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Process lines - Compound and plastic materials

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Palamatic process lines for the compounding and plastics industry

Thanks to our strong knowledge of the manufacturing processes in the field of plastics, we can assist our customers in projects dedicated to the formulation of plastics and compounds. Our process lines adapt to all the specifications entrusted to us in order to provide a customized solution for each manufacturing process. 

The main objectives in the polymer and plastics industry are as follows:
- Unloading and conveying of powders and bulk materials
- Continuous feeding of the extrusion line
- Preparation of the different materials by dosing, heating and premixing
- Installation in an indoor explosive zone called HAZLOC for equipment involving the handling of powders and bulk materials under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon).

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Compounding is a process for mixing plastics with different components. It is carried out by extrusion and granulation. In addition to the integration of coloring formulas, compounding gives plastics different properties through the integration of additive fillers. 

Extrusion is a continuous process for the transformation of plastics.

Pelletizing is the transformation of plastic materials into granules that can be used in the industry.

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