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Process lines - Paint and coating

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Industrial paint manufacturing processes in automated production facilities incorporate various ingredients in powder or liquid form.

The design of a paint requires the following components:

Binders: synthetic resins that provide the structure and quality of the paint film.

Pigments: provide the colour and properties such as corrosion protection.

Additives: components added in small quantities to provide specific properties.

Solvents: provide the necessary viscosity and facilitate the application of the paint


The different phases in the manufacture of the paint:

Preparation: weighing of the various raw materials needed for the manufacture

Dispersion: mixing the components into a homogeneous liquid or paste phase

Micronising: the mixture is passed through a grinder to micronise and deagglomerate the pigment grains

Viscosity: adjustment of the fluidity according to the characteristics of use

Tinting: determination of the quantities of colouring bases to be added to achieve the desired shade

Packaging: putting the paint in cans with filtration then putting it on a filmed pallet

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