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PalDrum®06 - Packaging for drums and bulk bags

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    Drum filling PalDrum®06
    Conditionneuse pour fûts et big bags
    • Automation
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    The Paldrum®06 semi-automatic packing line allows for the filling of super sacks and 55-gallon drums on the same powder filling line. Interchangeable filling heads can adapt to the various types of bulk containers.
    For bulk bags, an inflatable seal is used for a secure connection between the packaging station and FIBC.
    For 55-gallon drums, a diverter valve with twin feed chutes can be fitted onto the packaging station. This method allows for 4 drums on their pallet to be filled, two at a time. Industrial automation allows for pallet feeding, container conveying, dosing and weighing of the products and the container to be filled. 

    The integrated D14 screw feeder uses dual augers that are independently driven for high and accurate fill rates via gain in weight load cells under the station.
    To ensure good flow control and maximum precision, the dual screw feeder makes use of an integrated agitator to provide smooth bulk material flow.
    The Palamatic Process pre-weigh systems are accurate to +/- 1% of the target fill weight for bulk bags and drums. A digital scale display provides accurate fill rates in real time.

    The entire filling system is mounted onto a support structure. For bulk bags, the operator secures the feed spout to an inflatable seal for dust tight containment and security of the container. The operator simply hangs the bulk bag handles on the forks of the support structure.
    For drums, an adaptor plate is hung on the bulk bag forks and clamped onto the filling head. A pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers the drum cover plate with diverter valve. The four empty drums are conveyed and indexed so the first two drums are under the dust cover plate.

    The plate is lowered onto the drums and the diverter valve fills the drum in the 1st position. Once the target weight is reached, the diverter valve switches to the drum in the 2nd position. Once both drums on the front of the pallet are filled, the mechanical roller conveyor indexes the position of the pallet so the 3rd and 4th drums are under the cover plate and the filling operation repeats.

    Once all drums on the pallet are filled, the roller conveyor moves it to a buffer area so it can be removed by a forklift operator. The conveyor underneath the fill station has an automatic height adjustment via a pneumatic cylinder. The bulk bag, or drum, is raised to an ergonomic level to allow the operator to easily make the secure connections. The conveyor is lowered at the end of the filling cycle.

    The different possible configurations of the PalDrum®06 model:

      Ref. Integrated equipment  Functions Advantages
    Choice 1 I Inflatable seal Secure connection to bulk bag Maximum containment
    C Diverter Valve and Cover Lid Dust containment of open drums on pallet Ergonomic design, various drum sizes
    Choice 2  Loss Loss in weight Accurate preparation of the material Accelerated rate (dosing in hidden time)
    May require double check weighing
    Gain Gain in weight Weighing of the entire container and contents Commercial weighing, traceability
    Conveyor C Feed and removal Holding and evacuation of the pallet during packaging Efficiency and safe operation

    Our PalDrum®06 packaging machine is configurable by modulating the possible basic equipment: choice 1 + choice 2.
    Example of possible reference: PalDrum®06-I-C-Loss

    Description of choices :

    Choice 1: 2 possible container connection types:
    To provide clean packaging operations of drums and bulk bags, the PalDrum®06 packaging station offers two connection configurations:

    • Inflatable seal: provides a dust tight connection of the feed spout of the bulk bag. The filling head is equipped with a double envelope to allow volume balancing, as well as dust removal during the filling sequence.
    • Containment plate: is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder and pressed against the top of the drums to provide a dust tight connection during the filling phases.  ​​​​​​

    Choice 2: 2 weighing modes
    As with all PalDrum® stations, the weighing technology can be selected according to your throughput.:

    • Gain-in-weight: for weighing drums during filling (IPFA commercial weighing certification)
    • Loss-in-weight: for weighing your products upstream and checking the weight after packaging on a secondary conveyor (IPFA commercial weighing certification)

    Fields of application

    Used for bulk filling of 55-gallon drums or 1 to 2 tons bulk bags, this powder packaging system can be configured to fill either by weight, volumetrically, or a combination of both. The PalDrum®06 semi-automated bulk material filing line can be used in a variety of industries such as: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, mineral, and more! This bulk container filling system is available in chemical duty construction and food grade construction in top fill only operation procedures.

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    Equipment advantages

    • Automatic and accurate dosing of bulk materials
    • Adaptable to bulk bags and 55-gallon drums on the same station
    • Integrated options for dust containment and dust collection
    • Safe handling of drums via palletization
    • Stainless steel scale with remote located digital readout

    Technical specification

    Technical specifications:

    • High Flow Rate Dual Screw Feeder
    • Gain in weight or Loss in Weight Functions
    • Pneumatic stop cylinder for greater dosing accuracy
    • Dust tight connection by cover lid or inflatable seal
    • Filling head support structure to secure the bulk bag handles on the station
    • Diverter valve (bypass valve) for filling two drums, one at a time, while on their pallet
    • Control Panel with Digital Weight Display 
    • Inflatable seal: the inflatable seal ensures a tight connection between the filling head and the container during the filling operation.
    • Pallet feeder: the pallet unstacker provides, via a motorized roller conveyor, the supply of handling pallets to the packaging station. The pallet size supported by the unstacker is adaptable.
    • Roller conveyor: a series of motorized roller conveyors aid in the transfer of empty pallets to the bulk material packaging station. They are equipped with positioning sensors to ensure a buffer storage of containers at the outlet of the station.
    • Height adjustable filling conveyor: the conveyor section under the filling head is capable of automatic height adjustment for raising and lowering the bulk containers for operator ergonomics.
    Rate  20-30 drums/hr or 10-15 bulk bags/hr
    Capacity  500 lbs./drum or 2,000 lbs. bulk bag
    Materials of construction  Painted Carbon, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
    Accuracy  Possibility of +/- 1%
    Power supply  480V / 3ph / 60 Hz
    Dust removal rate  300 m³/hr
    Conditionnement de big bags et de fûts
    Station de remplissage de fûts
    Station de conditionnement de fûts double étage
    Remplissage de fûts avec palette tournante

    Available options

    • Powder sampler on filling head
      Powder sampler on filling head

      Sampler on filling head

      The sampler is installed on the drum filling station. It ensures an automatic sampling at each packaging. Traceability is thus guaranteed. The volumetric sampling in the product flow guarantees a representative sampling.

    • Drum filling - Bulk materials - Roller conveyor
      Drum filling - Bulk materials - Roller conveyor

      Gravity or motorized feeding and/or evacuation

      It can be installed on scales.
      The conveyor can be equipped with a raised frame to ensure the maintenance of the drums.

    • Tube lifter for barrels
      Tube lifter for barrels

      Effortless lifting and handling of the drum

      The drum and canister manipulator offers the operator maximum ergonomics. The problem of carrying loads is completely solved by the installation of this equipment.

    • Magnetic bars
      Magnetic bars

      Magnetic bars

      Capture of metal particles at the end of the line before packaging in drums to ensure a high quality finished product.
      The bars are positioned at the heart of the product flow to retain the metal particles.

    • Lid sealer for drums
      Lid sealer for drums

      Drum sealing and lid removal machine

      Manual tight closing of the drum.
      Lid removal can be done automatically.

    • Clip on bag in barrel
      Clip on bag in barrel

      Clip machine for the closing of the internal bag

      Closing of the bag: manual or automatic clip closing system, compatible with applications for the food industry.

    • Industrial welding machine for bags
      Industrial welding machine for bags

      Industrial sealer for plastic bags

      Bag sealer - output from 4 to 20 bags/min.
      If the sealer is manual, a load balancer can be installed. It is particularly suitable for plastic bags with a sealing length (width) from 650 to 1000 mm. It is available in several versions according to the chosen sealing technology: double impulse sealing, thermal sealing, hot air sealing.

    • Vibrating motor
      Vibrating motor

      Vibration system to compact the product

      Vibrating motor
      The vibration of the bag/drum at the end of the packaging process optimizes the filling volume. Other packing alternatives: air compression or mechanical pressure.

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