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Sack filling system - Bag filler machine:

Palamatic Process has developed bag filling and packaging systems for your powder and bulk materials. The PalSack® range has been specially designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers in various industries

Our bag filling systems are suitable for all types of bags: hessian, paper, plastic, open mouth bag, liner bag, single layer, double layer, microperforated, etc.

The PalSack® range of open-mouth bagging systems are specially designed for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to pack bulk materials, such as milk, whey or lactose powders, into open-mouth bags.

Palsack®04 Bag filler - EasyClean dosing machine

Containment, precision, high cleanability, gross weighing
  • Rate
  • Dosage accuracy
  • Hygiene
EasyClean filler on industrial bagging machine

PalSack®03 high-flow bag packaging machine

Containment, precision, high speed, gross weighing
  • Rate
  • Automation
  • Dosage accuracy
High speed industrial bagging machine

Palsack®02 Bagging equipment - Vibrating dosing machine

Weighing, Dosing speed management, Containment, Packaging for open...
  • Rate
  • Fragile material
  • Dosage accuracy
Industrial filler fed by a vibrating doser

PalSack®01 Bag filling - Screw feeder

Weighing, Management of dosing speeds, Containment, Packaging for open...
  • Rate
  • Automation
  • Containment
Sack filling station Palsack01 Palamatic Process Inc.

Sack compactor

Reduce waste volume, Containment, Healthy dust-free atmosphere, All...
empty sack compactor palamatic process

Sack manipulator MANIS 160-1700

Effortless lifting, Operator security, Ergonomics, MSDs
Industrial manipulator for sacks

Palamatic Process offers different types of manual, semi-automatic or automatic bag filling stations. The bag fillers can be used for repackaging material into bulk bags, or as a mobile station at the end of a production line. These bulk filling systems offer many functions: closing the bag by sewing, depositing the inner liner, depositing crepe paper, air-tight closure with automatic sealer, etc.

This sack filling station can fill all types of bags from 5 to 50 kg. The production rate of this type of bagging unit is between 50 and 100 bags/hour. The bag filling station is optimized for the processing of your powders and bulk materials.

Available in mild steel, 304L stainless steel or 316L stainless steel, the semi-automatic filling system is an economical and efficient way to fill and handle bags. This solution is developed for bulk materials such as: grains, powders, aggregates, granular products, etc. The system optimizes and facilitates bag changing time, significantly increasing the filling rate. The workstation allows the operator to easily and quickly position the bag, since the four straps are attached to the front of the system. This bagging unit offers high accuracy in material dosing, ergonomic workstation, high output and total containment.

Several features are possible on the semi-automatic bagging machine:

  • Dismantling system
  • Mobile unit on wheels
  • Adjustable bag sealing or sewing height
  • Bag sealer or sewing machine
  • Screening before dosing
  • Adjustable flow rates
  • Several filling heads available depending on the packaging
  • Motorized or gravity bag conveyor with final weight check
  • Batching control and weight verification
  • Legal metrology for direct sales with integrated printer and traceability
  • Magnetic bars
  • Sampling

Palamatic Process has 4 models of bag fillers depending on the nature of your products and your process requirements:

  • PalSack®01 is a sack filling station ensuring product dosing by a screw feeder.
  • PalSack®02 is a bag filler integrating a vibrating feeder, ideal for handling fragile, friable and dry products.
  • PalSack®03 is the model with the highest throughput. This is possible thanks to a double dosing screw that ensures both high dosing accuracy and high production rate.
  • PalSack®04 is the hygienic bagging solution. This unit includes an Easy Clean Design dosing unit that allows for frequent cleaning.

A Manis® bag manipulator for effortless lifting and handling can be installed on your packaging line to offer the operator maximum ergonomics. Similarly, a robot for palletizing the bags at the end of the line can be considered to automate your process.

A wide variety of powders can be processed on this type of bag filling and packaging system: granules, milk powder, chemicals, food products, lactose, flour, spices, pigments, coffee, animal feed, etc.

In addition to a bag packaging system, Palamatic Process offers equipment for pneumatic transport, dosing, mixing, grinding or storage of powders and bulk materials.

Our engineering office has also designed turnkey bag filling and packaging systems. As an example, the TruckFlow® 06 bulk bag packaging line enables productions initially loaded in bulk trucks or tankers to be packaged in super sacks. This packaging line offers a small footprint, a high production rate and is available in an ATEX 20 version.

Our powder experts offer customized solutions for your manual or automatic bag filling installations, depending on your location constraints and throughputs. Together, we will define the most suitable solution after visiting your site and according to your technical needs. Contact us to come and test your powders in our dedicated test station.

Come and test our equipment in our test plant