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Centralized dust collector

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centralised industrial dust collector

Centralized dust collectors - Integrated cleaning system

Centralized dust collectors are used for industrial dust collection applications or mounted on a dust collection hopper. The dust is separated from the air flow by means of filter elements with flat or folded pockets. 

The centralized dust collectors consist of a 304L stainless steel polygonal body, horizontally or vertically inserted filter elements and a pneumatic counterflow compressed air cleaning system integrated in the opening door. A wide range of fans is available for vacuum mode applications.

Common uses: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, silo, hopper loading (big bags, sacks, bulk), truck loading station, packing station...


  • Rate
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of integration

Possible configurations

schema vertical independant


schema horizontal independant


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Equipment advantages

- Easy installation, filter supplied in one piece

- Reverse air jet cleaning system integrated inside access door for easy maintenance

- Quick removal of the filtering elements on the clean air side for easy maintenance

- High cleaning efficiency due to solenoid valves incorporated in aluminium air tank

- Range of silent vacuum cleaners integrated in the front inspection door for noise reduction


View our equipment in photos

industrial dust collection palamatic process

Industrial dust collector

The dust collector protects the operator from the emission of fine dust. 

hopper filter palamatic process

Dust filtering on industrial production line

For many industries, the collection, transport and filtration of powders, raw ingredients and bulk materials is a real challenge for operators. 

filter on hopper

Bulk production line filtering device

In the case of explosive dust, dust collection equipment meeting the Atex directive will be provided.

dust collector silo palamatic process

Storage silo filtering equipment

The Palamatic Process built-in dust collector offers an air flow rate ranging from 60 to 4,500 m³/h.

dust collection bulk palamatic process

Dust filtration on powder processing

Atex dust collector with vacuum and dust filtration (powders and bulk products).

dust collector silo palamatic process

Dust collector bulk materials handling

Deconditioning, conveying and dosing.

Dépoussiérage silo

Dust collection on top of silos

The silos are packed with cement for a building and civil engineering industry. The operator's environment is healthy thanks to the installation of a dust extraction system

Industrial dust collection Palamatic Process

Dépoussiérage industriel

Industrial dust filtering

dust collection big bag filling

Big bag filling station dust collection

Storage tank for food powders for the production of dairy products. The dust collection system protects the operator from dust emissions. 

independant dust collector big bag filling

Dust collection on big bag filling unit

Dust collector on hygienic big bag packing station for infant milk powder.

industrial dust collecting

External industrial dust collection

Independent ATEX outdoor dust collector for installations processing wheat, maize, soya, rice, barley and crumbled food, ensuring containment and protection against the risk of explosion.

ATEX Outdoor dust collector

Independent dust collection system for powder-loaded air.

chemical products dust collection

Chemical products dust collection

Dust removal on chemical products processes.

chemistry powders dust collector

Dust extraction on chemical powder processing plant

Industrial dust collector on a big bag discharge line of activated carbon to a reactor with containment and under Atex 22 atmosphere.

food powder dust collector

Food materials dust extraction

Centralized dust collection on big bag emptying station and manual bag dumping station.

dusct collector pneumatic conveyor

Dust collection on sugar pneumatic conveying line

2 conveyor locks are supplying the filling machines with brown and white sugar.

dusct collector pneumatic conveying

Independent ATEX dust collector for air loaded with powder

On this installation, 8 filling machines are equipped with a 1500l buffer hopper to have half an hour of autonomy. Each buffer hopper is connected to the centralized dust collector which is equipped with an explosion vent.

industrial dust collector sugar processing

Industrial dust collector on sugar processing line

The dust collector is installed on a feeding line of a filling machine by dense phase pneumatic conveying for brown sugar, cane sugar, white sugar.

centralised dust collector

Processing line for reactor feeding dust collection

Industrial dust collection system on a storage and conveying line for powders into a reactor (processed powders: arenox, rosinox, irganox and pentaerythrite).

industrial dust collector sugar

Standard dust collector

Industrial dust collector installed on a packing line for food powders such as sugar.

industrial dust collector powder treatment

Dust filtration on bulk handling equipment

The dust collector filter meets the requirements of dust-free loading in concrete mixing plants

Centralized dust collector with integrated air treatment system

Centralized dust collector with integrated air treatment system

This dedusting system is part of a pneumatic transfer installation.

 Pneumatic transfer with air treatment system

Air treatment system 

Pneumatic transfer with air handling system.


Technical specification

4 layout configurations
Surface area from 3 to 80 m²

  • Robust, compact 304 stainless steel design
  • Filtering surface: 54 m² (580 sq ft)
  • Max. air volume capacity: 6,000 m³/h (3,530 cfm)
  • High filtration efficiency thanks to wide range of B.I.A.-certified filter media
  • Standard version with programmable electronic control panel installed including end-of-cycle cleaning system
  • Food-grade version manufactured from FDA and EU 1935/2004-approved materials
  • Standard equipment developed for temperature range from -20°C to 80°C (-4F to 176°F)
  • All ATEX versions suitable for application in internal Zone 20
  • ATEX reduced pressure (PRED = 0.25 barg)
  • Explosion relief panel (standard in ATEX version)
Case studies
  • Kibbles manufacturing

    Powders processed: palatability enhancers, flavours for dog and cat food - Kibbles manufacturing - Company SPF. To cope with its development, the French company SPF, the "petfood" branch of the...
  • Spice dosing

    Processed powder: spice mixture with an apparent density of 500 kg/m³ - Spice dosing - The customer was looking to replace his manual dosing system, in the small-size packaging room, with a weight...
  • Cement storage

    Processed powder: cement - Cement storage - Cement manufacturer in Reunion Island.
  • Masterbatch and additives

    Processed powders: cobalt, calcium carbonate CaCo3, titanium dioxide TIO2 - Masterbatch and additives - The objective of the industrial installation is to unload raw materials while maintaining a...
  • Bulk pigment handling

    Processed powders: zinc ash, zinc oxide, waelz oxide - Bulk pigment handling - The materials to be unloaded are powders whose particularity is to have very heterogeneous characteristics.
  • Manufacture of industrial glue

    Processed powders: varnish and gelcoat - Manufacture of industrial glue - This process consists of a combined Duopal® DP02 station for emptying sacks and big bags, a pneumatic conveying system and a...
  • Shampoo production

    Processed powders: flake soda, lime powder, potash, magnesia - Shampoo production - This company in the cosmetics industry is involved in the implementation of industrial installations.
  • Hair cream manufacturing line

    Processed powders: potassium persulphate and sodium persulphate - Hair cream manufacturing - A major French industrial group manufacturing cosmetics products wanted to install a new production line in...
  • Instant chocolate powder

    Powder processed: chocolate powder - Instant chocolate powder - This company in the agri-food sector produces chocolates, sweets, condiments, seasonings, sugars...
  • Compound line

    Processed powder: polypropylene - Compound line - Installation of an automatic bag emptying system for polypropylene balls with a flow rate of 100 bags per hour.
  • Animal nutrition food supplements

    Processed powders: silica, clay, calcium carbonate, lithothamnium - Animal nutrition food supplements - This customer is a producer of specific mixtures of botanical extracts. In order to ensure its...
  • Loading of activated carbon

    Processed powders: activated carbon - Loading of activated carbon - Installation for the world's leading supplier of coal for the energy sector.
  • Truck and wagon loading

    Processed powder: adipic acid - Truck and wagon loading - The installation is especially designed to meet all the customer's constraints, in particular operation of the installation at a flow rate of...
  • Animal flour loading

    Powders processed: feather flour, animal flour - Animal flour loading - Palamatic Process has set up a bulk bag packaging station with vibration and automatic releaseof the bulk bag.
  • Cementation of nuclear waste

    Processed powders: Cement + filler, lime and calcium nitrate - Cementation of nuclear waste - This process is intended for the cementation of fines and resins
  • Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage

    Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...
  • Ingredient loading

    Processed powder: sugar - Ingredient loading - This installation concerns a French company manufacturing spirits.
  • Insect breeding unit

    Processed products: bran, meal, droppings, live insects, dead insects - Insect breeding unit - This workshop is the heart of the insect breeding process.


Bulk bag discharging - High rate - Easyflow EF100-200

High rate, Ergonomics, Automation

Integrated Bag Dump and Screening Station - Sacktip® SH - 4 models

Ergonomic sack emptying, Sifting of your raw materials

Automatic sack discharging - Minislit®

Max. rate: 6 sacks/min

Built-in dust collector

Dust collection or vacuum applications, Flanged directly to equipment,...

Bulk bag discharging - High rate - Easyflow EF100-200

High rate, Ergonomics, Automation
production line palamatic process

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