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PalDrum®03 automatic drum and bucket filling station - Twin-screw feeder

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    Drum filling - Bulk materials and powder handling

    PalDrum®03 automatic drum and bucket filling station - Dosing by twin-screw feeder

    The PalDrum®03 drum and pail filling station provides high-throughput, high-accuracy filling with twin-screw dosing technology. The Palamatic Process D14 twin-screw feeder provides high flow rate and fine precision due to the small dosing screws.
    Each of the augers is driven by an independent motor allowing individualized control and automation. To ensure dosing regularity and maximum precision, screw feeding is provided by a motorized rotary breaker.

    PalDrum® 03 - Automatic Filling Line:

    For manufacturing processes that require a high filling rate, the PalDrum®03 conditioning station offers all the necessary modular configurations, primarily:
    - Automatic drum conveying
    - Dust control by capture hood
    - Automatic weighing
    - Removal of lids (for packaging in buckets)
    - Labeling

    To provide clean packaging operations of drums and pails, the PalDrum®03 packaging station offers three connection configurations:

    1. Inflatable seal: provides a dust tight connection of the inner liner inside the drum. The filling head is equipped with a double envelope to allow volume balancing, as well as dust removal during the filling sequence.
    2. Containment plate: is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder and pressed against the top of the drum or bucket to provide a dust tight connection during the filling phases.  ​​​​​​
    3. Suction hood (Capture hood): for versions requiring a very high filling rate, the PalDrum®03 loading station can be delivered with an upper suction hood, providing continuous dust removal from the material loading station. This technology does not require the presence of an operator at the filling station, allowing automatic operation.


    PalDrum filling station


    PalDrum filling station


    PalDrum filling station


    PalDrum filling station


    The different possible configurations of the PalDrum®03 model:

      Ref. Possible equipments Functions Advantages
    Choice 1 J Inflatable seal  Dust-tight connection of the bag / barrel Maximum confinement
    SB Suction booth Suction hood Dust collection Automatic placement of drums and buckets
    P Connection plate Quick connect of the bag / barrel Speed ergonomic installation and multi-format drums
    Choice 2 Net Net weighing Accurate dosing of the product to be packaged Accelerated rate (dosing in hidden time)
    May require double check weighing
    Gain Gross weighing Weighing of the entire container and contents Commercial weighing, traceability
    Conveyor C Evacuation
    Holding and evacuation of the barrel during packaging Ergonomics, increased cadence

    Our PalDrum®03 packaging machine is configurable by modulating the possible basic equipment: choice 1 + choice 2.
    Example of possible reference: PalDrum®03-J-C-Gross.

    Description of choices:

    Choice 1, 2 weighing modes:
    As with all PalDrum® stations, the weighing technology can be selected according to your throughput.

    • Gain-in-weight: for weighing drums during filling (IPFA commercial weighing certification)
    • Loss-in-weight: for weighing your products upstream and checking the weight after packaging on a secondary conveyor (IPFA commercial weighing certification)

    Line rate:
    The PalDrum03 filling station offers filling rates of more than 200 buckets/minute for 5 liter containers. The exemplary modularity of the packaging machine offers tailor-made solutions for your specific applications.


    Operating sequence:

    The PalDrum® 03 is a fully automated drum and bucket packing station that operations at a high level of efficiency due to the minimal amount of human intervention.
    From the positioning of the containers on the conveyor to the removal and storage of the drums, all the steps are carried out and controlled by automatons.

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    Equipment advantages

    - Fully sealed drum filling system for dust containment

    - Filling rates adapted to production

    - Dosing system: 4 load cells implanted under the feet of the conveyor and controlled by the dosing mechanism for an autonomous and accurate filling operation

    - The motorized conveyor transports and stores the filled drums to create buffer stock and prevent the shifting of the drums for further securing and safety

    View our equipment in photos

    Drum filling station with big bag discharging Palamatic

    Drum filling station with big bag discharging

    Complete big bag discharging line for automatic and fast drum filling via a BFM connection sleeve. 

    Drum conditionning PALDRUM® 03

    Drum conditioning PALDRUM® 03

    Drum conditioning with PALDRUM® 03

    Drum filling PALDRUM® 03

    Drum filling - PALDRUM® 03

    Drum filling PALDRUM® 03.

    Filling drums conveyor feeding

    Filling drums on the infeed conveyor

    Filled drums or barrels go onto the accumulation and discharge conveyor to create the buffer stock and ensure the shifting of the drums for the strapping. 

    Drum filling system

    Drum filling system

    Drum filling system for industrial processes.

    Drum filling station

    Drum filling station

    Drum conditioning station for industrial processes.

    Filling head for bucket filling

    Drum filling station

    Filling of buckets from a container using a screw dosing unit.

    Filling drum

    Fill drum

    Fill drum for industrial powders.

    Installation drum filling

    Installation drum filling

    Installation of drum filling system.

    Roller conveyor

    Roller conveyor

    Roller conveyor for drum filling.

    Drum filling PALDRUM® 03

    Drum filling PALDRUM® 03

    Drum conditioning line PALDRUM® 03.

    Automatic filling of buckets

    Bucket filling head

    Screw filler for feeding a drum packaging machine.

    Installation of the internal drum filling bag

    Fitting of the inner bag for drum filling

    Fitting of the internal bag by the production operator in order to prepare the drum filling cycle. 

    Automatic fillng system for buckets

    Line automation

    Control screen on drum filling station.

    Conditioning of powder in buckets

    Packaging station

    Unit for automatic filling of buckets.

    Filling drums with pallet evacuation

    Drum filling and pallet evacuation

    Evacuation of the drums on a pallet possible.

    Technical specification

    Rate 6.5 tons/h.
    Capacity 25 kg/bucket
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
    Instlled power 7.5 kW
    Compressed air consumption 0.2 Nm³/h.
    Dus removal rate 300 m³/h.

    Specifications : 

    - Motorized conveying

    - Automatic placement of the drum on the packaging station

    - Automatic docking and dosing to the palletizing station

    • Drum filling with chemical agents

      Processed materials: hydrazine hydrate derivative - Drum filling with chemical agents - The customer is the world leader in chemistry for the manufacture of building materials.
    • Production of dried fruits and seeds

      Processed powder: dried fruits and seeds - Mixing and packaging - Our customer wanted to implement a new production line in its plant to support its growth.
    • Repackaging in drums and small bulk bags

      Processed powder: Dextrose Anhydride - Repackaging in drums and small bulk bags - The installation is a complete turnkey line allowing the repackaging of dextrose from bulk bags into plastic drums or...
    • Bucket filling line

      Material: Graphite - Bucket filling line - Turnkey solution for bulk bag emptying, total containment and rapid filling of buckets with graphite powder.
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    Plan vidange big bag haute cadence - EF200


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