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Fluidization plates

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    Fluidization plate bulk handling materials
    ATEX certification Palamatic Process

    Fluidization plates - Maintaining the product in motion during long periods of storage

    Fluidization plates ensure the flow of bulk materials in silos or hoppers. Aeration or low pressure fluidization prevents the formation of mouse holes, bridges, clogging and material residues down the silo cone.

    To keep product moving during long periods of storage

    With the semi-convex form of the long-lasting polymer fluidization plates, the air is expulsed at an extensive emission angle covering the entire white surface.

    Operating mode :

    Fluidization plates are used as a preventive measure. Many materials have perfect flow as long as a certain quantity of air is added at regular intervals during silo unloading operations. The material enriched with air achieves the desired fluidity. This prevents bridges, chimneys, lumps and deposits.

    In a single line installation, fluidization plates are widely used for materials such as cement. More sophisticated applications with the lines fed in alternation are used, for example, for calcium hydroxide in storage and proportioning installations where fluidization is used not only when extracting the materials from the silo but also to maintain the material in movement during long periods in storage.

    • Efficiency
    • Air consumption
    • Noise level
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    Equipment advantages

    - Easy setup

    - Easy maintenance

    - Compact design

    - Operating temperature : -20°C to 80°C

    - Suitable for cement, lime and similar materials

    View our equipment in photos

    fluidization plates palamatic process

    Aeration pads

    Fluidization plate on storage hopper.

    fluidization plates palamatic process

    Fluidization plates - Bulk handling materials

    Fluidization plate on powder handling line for loading animal meal.

    flow aid pneumatic roller vibrator

    Pneumatic vibrator

    Pneumatic vibrator on a powder handling line for the manufacture of spices.

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    pneumatic turbine vibrator bulk handling materials palamatic process

    Pneumatic turbine vibrator

    Pneumatic turbine vibrator on process line feeding and plasterboard manufacturing.

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    vibrating bin aerator bulk handling

    Vibrating bin aerator

    Vibrating bin aerator on infant milk powder processing line.

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    rotary ball vibrator on vibratory conveyor

    Rotary ball vibrator

    Pneumatic ball vibrator on a powder handling line for the preparation of dairy drinks.

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    pneumatic ball vibrator bulk handling

    Pneumatic ball vibrator

    Pneumatic roller vibrator on a powder handling line for the manufacture of food flavours.

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    pneumatic ball vibrator powder processing

    Pneumatic ball vibrator Palamatic Process

    Turbine vibrator on hopper on powder handling line for the manufacture of icing sugar.

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    aeration pads

    Aeration pads

    Fluidization plate on powder handling line for the production of food starch.

    bin activator

    Bin activator

    Bin activator on powder handling line for the production of chocolate powder.

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    anti bridging conical screw conveyor

    Anti-bridging device - Conical bottom

    Anti-bridging device with conical bottom on powder handling line in biscuit factory.

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    flat bottom anti bridging device powder

    Anti-bridging device - flat bottom

    Anrti-bridging with flat bottom on a powdered egg production line.

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    electric vibrator powder flow 5

    Electric vibrator

    Electric vibrator on powder handling line for the manufacture of petfood kibbles.

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    air cannon bulk material flowing

    Air cannon

    Air cannon for powder handling on resin manufacturing line.

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    pneumatic hammer bulk handling

    Pneumatic hammer

    Pneumatic hammer for powder handling on a calender line.

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    Fluidization ring on hopper

    Fluidization ring on hopper

    Fluidization ring on hopper to facilitate product flow 

    Technical specification

    • Suitable for cement, lime, and similar materials
    • Operating temperature: -20°C + 80°C


    Operating pressure (material dependant)
    with dehumidified air
    0.2 bar

    Air consumption

    0.12 m³/h à 0.2 bar


    250 g


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