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PalBox®02 box packer - Vibrating dosing machine

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    The PalBox®02 packing station provides filling of bags or boxes via a precision vibrating feeder

    Designed to handle fragile products, in sheet or granular form, the material dosing is handled by vibration to respect delicate materials and friable products.

    The quantity by weight accuracy is ensured by a variation of the vibration amplitudes and a quick-closing valve. The dosing accuracy is +/- 5 grams.


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    Conditionneuse industrielle grand débit


    Conditionneuse industrielle grand débit


    Conditionneuse de cartons industrielle pour les produits fragiles



    Possible configurations of the PalBox®02 model:

      Ref. Possible equipment Functions Advantages
    Choice 1  P Tray support Holds bag during filling Hygiene, height adjustment for adaptability to carton format
    C Evacuation conveyor Holding and evacuation of the cardboard during packaging Ergonomics, increased cadence
    Choice 2 Net Net weighing Prepares the correct amount to be packed  Accelerated rate (product prepared in hidden time) / may require double weighing 
    Gross Gross weighing Weighing of the entire container and contents Commercial weighing, traceability


    Our PalBox®02 packaging machine can be configured by modulating the possible basic equipment: choice 1 + choice 2.
    Example of possible reference: PalBox®02-P-Net

    Hygienic design

    The entire box filler assembly is made of stainless steel and is designed to limit areas of retention. The vibrating feeder technology also offers an optimal solution for cleaning phases. The vibrating corridor is extremely easy and quick to clean.


    The integration of the PalBox®02 filler is ideal for food-processing applications (spices, tea, capsules, sweets, confectionery, etc.) or chemical applications for friction-sensitive powders (explosive powders, compressible powders, etc.).

    Packaging / cartoning rate

    Depending on your production goals, the PalBox®02 packaging station is available in several configurations to achieve high filling rates (up to 200 boxes/hour) depending on the size of the bags and the type of products.
    One configuration that makes it possible to achieve high flow rates is the installation of an intermediate weighing hopper to prepare the correct amount to be packed in hidden time. This net weighing configuration, however, requires a subsequent weight control on the packaged cartons.
    Furthermore, the higher packaging throughput can be increased by installing belt conveyors or motorized roller conveyors to help manage box handling and transfer.
    The ergonomics of the packaging stations is studied by our design office to offer packaging operators efficient and comfortable stations.

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    Equipment advantages

    - Semi-automatic packaging
    - High filling rates
    - Guaranteed dust-tight design
    - Guarantee of batch traceability
    - Overall management
    - Dosing precision

    View our equipment in photos

    Alimentation conditionneuse de sacs

    Vibrating feeder suitable for fragile products

    The vibrating feeder allows the dosing of powders and granular materials.

    Contained filling of boxes

    Carton packing station

    The containment tray lays flat against the cardboard to ensure dust sealing and containment.

    Doseur vibrant pour alimentation conditionneuse

    Assembly with vibration metering

    Vibrating feeder for feeding fragile and brittle products to a packaging machine.

    Closing of the cardboard box after filling

    Box closing

    Manual closing of the box after sealing of the inner bag.

    Dosage pour la manutention de produits fragiles

    Vibrating feed system for gentle handling of fragile products

    The vibration allows respect of the product (no moving parts in the vibrating feeder) for packaging lines that handle friable bulk materials.

    Closing of the bag

    Bag sealing

    Air-tight sealing of the inner bag using a thermal welder.

    Dosage industriel de cacahuètes sur ligne de conditionnement

    Industrial dosing for box filling

    Metering peanuts on an industrial packaging line. The vibrating device allows the accurate transfer of fragile products.

    Technical specification


    The handling of powders and bulk solids (granules, pellets, etc.) generally results in dust emissions. For the safety and cleanliness of the production facility, it is important to reduce and capture and dust or fine particulates.
    The PalBox®02 bagging machine covers the cardboard with a telescopic containment tray. This pneumatically actuated lid is placed over the box to seal and contain dust during filling. A flexible sleeve prevents interference with load cells and weighing functions. In addition, nozzles for dust collection are provided in order to balance the volumes and ensure a healthy atmosphere for the operators.

    Piloting and Controls

    The Palamatic Process bagging machines of the PalBox® range all incorporate PLC’s and servo-control cabinets. All adjustment parameters are accessible via the control touch screen.
    Production batch history is fully stored with all necessary data for good food traceability: batch number, set weight, packed weight, precision, operator, etc.
    Our automation and industrial IT design office adapts to your specific constraints in addition to business standards.


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