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Screw feeder ECD

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    Doseur Easyclean

    Screw Feeder ECD

    Easy clean Design Palamatic

    100% hygienic aseptic process

    Some applications require dosing units capable of frequent and fast cleaning regarding material changes and/or due to allergens, pigments, flavors, etc.

    In response to this demand within the industry, Palamatic Process has developed the Easy Clean Design - "ECD" range of hygienic dosing equipment.

    This Easy Clean Design ECD option provides a quick and tool-free disassembly of all parts of the dosing unit, while avoiding the need to lift and carry heavy equipment components. This operation is aided by integrated guide rails and rollers on the feeder flanges.

    The hygienic design allows disassembly and provides easy access to all parts for manual cleaning operations. The dosing screw is fully accessible and can be dismantled with a 1/4 turn. The agitator, which provides the regularity and precision of the volumetric dosing, is also integrated on the disassembly rail system.
    The dosing screw is easily accessible for thorough cleaning via dry or wet methods. 


    • Hygiene
    • Dosage accuracy

    1. Filter sleeve

    2. Dosing nozzle

    3. Magnetic safety sensor

    4. ISO cylinder

    5. Vertical outlet

    6. Dosing frame

    7. Homogenizer

    8. Wheel 

    9. Homogenising gear motor

    10. Clamp collar

    11. 5/2-way valve

    12. Dosing screw

    13. Wheel support

    14. Smooth wheel

    15. Worm gear motor

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    Equipment advantages

    - Quick disassembly of parts without carrying heavy components

    - Fast and easy cleaning operations

    - Respect for material purity and integrity

    - Operator safety 

    View our equipment in videos

    Screw feeder Easy Clean Design

    View our equipment in photos

    Hygienic feeder

    Hygienic dosing unit

    The Easy Clean Design ECD option provides a quick and tool-free disassembly of all parts of the dosing unit.

    Démontage facile doseur ECD

    Quick and easy disassembly of the doser

    The design of the dispenser allows easy and quick disassembly of the various elements in order to facilitate cleaning.

    Vue intérieure du doseur

    Inside view of the dispenser

    The easy cleaning of the doser guarantees a hygienic process and avoids any risk of cross contamination.

    Skid de dosage mobile

    Mobile dosing skid

    The design allows a quick disassembly of the doser to facilitate the cleaning phase.

    Doseur hygiénique Easy Clean

    Palamatic Process hygienic dosers ensure an aseptic process.

    Finitions poli-miroir

    Polished mirror finishes

    The mirror-polished finishes are particularly suitable for the food and cosmetic sectors.

    Rails sur doseur hygiénique

    Guide rails for easy opening

    The guide rails are completed by rollers on the metering flanges.

    Technical specification

    • Dried tomato powder process

      Processed product: dried tomato powder - Industrial process for tomato-based products - The application requested by the customer is for the filling of bulk bags and cartons at the outlet of the...
    • Laundry powder packaging

      Processed powders: detergents and washing powders - Laundry powder packing - Packaging of powdered finished products in 40, 50 and 65 lbs. bags.

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