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Case studies - Cosmetic and personal hygiene

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The cosmetics and personal hygiene industry is subject to strict sanitary regulations. Our industrial equipment offerings include respect for the ingredients for a high quality finished product. 

Examples of treated products: wax, silica, iron oxide, potassium persulfate, sodium persulfate, soda flakes, potash, magnesia, etc.


Automation for loading of wax melter

Processed material: wax, parafin - Shampoo manufacturing - Automated loading of tanks (melters) for the preparation of shampoo.

Powder milling and packaging

Processed powders: silica and iron oxide - Foundation manufacturing line - The aim of the installation is the mixing and homogenization of the different ingredients.

Big bag discharge and dosing of potassium persulphate and sodium persulphate for feeding a two screw extruder 

Processed powders: potassium persulphate and sodium persulphate - Hair cream manufacturing - A major French industrial group manufacturing cosmetics products wanted to install a new production line in...

Discharge of bags for feeding a mixing tank

Processed powders: flake soda, lime powder, potash, magnesia - Shampoo production - This company in the cosmetics industry is involved in the implementation of industrial installations.

Complete micronization and packaging line of seaweed in bags

Processed product: seaweed - Seaweed preparation - Manufacturer of organic raw material for cosmetics.

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