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Process lines - Spices

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Food and animal feed

Palamatic Process lines for the spices and flavours industry

The production units designed by Palamatic Process allow automated emptying, filling, mixing, transfer and packaging operations of spices, aromatics or seasonings (herbs, spices, saffron, salt, pepper and other aromatics) under strict hygienic conditions.

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Since 1992, Palamatic Process has developed industrial machines and equipment with a focus on reliability, quality and ergonomics. Today, Palamatic offers complete turnkey process solutions for several sectors of the food industry, such as: line for the production of powdered sugar, kneading machine feeding line, dry mix process, powder dissolution in liquid mixer, automated packaging line, and more! Our sales department will help you develop your production line by adapting or integrating the necessary options throughout our experience in the field. 
Palamatic Process has 30 years of experience servicing industrialists processing spices and flavors for the food industry. 
From conception to start up, Palamatic is committed to the success of your project for industrial lines handling dry products and ingredients blending.

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