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FlexMix® IBC premix mixing line

Capacity of 1,000 kg/hr to 7,500 kg/hr
Premix mixing line

This FlexMix® IBC mixing line allows the manufacture of food, pharmaceutical and pet food mixtures in a restrictive space and with hygienic design. The concept of this mixing line is to completely eliminate the risk of cross contamination between material batches. In addition, the use of automated dosing equipment offers greater flexibility in process production.

The FlexMix® powder mixing line is the ideal solution for all manufacturers looking for a compact, hygienic and flexible blending solution.

  • No cross contamination
  • Efficient production of mixtures
  • Small footprint
  • High mix quality
  • Operator ergonomics
  • Central to the process: container mixer


Production rate kg / h. (production capacity of mixtures) 1,000 2,500 5,000 7,500
Container capacity 200 500 1,000 1,500
Number of empty bags 1 1 1 1
Number of empty bulk bags     2 2
Repackaging in 25 kg bags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulk bag repackaging No No Yes Yes
Recommended number of containers* 12 10 8 8

* The number of containers directly impacts the flexibility of the mixing line and the creation of buffer stock, which makes it possible to integrate container cleaning and drying times. Our design engineers work to define your needs and calculate the capacities required for your mixing application.

The container mixer blends any type of container with capacities ranging from 200 to 1,500 liters. The rotation speed is variable and programmable from 4 to 10 rpm, offering quality mixing suitable for a large number of manufacturing recipes.
This powder mixer also allows the blending of wet products in small quantities.
Because of its design, this type of container mixer is ideal for the following manufacturing processes: food premix, premix feed, premixes veterinarian and also pharmaceutical.
The stainless steel construction of this mixer is in line with the typical applications of this FlexMix® mixing line.

  • Premix preparation station: sack unloading

The starting point of this production line is the bag emptying station allowing the deconditioning and dosing of various ingredients to be introduced into the manufacturing recipe. The sack tip tray is equipped with a bag compactor  to maintain a clean workspace. Furthermore, an integrated or centralized dust collector is connected to the bag dump station. The ergonomics of the sack emptying station are carefully designed to offer the operator the ability to weigh the ingredients, operator flexibility, safety and production.

When using larger loads for major ingredients, a bulk bag vacuum station can be integrated. The use of ingredients packaged in bulk bags greatly reduces the transfer of loads and further increases safety measures for the weighing operation.

The connection to the container is provided by a telescopic sleeve controlled manually or pneumatically. The pre-weighing station of the FlexMix® line has been designed and standardized thanks to the extensive experience of Palamatic Process and our many installations around the world.

  • End of line: packaging dosing station

The mixture of the different ingredients, obtained in the container, can be stored or sent directly to the packaging line, or the packaging stage. Due to the design of this flexible mixing line, the advantage of placing your production in a container allows the use of intermediate buffer stocks. The creation of a buffer stock makes it possible to condition the production desired by the sales departments at the last moment.

The repackaging of the mixture can be carried out in different formats. The finished product container can supply a line for packaging bags, packaging sachets, packaging buckets, packaging drums or a bulk bag packaging line.

  • The hygienic advantage: container

The use of containers for pre-weighing, mixing and packaging, avoids cross-contamination. Depending on your mix recipes, you can dedicate containers to each ingredient or product blend. An IBC washing station can also be installed on this production line. Palamatic Process provides online clean in place (CIP) solutions and washing booths. The dust collection network guarantees a healthy atmosphere. The dust capture is guaranteed at points of powder unloading and reconditioning.

  • What mixes with FlexMix®?

Spice mixtures, baking blends and the mixtures of pharmaceutical powders are all mixtures requiring various ingredients that may be produced with this FlexMix® line. The mixtures of food products represent an important application. The mixing time is directly linked to the complexity of the formula and can therefore vary between 3 and 15 minutes.

  • Automation & traceability 

Making sure the right ingredient is in the right place is a must for many blend producers. This is why Palamatic Process provides automatic weighing control, full weighing traceability, optimized mixing times, identification of the production operator, as well as batch traceability.

Industrial IT deployed through Pal'touch® technology guarantees a high quality manufacturing production process. For example, the pre-weighing operator is guided through the introduction of ingredients via a touch screen. All the necessary information is programmed into it: name, reference, target weight, introduction sequencing, etc. The automation system checks that the instructions have been followed by reading the probes, load cells, sensors, etc. RFID chips are usually affixed to containers for storing data relating to mixtures. These RFID chips also ensure the identification of the containers and thus authorize their unloading on the packaging line.

Customer cases

Discover the installations of our customers who use FlexMix® IBC premix mixing line.


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