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IBC tumbler blender

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    Industrial mixer for storage containers - Bulk materials and powder handling

    Homogeneous, rapid and simple mixing of powders and bulk solids with no material loss.

    Our IBC tumble blender has been specially designed to meet the strict hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical and food industries. These stations offer high industrial blending performance for a wide variety of powders and bulk solids, while maintaining the integrity of these materials by avoiding the mechanical action of standard mixers.

    The IBC tumble blending equipment provides fast and easy mixing of dry powders and granular materials directly in the containers (IBCs) of our range. The mixing action is homogeneouswithout product loss while conserving the qualities of your product.

    General design :

    - Unique base design
    - Design of the clamping system with support that can be rotated 360°.
    - Loading of the container into the mixer by pallet truck or forklift truck

    Operating mode:

    Mixing system:

    Once the IBC container is loaded in the mixing cage, a detector checks the locking of the installation and the closing of the conic valve. The IBC blender operates through a continuous rotation on its central axis. Substances are mixed gradually to achieve a homogeneous mass. Time, rotation speed, fast startup, deceleration and final stop can be controlled by the touch screen PLC. The type of mixture can also be determined from pre-programmed cycles.

    Level of bulk material in the IBC container:

    At the end of the mixing cycle, the container rotates from the right to the left beyond the predetermined angle. This rotation is adjusted to the angle of repose according to the material and allows a perfectly balanced container at the end of the cycle.


    In order to offset the risk of injury during the tumbling sequence, an integrated barrier creates a protected safe area. Therefore operator access is prevented during the mixing stations operation.


    • Complexity of mixtures
    • Rate
    • Hygiene
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    Equipment advantages

    - Variable mixing speeds depending on the bulk material to be mixed

    - Ergonomic and easy to use control panel

    - Secure locking of the container for safe mixing

    - Uniform mixing of your liquids and powders

    View our equipment in videos

    Container blending

    IBC tumbler blender

    Our IBC bin blender stations have been specially designed for the pharmaceutical and food industries where the constraints of cleanliness and hygiene are high. Our installations offer high industrial mixing performance for a wide variety of powders, while maintaining the quality of your bulk materials and avoiding the mechanical action of standard mixers.

    The IBC tumble blending equipment provides fast and easy mixing of your powders directly into containers (IBCs) of our range. The mixings is homogeneous, without product loss while conserving the qualities of your bulk materials.

    View our equipment in photos

    container mixer

    Industrial container mixing

    Our tumbler blenders for IBC containers have been specially designed for the pharmaceutical and food industries where cleanliness and hygiene requirements are high.

    industrial container mixer

    Container mixing in food industry

    Our tumble blending machines offer high industrial mixing performance for a wide variety of bulk materials, while maintaining the quality of your materials and avoiding the mechanical action of standard mixers.

    Powder mixer in small containers

    Small IBC blender

    Blending unit for small containers.

    industrial mixer for containers

    Loading of the container in the mixing station

    The bin blender provides a homogeneous mixing without loss of materials.

    industrial mixer for container

    Starting up of the container mixer

    Secure locking of the industrial container for a safe mixing for operators.

    powder container mixer

    Powder container mixing

    Rotations from 4 to 10 revolutions per minute.

    Powder mixing hopper

    Small hopper for powder blending

    Stainless steel hopper to store powders

    container mixer monitoring

    Container mixer control

    Easy to use control panel for the operator.

    container in mixing station

    Container positioning on mixing station

    2,500-litre container positioned on the IBC tumbler by forklift truck.

    Industrial container blending

    Container blending system in a workshop for the preparation of powder mixtures for veterinary use.

    Industrial bulk storage container

    Storage of powdered veterinary supplements.

    Industrial storage container blending system

    Powder blending system

    2,500-litre container is positioned on the IBC tumbler thanks to a forklift truck.

    Technical specification

    Rate  4 à 10 revolutions/min.
    Capacity 200 à 1,500 liters
    Manufacturing Painted steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel 

    Control: Fully automated system with touch screen. 

    Motor: Variable frequency with adjustable rotations from 4 to 10 rpm.

    Safety: A light curtain can be provided to ensure operator safety by preventing access.


    See our latest system development, the FlexMix® IBC Premix mixing line - filling, mixing / blending and storage complete solution.

    • Handling of veterinary bulk solids

      Processed bulk solids: veterinary powders - Loading of veterinary powders - Company specialized in animal nutrition and health: workshop for the preparation and mixing of bulk material
    • Preparation of spice mixtures

      Processed products: spices - Preparation of spice mixtures - The objective is a spice blending line with easy to clean equipment and recipe flexibility.
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