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FlowMatic®04 Bulk bag filling system

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    Flowmatic® 04 Conditionnement de big bags


    The FlowMatic® 04 bulk bag filling equipment is the complete solution for automatic conditioning of bulk bags in gross weighing operations. This FlowMatic® 04 model is designed for continuous use at high flow rates of 20 - 40 bulk bags/hour.

    The FlowMatic®04 FIBC filling automation equipment incorporates an inflatable dust containment seal and a height-adjustable structure. The adjustable structure makes it possible to package bulk bags of various dimensions and according to the characteristics of the bulk materials

    • Automation
    • Rate
    • Overall dimensions

    Operating procedure:

    1. Automatic feeding of empty pallets via a belt conveyor
    2. Installation of the bulk bag on the filling station
    3. The bulk bag spout is connected to the inflatable seal for dust containment and stability
    4. Tensioning and height adjustment of the bulk bag by pneumatic cylinder
    5. Inflation of the bulk bag for preforming and efficient filling 
    6. Switch from the inflation system to the dust collection exhaust
    7. High rate filling commences
    8. Bulk Bag is gradually lowered onto the pallet. Bottom of the bulk bag is formed to promote stability for handling
    9. Vibration table works intermittently during filling operation to densify and deaerate the material. 
    10. Gross weight management with a low speed switch to adjust the final dosing stage
    11. End of filling: lowering of the filling head, deflation of the seal and automatic removal of the bulk bag loops
    12. Automatic removal of the bulk bag to the storage area by belt conveyor

    Automatic gross weighing and super sack loader

    The complete solution for automatic conditioning of bulk bags, FIBCs, super sacks, jumbo bags and bulk bags in gross weighing operations. This model is designed for continuous use at high flow rates of 20 - 40 bulk bags/hour.

    The automated bulk bag filling FlowMatic 04 integrates all the necessary options for bulk bag packaging with minimum operator intervention: inflatable seal, bulk bag hanging deck with pneumatic cylinder height adjustment, bulk bag pre-forming fan, weighing and dosing of bulk bags, optional commercial weighing load cells, vibrating densification table, pallet unstacker, belt conveyor, etc.

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    Equipment advantages

    - Conveyor and buffer storage to achieve high rates

    - Automatic dosing and weighing

    - Automatic removal of bulk bag loops

    - Pallet unstacker with a capacity of 15 multi-format pallets

    View our equipment in videos

    Big bag filling station - Flowmatic® 04

    3D big bag filling system - Flowmatic 04

    Bulk bag filling range

    Big bag filling system FlowMatic 04

    Big bag filler - Flowmatic® 04

    View our equipment in photos

    big bag packing bulk solid material flowmatic04

    Big bag packing

    Loading of tobacco dust in big bag.

    bulk materials handling big bag filling flowmatic 04

    Automatic conditioning with gross weighing

    FlowMatic® 04: automatic packing line of urea in big bags: dosing, packaging and conveying.

    big bag filling system raw material processing line

    Big bag filling line

    Complete industrial line in the animal feed sector.

    fill big bag palamatic process

    Industrial production line for big bags filling

    Belt conveyor on a packing line for big bags of sugar.

    big bag filling station flowmatic

    Packaging station for big bags filling

    Automatic big bag filling line for white sugar packing.

    big bag filling raw material palamatic process pallet unstaker

    Pallet unstacker

    The pallet unstacker is used to automatize the big bag filling station.

    big bag filling raw material packaging line pallet unstacker

    Big bag removal roller conveyor on fibc filling station

    Starch discharge in trucks for automatic packing of big bags in the Atex zone.

    bulk bag filling raw material

    Bulk bag filling system Palamatic process

    Hygienic big bag packing station for the preparation of infant milk powder.




    bulk bag filling raw material outlet

    Output fibc automatic line after filling system

    Packing station for handling food starch.

    palamatic process automatic big bag filling flowmatic 04

    Big bag filling FlowMatic® 04

    FlowMatic® 04automatic filling line for urea and fertilizer in big bags: dosing, packaging and conveying.

    bulk bag filling raw material applications

    Contained big bag filling system

    Cabin for FIBC flowMatic® 04 unloading unit.

    bulk bag filling raw material applications feeding hopper

    Bulk bag raw material applications feeding hopper

    Palamatic Process has developed a high speed big bag packing line with maximum hygiene. The purpose of the process is to condition the bulk material, which is fed from the truck to the buffer hopper, in big bags.

    powders big bag filling

    Automatic line processing big bag filling

    The big bags of sugar are moved by means of a roller conveyor.

    bulk handling big bag filling bulk materials

    Conveyor on bulk bag charger

    The big bag is attached to the structure by means of automatic pneumatic hooks that hold the big bag when it is filled and automatically release the big bag after filling.

    palamatic process bulk bag conditioner

    Filling head on FlowMatic® 04

    The FlowMatic® 04 big bag filling system integrates all the options necessary for conditioning with a minimum of human intervention.

    automatic process line big bag filling

    Bulk bag packing line

    The automatic removal of the big bag to the storage area is carried out via a roller conveyor.

    big bag filling raw materials handling flowmatic 04

    High rate and ergonomic big bag filling station

    The FlowMatic® 04 filling machine is designed for continuous use at high flow rates.

    big bag filling bulk powders

    Bulk bag filler

    The big bag is pre-inflated to facilitate filling.

    bulk bag conditioner packaging palamatic process

    Sugar packaging in big bags

    The sugar is conditioned in big bags.

    automatic bulk bag filling complete line

    Big bag filler

    The big bags of sugar are automatically packed and are weighed gross.

    bulk bag conditioner bulk materials handling

    Big bag filling equipment

    Filling of big bags with white minerals, talc and carbonates under silo.

    bulk bag conditioner under screw conveyor

    Bulk bag conditioner under screw conveyor

    The mechanical conveying screw feeds the big bag filling station.

    big bag filling with sugar

    Big bag filling with sugar

    Industrial line for powder and big bag handling.

    bulk handling packaging palamatic process

    Bulk materials handling

    Spice conditioning line in big bags with open mouth.

    big bag conditioner flowmatic06

    Automated line for big bag filling

    The empty pallet supply is automatic.

    bulk bag conditioner bulk powder treatment

    Bulk bag contained filling

    The operator platform facilitates access to the upper part of the filling machine to close the big bag filling spout.

    big bag filling control cabinet

    Big bag filling with control cabinet

    Automation of the Pal'Touch® line for the packing of sugar in big bags.

    big bag filling line conveyor

    Bulk bag filling line

    Industrial production line for filling big bags with sugar.

    big bag filling pallets

    Big bag filling on pallet

    The depalletiser is used to automate the big bag conditioning line.

    speed control big bag flling

    Speed monitoring big bag filling

    The filling speed of the powder in the big bag is controlled.

    big bag filling automatic process line

    Big bag filling automatic process line

    Filling of big bags with seeds through a feeding hopper.

    positioning of the big bag on the station

    Positioning of the big bag on the station

    The big bag is placed on the forks by the operator and the cuff is placed on the filling head of the sugar conditioning station.

    powder handling big bag filling flowmatic palamatic process

    Bagging machine

    The removal of the full big bag to the storage area is automatic. 

    process hopper

    Process hopper

    The industrial storage hopper supplies the big bag filling station with iron sulphate.

    big bag production line

    Big bag filling production line

    Bulk material storage solutions in Palamatic Process big bagPal'Pack®.

    Big bag filling under screw conveyor

    Big bag filling under screw conveyor

    Automatic packing line for FlowMatic® 04 big bags for seed conditioning.

    Big bag filling raw materials handling palamatic process

    Big bag filling raw materials handling Palamatic Process

    Automatic packaging line for FlowMatic® 04 urea big bagsdosing, packaging and conveying of fertilizers.

    automatic bulk bag filling flowmatic 04

    Filling head FlowMatic® 04

    Rotating head allows an ergonomic positioning of the big bag on the big bag filling station.

    automatic big bag filling flowmatic 04

    FlowMatic® 04 - Big bag packing

    Packing of tobacco dust in big bags.

    big bag sewing after filling

    Big bag sewing after filling

    Automatized big bag conditioning line with automatic removal of the big bag to the storage area.

    big bag filling automatic process line

    Bulk bag filling

    Feeding hopper on big bag conditioner.

    automatic process line big bag filling

    Automatic process line - Bulk bag filling

    Dosage and weighing of the big bag conditioner: automation and ergonomics of the workstation.

    big bag conditioner bulk processing

    Pallet unstacker

    The stacked pallets are stored in the warehouse and then feed one by one the big bag filling station via a motorized conveyor.

    big bag conditioner bulk processing palamatic process

    Pallet unstacker

    The pallet unstacker is used to automate the big bag filling station.

    big bag packing bulk solid flowmatic06

    Big bag packing bulk solid

    The rotating head on the big bag filling station improves the ergonomics of the workstation.

    big bag packing bulk processing palamatic process flowmatic06

    Filling head

    Flavour conditioning line with screening upstream of the process.

    big bag filling raw material packaging

    Automatic release

    The automatic release of the handles of the big bag facilitates ergonomics and improves the filling rate.

    bulk bag filling raw material applications

    Bulk bag filling

    Starch unloading in trucks for automatic filling of big bags in the Atex zone.

    Tête tournante sur station de remplissage big bags

    Filling head

    Rotating head on big bags filling station on compounding line for the chemical industry.

    big bag filling cocoa powder

    Cocoa powder big bag filling

    The extraction of cocoa powder from the buffer hopper for transferring it to an existing big bag packaging station
    The conveying is carried out by an aeromechanical conveyor


    bulk handling big bag filling cocoa powder

    Big bag filling system in the food industry

    The cocoa powder is conveyed from the buffer hopper to the big bag conditioner via a mechanical conveyor. The mass flow rate is 2,500 kg/h. for bulk materials with a density of 0.65 kg/l.

    big bag filling flowmatic04

    Big bag filling system FlowMatic® 04

    Big bag filling station with rotating head to facilitate loading and unloading of the big bag.

    inflatable seal on flowmatic 04

    Big bag conveyor - FlowMatic® 04

    This installation allows the end product to be extracted from the existing silo through a conveying screw (without an intermediate level to limit Atex risks as much as possible) in order to convey it to the big bag filling station

    inflatable seal on flowmatic 04 bulk bag filling

    Big bag packing - FlowMatic® 04

    To meet the requirements of this customer, Palamatic Process has designed a high flow continuous big bag filling model, called FlowMatic® 04, with throughput rates up to 40 big bags per hour.

    inflatable seal flowmatic 04

    Rotating head

    The filling head is designed with a double jacket to ensure volume balancing and is connected to the dust collection system to avoid any dust emission into the atmosphere. Finally, the rotating system of the hooking head makes it easier to attach the handles of the big bag, reducing the operator's operations and maximizing the ergonomics of his station.

    Ligne de conditionnement de big bag

    Loading corn seeds


    Automatic big bag packing line for corn seeds FlowMatic® 04.


    Corn seed packaging line in big bags

    The big bag packaging line is equipped with a buffer hopper and a roller conveyor to facilitate the handling of big bags.

    Alimentation de la ligne de convoyage en palettes vides

    Conveyor for pallets handling

    Feeding the conveyor line with empty pallets to distribute the pallets one by one.

    Process line for big bag loading

    Big bag charger located at the outlet of a vacuum-pumped pneumatic transfer cyclofilter.


    Technical specification

    Rate 20 to 40 bulk bags/h.
    Capacity 2 tons/bulk bag
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel
    Installed power 8.7 kW
    Compressed air consumption 6.8 Nm³/h.
    Dust removal rate 300 m³/h.


    Finishes touches: RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
    Average power consumption: 1,1 kW
    Operating pressure: 6 bar
    Input 4-20 mA: 1
    Digital input: 14
    Digital output: 13
    Accuracy of the weighing chain: ± 500 grams
    Maximum dimensions of big bags: 1,200 (l) x 1,200 (L) x 2,400 (H) mm
    U-shaped forks: allow the removal of the big bag by the loops (optional)


    Equipment integrated into the FlowMatic® 04 model:

    - Support structure: the structure is manually adjustable in height to fit all types of super sacks

    - Automatic removal of bulk bags: four articulated hooks are installed on the reception deck of the bulk bag. The pneumatic cylinder, operated by the automaton, controls the tilting of the hook at the end of the dosing process.
    - Inflatable seal: the inflatable seal ensures a tight connection between the filling head and the FIBC during the filling operation.
    - Filling head: the filling head is designed in a double casing for volume balancing. The pressure is displaced through the degassing line which can be connected to the dedusting network.
    - Tension cylinder: the pneumatic cylinder is located on the deck of the suspension forks. This allows the automated connection of bulk bag handles via height adjustment. This cylinder also allows conformity to varying bulk bag dimensions and aids in the optimal shape of the bulk bag via tensioning during the conditioning phase. The bulk bag is efficiently filled without any risk of air pockets, and can be handled safely without risk of tipping over.
    - Pre-inflation fan: the fan ensures the shaping of the FIBC equipped with an internal bag to facilitate material loading. A by-pass valve makes it possible to degas the fines that are captured by the double-cased tube during the conditioning phase.
    - Vibrating table: the densification table makes it possible to deaerate difficult products and ensures the optimal filling of big bags. The vibrating table is equipped with two vibrating motors with adjustable intensity
    - Pallet unstacker: the unstacker implements, via a motorized roller conveyor, the supply of handling pallets to the packaging station. The pallet size supported by the unstacker is adaptable.
    - Roller conveyor: a series of motorized roller conveyors aid in the transfer of empty pallets to the bulk bag packaging station. They are equipped with positioning sensors to ensure a buffer storage of bulk bags at the outlet of the station 

    Available options

    • Big bag filling system - Powder process
      Big bag filling system - Powder process

      Mat laying

      A mat laying station is located between the pallet unstacker and the bulk bag filler. It allows the automatic placement of a mat (cardboard or PE film) on the empty pallet, before the super sack loading operation. This position is an essential complement for a maximum containment of the bulk bag meeting the quality standard of many industries.

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Covering
      Bulk bag conditioner - Covering


      At the output of the bulk bag bagging station, an automatic wrapper ensures the final containment of the big bag on its pallet.
      The super sack is supplied by a motorized conveyor.

    • Bulk bag loading
      Bulk bag loading

      Big bag conveyor

      Big bag conveyor

      Mechanized roller conveyors:

      Supply or convey the container automatically:

      - Pallet

      - Bag

      - Big bag


    • Big bag filling system - Rotating head
      Big bag filling system - Rotating head

      Rotating head

      System allowing the ergonomic implementation of the empty big bag. Designed using a high-strength bearing, a simple rotation (+ 180°/-180°) of the attachment system allows the operator to position the 4 handles of the big bag from his workstation.

      The automatic release of the handles, once the big bag filled, completes the system and makes it a particularly suitable equipment for high packaging rates.

      The enclosed unit incorporates the pre-inflation fan, allowing its use in difficult environments also subject to strong hygiene constraints.


    • Bulk bag conditioner - Grounding clamp
      Bulk bag conditioner - Grounding clamp

      Grounding clamp

      Mass braids equip the entire station. A quick connection point allows the grounding the big bags thus achieving an equipotential bonding of the assembly.

    • Fertilizers - Urea

      Processed powder: urea - Fertilizers - Urea - Company based in Vietnam, leader in the production of fertilizing products.
    • Sugar packing

      Processed powder: white sugar - Sugar packing - The FlowMatic© 04 bulk bag filling station allows dust-tight packaging of all types of powders, limits dust emissions and automates the removal of the...
    • Seed conditioning

      Processed powder: treated maize seeds - Seed conditioning - This Multinational, an actor on the world seed market, wants a facility located in Brazil for the automatic packaging of corn seeds in big...
    • Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage

      Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...
    • Refined sugar conveying

      Processed material: refined sugar - Refined sugar conveying - On-site installation of repackaging equipment for the transfer of sugar stored in shipping containers with an inner liner to a bulk bag...
    • Automated big bag filling system

      Treated powder: spodumene - Big bag filling for lithium battery production - Automated solution with minimal operator intervention.
    • Production of polyethylene flakes

      Processed powder: polyethylene - Production of low-density polyethylene - Company in the petrochemical industry: Installation of 2 bulk bag packaging lines.
    • Railcar unloading

      Processed powders: tapioca starch, potato starch, corn starch - Unloading of railcars - Line for powder repackaging
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