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Bulk bag discharger - FIBC discharger:

Palamatic Process bulk bag unloading systems of the EasyFlow® range are suitable for use in all bulk material industries: food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, plastics, water and smoke treatment, nuclear, etc...

Bulk bag discharging - High rate - Easyflow EF100-200

High rate, Ergonomics, Automation
  • Rate
  • Automation
big bag discharger high rate

Bulk bag discharging - Glove box - Easyflow® EF2

Glove box, Electric hoist loading, Forklift truck loading, Low...
  • Rate
  • Automation
Easyflow EF2

Bulk bag discharging - Suction tube - Easyflow® Flex

Suction pipe, Multi-product discharging and integrated weighing.
  • Rate
easyflow flex big bag discharging

Bulk bag unloading - Unlacing cabinet - EasyFlow® EF0

Unlacing cabinet, Electric hoist loading, Forklift truck loading, Low...
big bag unloader unlacing cabinet

Bulk bag & sack discharging - Untying box - Duopal DP0

Unlacing cabinet, Sack tip and Bag dump unit, Bulk bag discharging...
  • Rate
  • Automation
Big bag and sack discharge Duopal - Palamatic

Bulk bag discharging 100% automatic - High rate contained - EF500

High-speed, automated bulk bag unloader station - FlowMatic® EF500...
  • Rate
  • Automation
Pince de préhension big bag palamatic

Bulk bag compactor - CBB125

Palamatic Process manufactures FIBC unloading and bag dump stations...
  • Containment
  • Ease of implementation
Big bag compactor - Bulk material and powder handling

Bulk bag conditioner - CDM125

Bulk Bag Conditioning, Compressed Material Discharge
Big bag conditioner

Bulk bag & sack discharging - Glove box - Duopal DP2

Glove box containment, Sack tip unit, Bulk bag discharging
  • Rate
  • Automation
Duopal 2 - glove box powder treatment

Bulk bag & sack discharging - Telescopic tube - Duopal DP1

Telescopic tube, Sack discharging unit, Bulk bag discharging unit
  • Rate
  • Automation
bulk bag and sack discharger telescopic tube

FIBC bags

Circular, square or with loading trough models, made of virgin...
Big bag storage - Bulk material and powder handling

Bulk bag discharging - Telescopic tube - Easyflow EF1

Telescopic tube, Electric hoist loading, Forklift truck loading, low...
Big bag unloader telescopic tube Palamatic Process
Big bag discharging range

Our bulk bag unloaders machines are designed with the flexibility to meet the requirements of any bulk solids and powder processing operation. The bulk bag dischargers are frequently used in installations requiring the metering of hydrated lime, activated carbon and polymers.

Our FIBC discharging units also operate on various raw bulk materials such as plaster, cement, flour, milk powder, sugar, clay, plastic granules, pigments, chalk, gluten, urea, PVC resin, starch, grains, salt, etc.

The bulk bag discharging station is designed to contain dust and prevent product cross contamination. The super sack discharging can be conducted with both material security and hygienic design in mind.

Integrated equipment on bulk bag discharger standard versions (excluding options):

  • Self-supporting structure with hoist iron and tracking rail: allows the safe installation of bulk bags via the electric hoist by all operators (For loading by hoist and trolley)
  • 5-point handling cross: allows to fix the inner bag of bulk bags. A central hook can be implanted to handle the bulk bags with one handle (For all 3 types of loads)
  • Electric hoist on top of the bulk bag unloading unit: 2 ton lifting capacity - chain, cable or strap design (for hoist loads) (For hoist loadings)
  • Removal tray: ensures the bulk bag is held during discharging and secures handling operations (For all 3 types of loads)
  • Vibrating motor: ensures the vibration of the removal tray to favor the extraction of the bulk material (For the loadings by low structure)
  • Sealing skirt: optimizes the containment by styling the bottom of the bulk bag (For loading by hoist and low structure)
  • Untying box with dust-tight door integrated on the super sack discharging structure: offers secure and ergonomic access to the bulk bag drain (For all 3 types of load)
  • Dust removal system connection: allows the station to be connected to the dust collection network (For hoist loading)
  • Handling handles allowing the pickup by the forklift truck (For loading by hoist and low structure)
  • Protective screen: ensures a clean powder supply without foreign particule (mesh size 50 x 50) (For loading by hoist and low structure)
  • Anti-overflow tube on the main structure of the bulk bag unloader: contains the product flow in the untie box and facilitates loading of the FIBC by the operator (low height design)

The big bag discharge station can be built in painted steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, 304L stainless steel or 316L stainless steel. The parts in contact with the bulk material and the structure can be made of different materials.

Further options are available for our bulk bag unloader machines depending on the needs of the operation such as bag massage system, vibrating hopper, load cells, etc.

Our range of bulk bag discharging stations:

The standard EasyFlow® EF0 super sack unloader with unlacing cabinet has been designed to unpack bulk bags in an ergonomic way and to facilitate their handling.

The EasyFlow® EF1 bulk bag unloading station structure with telescopic tube is ideal for ensuring that your bulk bag discharging process is completely dustproof and that your bulk materials flows out easily.

The EasyFlow® EF2 bulk bag discharger, equipped with a glove box, allows safe handling of toxic products by the operator thanks to total containment.

The EasyFlow® 100-200 super sack discharging station performs cutting, handling and evacuation of bulk bags in autonomy.

EasyFlow® EF500 is an automatic higjh rate bulk bag unloader, without operator intervention. This station is based on a bulk bag gripper, also called hydraulic gripper, and is mounted on an overhead crane. It guarantees the translations above the discharging hoppers. The bulk bag is then automatically discharged into a bulk bag compactor or a baler.

For partial, multi-product discharging with an integrated weighing device, the EasyFlow® Flex bulk bag unloading station is the most suitable. Made of a retractable suction tube, this bulk bag discharger offers the possibility to remove a half-full super sack.

The Duopal® bulk bag and sack discahrging station offers a bulk bag discharging system by electric hoist, forklift or overhead crane and is available in a low structure. This bulk bag dump station offers the possibility of confining the processed powders in an Atex 22 atmosphere. The bulk bag emptying of the range also ensures a total sealing during the unloading of the bulk materials and guarantees an ergonomic work for the operator.

This bulk bag unpacking system avoids dust projections and bulk materials contamination. The unloading of raw materials is done in complete safety. The hygiene is maximum. The bulk bag dump station can also be fitted with a bag dump system, a massaging devis, a commercial dosing and weighing system, a vibrating hopper...

On the production lines, the bulk bag discharger is generally associated with systems of:

  • Dosing systems such as rotary valves, industrial dosers, valves...
  • Powder sieving in order to eliminate, beforehand, foreign bodies and reduce aggregates with the objective of securing the production line
  • Centralized or built-in industrial dust removal
  • Conveying (pneumatic or mechanical transfer, transfer screw...) allowing the transport of your bulk materials
  • Truck loading via connection sleeves

Palamatic Process Inc. is equipped with a state-of-the-art test facility and can carry out full-scale tests for super sack unloading, bulk bag dumping, and super sack discharging concepts. These tests can be combined with a pneumatic or mechanical conveying system, volumetric or weight dosing systems, and dust control filtration.

Come and test our equipment in our test plant