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Glossary of solution types - Process lines

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Food processing line management

Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding of ingredients is the safe and efficient solution to ensure error-free preparation of premixes and feed breakage. Palamatic process lines ensure the correct dosing and automatic selection of the relevant ingredient via screw or belt feeders or vibratory feeders. Palamatic automatic feeding solutions are controlled by programmed industrial IT for great flexibility of recipes, traceability of the weighing / pre-weighing performed.

Liquid supply processes

Palamatic Process offers through this turnkey liquid process feeding, efficient solutions dedicated to the incorporation of your ingredients and powders in your tanks, reactors, incorporators, liquids.
Palamatic Process offers through this turnkey liquid process feeder, efficient solutions dedicated to the incorporation of your ingredients and powders into your tanks, reactors, incorporators, liquids. Incorporating powders into liquids requires a strong control of the dosing and powder transfer phases. Palamatic process solutions guarantee a safe introduction in tanks under ATEX gas. The solutions also take care of the temperature management of the introduction in order to avoid the risks of humidity rise. Moisture-sensitive (hygroscopic) powders are particularly targeted by these dedicated solutions, which have been tried and tested by many manufacturers. Contact our pre-project services to define the technical choices that will make your installation efficient and in line with your safety constraints.

Mixing processes

Mixing is the key step in solid processes. Palamatic supports you with turnkey mixing solutions on the technology and architecture of your mixing lines. Mixing manufacturing processes include mixing, blending, forming of your products, coating, coating...
From deconditioning, transfer, dosing to mixing, Palamatic has developed, through its numerous experiences, strong competences allowing you to have access to very high quality mixing lines in terms of manufacturing repeatability, manufacturing cleanliness, traceability of manufacturing batches... For your explosive powders, mixtures with a wide granulometric spectrum, fragile bulk products, Palamatic's specific mixing lines are adapted to your production flow rate requirements.

Dosing management

The dosing of your ingredients and powders is an essential step in achieving the quality of the finished product. Accuracy, repeatability and product integrity are the key features provided by Palamatic dosing lines. Our design office, through the installations delivered, offers a range of solutions for the management of your continuous or batch dosing. Our involvement in various sectors of activity (petfood, extrusion, bakery, paint, etc.) enables us to offer you the dosing solution best suited to your process requirements.

Robot integration

Robotics is increasingly entering manufacturing lines handling powders. Palamatic, Process company of the FIDEIP group, has developed with the company JYGA Process, also member of the FIDEIP group, robotic solutions to handle your powder containers.
Automatic unpacking by robotic depalletising, robotic placement of the big bag on the packaging station or robotisation of the handling of flowbins (containers), Palamatic solutions offer real manufacturing autonomy. Contact our pre-project services to define the possible automation of your production lines.

Packaging line

Palamatic Process packaging lines are dedicated to the handling of your bulk materials in big bags, sacks, octabins, drums, containers, cartons... They can be manual or fully automated according to your requirements. The design of Palamatic packaging lines is oriented to ensure the precision of the dosages, the cleanliness of the packaging, the packaging rate... According to your sector of activity, Palamatic has defined specific packaging lines to meet the specific constraints of your field: cleaning in place, cross contamination, high loading rate, reinforced containment, quality control of the packaged powders...

Milling and lump breaking systems

Turnkey processes for particle size reduction have been designed to emulsify, deagglomerate and/or micronise your bulk ingredients. The proposed lines are dedicated to the usual applications of the industry and allow to reach the manufacturing objectives. The technologies used vary according to the ingredients and products being processed: knife mills, pin mills, paddle mills, etc.

Truck solutions

Palamatic's tanker packaging lines ensure high throughputs so that the tanker is not immobilised for long periods of time. The trucks are loaded according to the hygienic constraints either by preloaded silos, by screw or pneumatic transport. Certain truck lines are designed to ensure the unloading of tanks. Emptying a bulk truck requires specific equipment to ensure flow, control, quality and containment. The turnkey production lines allow tank trucks to be emptied and/or filled in a hygienic manner to ensure maximum cleanliness of the product and the outside of the tank. The external cleanliness of tankers is required on most industrial sites.

Hygienic solutions

Hygienic production lines are designed to ensure easy and quick cleaning of all equipment. The change of products and recipes requires a specific design to facilitate the cleaning phases. Solutions integrating cleaning in place (CIP) are proposed in Palamatic turnkey process lines. The time required for the cleaning phases is thus reduced to a minimum to make your production line more efficient.

Multi-ingredient solutions

Manufacturing processes require the use of several major and minor ingredients for the production of recipes. Palamatic manufacturing process lines offer a turnkey solution for the production of your multi-ingredient mixtures. Depending on the manufacturing constraints - hygiene, allergens, cross-contamination, traceability, dosing accuracy, etc. - the various Palamatic ingredient dosing lines meet your needs. All the production lines offered are custom-configurable to ensure the production rates and the number of ingredients used in your recipes.
The engineering teams with their multi-sector experience and specialised in powder and bulk handling will be able to offer you the best solution.

Skid design solutions

The skid solutions represent all the turnkey and mobile process solutions. A skid process offers the manufacture or transformation of a product in an autonomous way. The process skid integrates all the machines required to perform all the necessary functions. The production skids can be integrated into maritime containers in order to facilitate their implementation and implementation in the production area. Palamatic process skids are delivered after testing in our workshops. The equipment then arrives in "plug and play" mode at your place of work.
Our engineering teams can design custom skids for your particular needs. Contact our pre-project engineers to define your needs and jointly define the functionalities required for your manufacturing skid.

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