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Palamatic Process devient membre de l'EHEDG

PALAMATIC PROCESS becomes a member of the EHEDG

Hygiene control, from the choice of materials to the design, installation and maintenance of equipment.
Partenariat Palamatic Cegelec

Palamatic Process / Cegelec collaboration

Boric acid handling project to equip a nuclear park.
Sticker vielles charrues

Palamatic, sponsor of festivals in 2022

In 2022, Palamatic continues its sponsorship of the Hellfest and Les Vielles Charrues festivals.
Ligne mélangeur industriel

Testing of an industrial blender for dried fruits

Test for a dried fruit mix line
AdBluen AUS32 DEF Palamatic

Check out all our blog posts on AdBlue!

Discover our series of blog articles on water and smoke treatment and more specifically on AdBlue: 6 things to know about Adblue, DEF, AUS32, ARLA32 Where does urea, the main component of AdBlue, come from? How to make AdBlue yourself? Packaging of AdBlue: which container to choose? How to store AdBlue? We offer turnkey production lines for the manufacture of AdBlue: PalBlue Process and PalBlue
Poudre dioxyde de titane

Blog: Titanium dioxide handling: hazards and solutions

[BLOG] New article dedicated to titanium dioxide powder: Handling of titanium dioxide: which dangers? which solutions? Discover all the advices of our experts on its classification in industrial environment, the type of adequate equipment as well as the existing solutions for a confined handling.
Dairy industry

New installation: Transfer and packaging of milk powder

New case study: spray tower outlet. Processed powder: milk.
Emotteur à doigts rotatifs

New equipment: rotary lump breaker EDR®

Solution for the separating loose materials which tend to agglomerate and form friable lumps during production and storage process phases
How to avoid the loss of pneumatic transport power

Tips to avoid power loss in your pneumatic transfer

Pneumatic transfer, powder pump... how to avoid a loss of transfer flow?
UPL seed compactor

Installation of a bulk bag compactor at UPL

Reduction of big bag waste and elimination of dust in a production plant
Vignette adblue

New: What you should know about AdBlue, DEF, AUS32, ARLA32!

The Palamatic experts give you 6 points to know about AdBlue, DEF, AUS32, ARLA32! Where does urea come from? How is AdBlue® made? It is called AdBlue®, DEF (or Diesel Exhaust Fluid - DEF), ARLA32, AUS32 but what is the difference between all these names? Why add urea to our engines, to our fumes? What is AdBlue® used for? Is there a difference between agricultural urea, urea for the treatment of
Lait en poudre

New: Index of most handled powders

All the characteristics of the powders most used by industry to be discovered.
Vidanger des big bags

New white paper: 5 things to know when choosing your bulk bag discharging system

How do you select the best discharge system for your application?
Poudre farine

New BakeFlow® 1 process line in the bakery sector

Loading of bakery mixers in a fully automated and controlled manner.
Blog filling bulk bag

All the advice of our bulk bag filling experts!

Our experts answer your questions about big bag filling : How to choose your bi bag filling system ? How to choose the type of big bag ?
Tests de granulation

GR70 Granulator tests in our plant

Tests carried out: passage of highly compacted powder blocks from a Sacktip® Palamatic Process bagging station into a Palamatic Process GR70 paddle granulator.
Screening at the start of the process

New white paper! Vibrating sieve VS. centrifugal sieve: which one to choose?

Vibrating sieve or industrial sieve: what are the differences?
Premix mixing line

NEW: Complete Process Lines

Process lines: turnkey solutions to achieve your production objectives
Pack expo east exhibition

Palamatic Process Inc US will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO EAST

Palamatic Process Inc US will be exhibiting at the trade show for the latest packaging and processing innovations
BRP Bulk & Pack

Visit of our partner BRP Bulk & Pack from Benelux

On the agenda: training session and meeting with customers to discuss new projects and perform some tests.
palamatic process premix manufacturing

Latest photos of the installation for the production of premixes

Mixing line for natural additives for veterinary use
palamatic process technoconcept

Our team is waiting for you at booth # 354

ADM show in Toronto
technoconcept palamatic process

Palamatic Process Inc will attend the ADM show in TORONTO

​​​​​​​Come and meet our team at booth #354
skid gluten

FAT in our workshop: packaging of gluten in big bags line from a tank truck

Installation in preparation in our workshops for delivery in the north of France: packaging line. The production line includes a pneumatic conveying line, a safety filtration system and a big bag filling station. The pneumatic high pressure conveying system allows the tank to be pressurized by a remote compressor and conveys the powder to a cyclofilter with a flat bottom anti-bridging device and a
Big bag filling station

In preparation in our workshops: bulk bag emptying station EasyFlow® Flex

This installation concerns an industrial brioche production line. The station is used for emptying big bags and transferring additives (salt, milk powder, enzymes). It feeds 2 dosing lines to a kneader. This station has small overall dimensions (low roof building) and reduces handling by operators, who until now had to lift 25 kg bags. The EasyFlow® Flex bulk bag emptying station is the
Industrial mill Palamatic Process

New! Our UM160 industrial mill is now available in our test plant!

Come to perform tests with your materials.
Filling and sifting skid

In preparation for shipment: screening and packaging skid for chromium powder

The chromium powder is stored in containers (flowbins) which are then unpackaged into a collecting hopper. This hopper feeds a vibrating dosing unit that ensures the metering and conveys the powder to a vibrating screen.
Palamatic process & Technoconcept

Come and meet us at our booth #911 at the ADM show in Montreal!

Our booth is ready ! Come and meet us at the ADM show at the Montreal convention center, today Wednesday the 14th from 10am to 5pm and tomorrow Thursday the 15th from 10am to 4pm, booth #911
Jyga, a company of the fideip group

PALAMATIC PROCESS participates in the JYGA Exhibition Days

This year, JYGA, a company of the FIDEIP group, specialized in process automation and robotization at the end production lines, is renewing its Exhibition Days which will take place on November, 14th and 15th, 2018. PALAMATIC PROCESS participates in these days as an exhibiting partner. Register by clicking on the picture below and come and visit us on our booth!
Automation Palamatic Process

Preparation of a shipment to Shanghai

Installation on a chemical site of 3 pneumatic transfer lines for supplying a total of 14 lithium fluoride reactors. The processing line consists of a weighted container emptying system that feeds a pneumatic vacuum conveying transfer with remote filte
Technoconcept & Palamatic Process partnership

PALAMATIC PROCESS INC. will attend the ADM show in Montreal!

PALAMATIC PROCESS INC., our American subsidiary based in Philadelphia, will attend the ADM "Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo" in November 14th-15th in Montreal, Quebec. Guillaume De Clercq, Powder Process Solutions Engineer, will be presenting equipment and process solutions for dry bulk and powder industries, booth #911. He will share the booth with Eric Levasseur from TECHNOCONCEPT, our

Preparing the site for a PALAMATIC PROCESS INC installation in Canada

Visit of Tristan Gaillard, Powder Process Solutions Engineer, in Quebec to start preparing the site before the delivery of the machines.
Test center Palamatic Process

Tests of discharge of sacks of Celite powder in contained mode in our test center

A company working in the fine chemicals sector is looking for a solution to dump 25kg sacks of celite into a water-filled reactor. The low particle size of the powder makes it volatile and harmful to the respiratory tract. The equipment will allow the contents of the sacks to be emptied in a contained area, while not altering the ergonomics for the operator. The tests took place on our sack
Bulk bag unloading station

Shipment preparation for an order destined to Canada/Quebec

This company, specialized in the production of natural additives for animal nutrition, increases its production, investing in a new mixing line. Raw materials, brought in bulk bags, sacks and pots for smaller quantities, are introduced into a mixer, with addition of natural oils. Once the mixing phase is done, the product is transferred to a container, which will be placed above a sack filling
Storage tank CIP

Under assembly in our workshop: storage tank with CIP system

Storage tank in a conveying and bulk packaging processing line for mushroom powder. Downstream of an atomization tower is a fluidized bed which feeds a venturi valve with mushroom powder. A dense phase pneumatic transfer system VFlow® 02 conveys this powder to the storage tank. The storage operation in this "buffer" tank prevents the atomization tower from backing up. The mushroom powder storage
VIE price celebration

Transmission of the V.I.E. Trophy

Transmission by the commercial team of the trophy Business France V.I.E (International Volunteering in Enterprise), to Tristan Gaillard, based in Philadelphia, PA and passing in France.
Palamatic Process Inc.

PALAMATIC PROCESS, winner of the Grand Prix V.I.E 2018 Entreprise de Bretagne !!!

Tristan GAILLARD, our V.I.E. in Philadelphia, PA in the United States, was declared winner of the "Grand Prix V.I.E 2018 Entreprise de Bretagne" by a jury composed of representatives of the CCEF Bretagne, Business France, BCI and the Conseil régional de Bretagne ! This prize was awarded to us on Monday, July 2nd, 2018, during the Open de l’international. Discover the development of PALAMATIC
Storage container

Containers and container emptying stations in progress in our workshops

15 polyethylene containers and 2 discharging stations are being prepared in our workshops. This order is for a plant in Norway that operates in the steel industry. The material stored in the containers is graphite powder; the discharging stations will feed a mixing line.
Palamatic Process Inc. Philadelphia

Shooting day: an event is in preparation at Palamatic Process

See you on Monday, 2nd of July on our LinkedIn page!
Bad dump station with compactor for sacks

Bag dump stations and bag compactors in progress in our workshops

Order in progress in our workshops 2 mobile manual bag dump stations with compactor 316 stainless steel construction Next step: fitting and connecting the electrical boxes These bag dump stations are intended for the chemical industry processing dye. These 2 bag openers will be located above mixing tanks.
Dosing powder bulk material

Conveying and dosing tests for copper and graphite powder

A leading supplier of thermostats, thermal switches, wax actuators and temperature mixing valves for the automotive, diesel, heating/cooling and sanitary industries. Our client came to our test facility for dosing tests in order to qualify and validate the feeding equipment best adapted to their materials. Equipment tested : Bulk bag discharge station Mechanical conveying: archimedean screw Screw
Sugar storage and dissolution

New facility: storage and conveying of sugar

Storage and Conveying for Dissolving Sugar in a Cast Iron Tank Company Sugar processor specializing in the manufacture of spirits and syrups. Materials handled Crystal beet sugar delivered by tanker truck, and cane sugar packaged in 2,200 and 2,645 lbs. bulk bags. Solution The installation concerns crystal sugar storage and conveying line to a sugar dissolution tank for syrup manufacturing. The
Pneumatic conveying system

Milk powder pneumatic conveying trials in our test plant

Pneumatic conveying technologies Tests on 26% re-fatted milk powder were carried out in our workshops in Brécé. The technology used is vacuum pneumatic transfer in dense and semi-dense phase. These tests were conclusive and made it possible to validate this technology which ensures a transfer without migration of the fatty substances and without degration of the product. Currently in progress in
French paf Palamatic Process

PALAMATIC PROCESS is back from the IPSB show in Rosemont, Chicago

We were very pleased to welcome you and hope that our expertise and know-how were successful in attracting your attention for your future projects. Please contact our expert powder process engineers for any further information!
Powder and bulk solids tradeshow

Powder & Bulk Solids exhibition - Palamatic Process

Our sales team is waiting for you on booth #2539 at the IPBS show in Rosemont,IL. Come to visit us and experience our 3D application.
Super sack filling system

Bulk bag filling stations being assembled in our workshops

Projects for delivery in the first semester 2018: big bags packaging lines: - Carbonate, flow rate 8 bulk bags/h. - Animal nutrition, flow rate16 bulk bags/h. - Ash from incineration - Aromatic herbs, spices
Eurobulk article Palamatic Process

PALAMATIC PROCESS test plant: EUROBULK speaks about us!

EUROBULKS reports on the handling, processing and distribution of powders and granulates. Read full article >>>
Palamatic Process Bulk solids handling

Discover the immersive 3D application by Palamatic Process!

Palamatic Process is deploying an application that allows you to visualize equipment in augmented reality. The smartphone and tablet application is available for free download to the general public on iOS and Android. Discover the application
Test plant Palamatic Process

Container emptying tests in our testing station for the cosmetic industry

We carried out a test session in our workshop for the cosmetics industry. The material concerned is powdered fluid dye, a product used in the composition of lipsticks and hair dyes. The tests were performed with our container emptying system to ensure the good flowability of the dye in the downstream process (dryer).
Partnership Technoconcept Palamatic Process

Palamatic Process was visited by its Canadian partner

Palamatic Process was visited by its partner from Canada: Eric Levasseur from Technoconcept. For several decades, Technoconcept has been specialized in 3D design and conception for the manufacturing of industrial production equipment. As a team, we will realize your ambitions in order to boost your company to the front line.
Powder bulk solids exhibition

PALAMATIC PROCESS will attend the IPSB show in the United States!

PALAMATIC PROCESS INC., our American subsidiary based in Philadelphia, will attend the "INTERNATIONAL POWDER & BULK SOLIDS Conference & Exhibition", April 24-26, 2018, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL. Tristan Gaillard, Powder Process Solutions Engineer, will be presenting equipment and process solutions for dry bulk and powder industries.
Vacuum pneumatic conveying

TEST STATION: Vacuum conveying tests for cracked biscuits

Biscuit breakage metering test for feeding a powder vacuum conveyor Vacuum conveying system tests were carried out in our test station. The tests involved cracked biscuits from a biscuit factory manufacturing process. The objective was to convey these pieces of biscuits with a powder vacuum conveyor system and to control the extraction and dosing. Among the bulk handling systems used to carry out
Palamatic Process international

PALAMATIC PROCESS travels to Middle-East

PALAMATIC PROCESS travels to Middle East to visit our local representative from REWINZ company.
ICS visits Palamatic Process

Palamatic Process was visited by its South Korean representative

Palamatic Process was visited by its South Korean representative: Mr. Yong Seok Junk from ICS Korea. He was accompanied by an industrialist from Nantong Province. The client plans to set up a pilot plant to supply a reactor before deploying the system on 18 additional reactors. The factory produces the raw materials for the manufacture of batteries
Palamatic Process

PALAMATIC PROCESS on Rennes Métropole website

Read the full article here:
Palamatic Process in the American market

Ouest France devotes an article to us!

Discover the full article here:
Press article

PALAMATIC PROCESS in "Le Journal des Entreprises"

Check out the entire article here:
Article in the API

PALAMATIC PROCESS on API agency website

An article was published on September the 7th, 2017 on the API agency website in which we are speaking of the extension of buildings on our site in Brécé (35). Based in Nantes, API (Atlantic Press Information) is an independent press publisher. Specialized in economic information in Pays de la Loire and Brittany, the API agency follows the news of companies and economic players.
Palamatic article press release

BRETAGNE ECONOMIQUE talks about us !

The CCI in Britany treats economic information under the brand Bretagne Economique, a regional economic information site that continuously provides new light on economic news and life of businesses in Brittany. The article focuses on our international development, notably on the US market and on the investment of 1.6 M € in the extension of our buildings located in Brécé in Ille-et-Vilaine. Check
Palamatic Process local partnership

PALAMATIC PROCESS, local partner of the professional integration

On Thursday the 22 nd of June 2017, we had the pleasure of welcoming in our premises Action Emploi Cesson which accompanies jobseekers in their professional reconversion. An opportunity for us to introduce our company and our skills.
Palamatic Process expansion work

Start of building expansion work

The extension works have begun! PALAMATIC PROCESS embarks on an expansion project of its buildings for the optimization of office space and the construction of an extension of the workshop. New buildings will be built in order to increase the capacity of the teams as well as equipment for process lines ever more important.
Palamatic Process complete range of equipment

PALAMATIC PROCESS New Complete Range Catalogue

Discover all the references of PALAMATIC PROCESS industrial equipment in our new catalog "Complete range" : Discover
Newsletter Palamatic Process


Discover all the news of PALAMATIC PROCESS in our latest newsletter you can download here!
Palamatic Process Travels to Middle East

PALAMATIC PROCESS travels to Middle-East

The PALAMATIC PROCESS export team travels to the Middle East to visit our local representative Mr Reza Mahdavi from REWINZ company.
CFIA Marocco


In a country with strong agricultural tradition such as Morocco, the CFIA is an incomparable event with such potential for food manufacturers. For the 2016 edition, the CFIA has seen 19,022 visitors move to live three special days dedicated to food processing. The company PALAMATIC PROCESS could therefore present its production solutions for the food & feed industry in the continuous compliance of
Palamatic Process International

Our participation to the TIIE 2016 – Teheran International Industry Exhibition

The TIIE exhibition - TEHRAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY EXHIBITION - is held annually and brings together exhibitors from over 20 countries. The T.I.I.E. is the reference exhibition in Iran for capital goods oriented towards industrials of various sectors. The company PALAMATIC PROCESS, represented by Mrs Tiphaine GAUMONT, our Export Manager, presented equipment and process solutions for the
Fideip Group

PALAMATIC PROCESS has joined the FIDEIP group

PALAMATIC PROCESS has joined on March 1st, 2015, the FIDEIP industrial group owned by Jacques CLOCHARD. This operation is part of a sale agreement of the company by its owner Marc GUILLOU. The company keeps its independence and wants to reinforce its positioning and expand its activities on new markets. PALAMATIC PROCESS, a company specialized on powder handling solutions, announces that its maker
Exposolidos Palamatic Process

PALAMATIC PROCESS at Exposolidos conference

Since its creation in 1988, EXPOSOLIDOS Conference is the main industrial conference, in South of Europe, for the powder, granules, solids and liquids handling solutions. This conference is the opportunity to meet the actors of the market and to talk about technical solutions necessary to their economic improvement. PALAMATIC PROCESS company, with its spanish representative, will stand in
Test plant Palamatic Process

A life-size test centre

The construction of this laboratory for powders led to an expansion of the workshop of over 1,000 square meters and an investment of 2 millions euros. Since July 2013, this project involved R&D engineers and a full team for setting up machinery and equipment. The Palamatic Process test centre provides the opportunity for industrial customers, operating in the powder handling sector, to observe
Palamatic Process International

2014 PROPAK ASIA Conference

From June 11st to 14th, the 2014 PROPAK ASIA Conference took place in Bangkok in Thailand. This event was about equipment for agricultural industries. It was an opportunity for PALAMATIC PROCESS to present its industrial equipment to the southern part of Asia market, i.e. Japan, Singapore, Maysia, China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan. Thanks to its regional
Palamatic Process documentation

New Palamatic Process documentations

In order to better communicate on products and industrial solutions, PALAMATIC PROCESS has decided to launch a program aimed at redesigning its brochures. The current advertising support describing our powder solutions will be completely redesigned to explain clearly and precisely our expertise. Photos of the products, scenarios and technical information will help you to know the right solution
Ildex trade show Vietnam

PALAMATIC PROCESS at the 2014 ILDEX Vietnam Conference

From March 19th to 21st held the fifth edition of ILDEX Vietnam Conference to Hô Chi Minh City. Organized every two years, ILDEX Vietnam has gathered more than 180 companies comin from more than 26 countries. Over the year, this event has become the most important farm exhibition in Vietnam. PALAMATIC PROCESS could not miss this fantastic meeting to expose its expertise in industrial equipment
Asia offices

Palamatic Process opens a subsidiary in Vietnam

Already present abroad throughout local representatives (Morrocco, Caribbean, Switzerland...), Palamatic Process has opened a subsidiary in Vietnam. Anh Tuan Bui, engineer, is in charge of Palamatic Process development in Vietnam and in Asia. He is your local contact to support your industrial projects in Asia. Besides the design, our over 20 years of know-how allows us to offer services such as
Palamatic Process 20th anniversary

Palamatic Process, 20 years of development and improvement

20 years of development, 20 years of improvement. The company Palamatic is celebrating this year 20 years of expertise and innovation in industrial processes and bulk powders. Since its inception, Palamatic has proven its technical expertise and quality service to large French and international industrial groups, while combining "pleasure to develop new machines or systems, allowing us to enhance

Come and test our equipment in our test plant