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Automatic bag discharging for feeding extrusion line

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Automatic bag emptying for feeding extrusion line

Processed powder: polypropylene

Plastic extrusion

Oil company.

Installation of 2 automatic bag opening machines Minislit® allowing to reintroduce in the process line productions packed in 25 kg bags at a capacity of 12t./h.

Its cutting system without shredding enables to open the bags of polypropylene balls on 3 sides. The principle of turning and emptying the bags ensures a very high discharge rate. The automatic bag unloader is particularly suitable for industries processing chemical products.
Like all other Palamatic Process bag unloaders, its design has a minimum of retention areas and therefore facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The mechanical drive and guide parts are positioned outside the structure to limit wear. This configuration allows the discharge of products with a high degree of abrasion.

The integrated parts of the Minislit® bagger can be cleaned manually or mechanically with the "Clean In Place" (CIP) option providing a complete wash and dry (30 minutes between wash and dry).
The Minislit® bag emptying station offers a bag opening rate between 2 and 8 bags/min.

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Automatic sack discharging - Minislit®

Max. rate: 6 sacks/min
production line palamatic process

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