

Processed powder: milk powder - Clean room for packing - A leading dairy and manufacturer of high value-added milk powder for the leaders in the infant market.

Handling of crushed egg shells

Processed materials: crushed egg shells - Blower for feeding containers - The purpose of the equipment is to collect crushed egg shells from a centrifuge / crusher placed downstream of automatic...

Silo storage and pneumatic transfer system equipment for diary powder process

Processed powder: dairy product flakes, PSD 400 to 500 µm - Recycling of milk powder by micronization - The installation consists of the dosing, transfer, grinding and reconditioning of the milled...

Mixing line for natural additives used by veterinarians

Processed powders: silica, wheat, carbonate - Premix manufacturing - The installation consists of a new mixing line for the production of natural additives for animal nutrition.

Bulk bag filling station for nutraceuticals

Processed products: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Metasmart dry - Process for food supplements - Bulk Bag filling station with integrated weighing and vibrating densification table.

Starch unloading from trucks for automatic packing in bulk bags in ATEX zone

Processed powders: gluten and starch - Handling of food starch - company specialized in the conditioning of bulk products and raw materials.

Hygienic feeding of a liquid mixer - Liquiverter type - with big bag and bag loss-in-weight

Processed bulk solids: milk powder - Infant milk powder line - This subsidiary company from one of the first milk group in the world, devellops a wide range of functionals and nutritionals milk...

Additive mixing line and premix packing: flavours for dogs and cats

Powders processed: palatability enhancers, flavours for dog and cat food - Kibbles manufacturing - Company SPF. To cope with its development, the French company SPF, the "petfood" branch of the...

Deconditioning of milk powder from big bags for feeding 2 batching lines

Processed powders: milk powder, salt, sugar and additives - Raw material dosing - This project concerns the deconditioning of raw materials in big bags for the feeding of 2 Viennese pastry production...

Metered starch feeding for a ready meal production line

Processed powder: starch - Dosing in a cutter mincer mixer - The process is designed to feed a shredder in a controlled way. It consists of an EasyFlow® EF big bag deconditioning system, a VFlow®...

Bulk bag packing system for chocolate candies

Processed products: chocolate beads - Storage in big bag - This customer is a world-renowned manufacturer and produces very fragile chocolate beads that are intended for packing (B to C).

Automatic bulk bag unloading system for PET flakes and pellets

Processed powders: PET resin granules and PET flakes - Fully automated big bag discharging line - Big bag compaction at the end of the line

Our offer includes:

  • Compliance with cross-contamination policies and guidelines
  • Dedicated process lines for the elimination of allergens contamination
  • Micro-ingredients dosing
  • Integrity of processed products (product degradation, humidity, etc.)
  • Material certificates of the process equipment
  • Food safety control
  • ATEX and Class/Div standards
  • FDA Regulations
  • Easy cleaning with "Clean In Place" CIP / NEP hygienic design
  • Automation for traceability for all your production batches

By working closely with our customers, we can define and customize the technical solutions suited to your food and feed production requirements. Palamatic Process Inc. can offer the necessary technical skills and experience in the food industry for turnkey solutions and integration of new equipment for your industrial production process lines

Examples of processed materials: sugar, flour, dextrose, caseinate, milk powder, gelatin, starch, spices, salt, soy, corn starch, wheat starch, fattened milk powder, carbonate, maltodextrin, rice flour, flavours, chocolate, glucose, cocoa...

Our experts are familiar with the current regulations concerning the handling of food powders. Read our introductory guide to food industry standards.

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