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Case studies - Pharmaceutical

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The pharmacy sector is subject to strict hygiene rules. Our offer includes the respect of the ingredients for a high quality finished product. 
Examples of treated products: pharmaceutical powder, titanium dioxide,sodium bicarbonate, active ingredient, sorbitol, ciclopirox, praziqantel, bovine gelatine...


Particle size reduction of energy powder

Processed powder: supplemental milk powder - Pneumatic conveying and grinding line - This company was looking to reduce the granulometry of its final product with a homogeneous particle size spectrum.

Mobile Granulation Skid for the Life Sciences Industry

Treated powder: salt for cell culture media - Deagglomeration of pharmaceutical ingredients with an Easy Clean granulator - Hygienic design of equipment

Unloading bulk bags of pharmaceutical powder

Processed powder: Dextrose Anhydride - Repackaging in drums and small bulk bags - The installation is a complete turnkey line allowing the repackaging of dextrose from bulk bags into plastic drums or...

Unloading big bags of sticky products

Processed product: Sticky product - Production line in the parapharmaceutical and biomedical sector - Big bag unpacking unit for mixing final products.

Vibrating corridor for control and counting of pharmaceutical and cosmetic capsules

Processed Powder: pharmaceutical capsules - Capsule production line - At the exit of the capsule manufacturing lines (after forming, filling and drying), the client needed to count the number of...

Packaging of medical use caps

Products treated: caps for medical use - Transfer and bagging of plastic parts - The customer is a manufacturer of needle caps for the pharmaceutical industry.

Contained Drum Tipper

Processed material: pharmaceutical powder - Deconditioning of pharmaceutical powder - Our client is an international manufacturer in fine chemicals for the production of pharmaceutical powders.

Emptying of big bag of sorbitol

Processed powder: Sorbitol - Pharmaceutical loading - Manufacturing of basic pharmaceutical products, medicines

Bulk bag discharge by vacuum pipe

Processed material: titanium dioxide - Contained feeding of pharmaceutical ingredients - Bulk bag discharge by vacuum pipe for the contained feeding of pharmaceutical ingredients.

Pneumatic transfer process for sodium bicarbonate

Processed material: sodium bicarbonate - Powder processes in pharmaceutical laboratories - Deconditioning of raw materials (sodium bicarbonate for pharmaceutical application) from bulk bags

Drum unloading of pharmaceutical raw materials

Processed powder: Mallow powder with a bulk density of 0.5 kg/m³. - Powder incorporator feeding system (powder/liquid mixer) - The purpose of the installation is the vacuum conveying of mallow powder...

Packaging of active ingredients in drums and bulk bags in the pharmaceutical industry

Processed powder: pharmaceutical active ingredient - Pharmaceutical contrast products - The customer is a pharmaceutical factory manufacturing injectable substances for the medical sector.

Big bags emptying facility for grinder feeding

Processed powders: ciclopirox, praziqantel - Product refining - French chemical group specialized in pharmaceutical fine chemistry, performance fine chemistry, advanced specialties - new technologies...

Pneumatic conveying of gelatin for capsule coating to supply a weighing hopper

Processed materials: pork gelatin, fish gelatin, bovine gelatin, for capsules coating gelatin for capsules - Gelatin for capsules  - This company acting in the pharmaceutical sector is one of the...

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